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Incubators R-Com: inexpensive functional devices


The South Korean incubator model R Com King Suro20 - automatic device, indispensable in small households. Allows to reach almost 100% hatchability.

This is a fully automated incubator, the manufacturer of which is a Korean brand with the experience of "Rcom". The R Com King Suro20 Incubator is a domestic homing machine that has become the epitome of modern innovative technologies. Thanks to this, it allows home incubation and breeding of many different birds with high accuracy and efficiency.

Purpose of the incubator

King Suro20 is designed to hatch such a bird: chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, quails, parrots. It allows you to achieve hatchability in 100%, provided that a properly selected high-quality hatching egg is laid.

The device itself has an original design and also resembles an egg. The design is made with high quality, keeping all proportions and the center of gravity, which allows not worrying about its stability under the influence of the location and weight of eggs in the pan. The incubator works almost silently.

To ensure long-term performance of the device and its ability to fulfill its mission as much as possible, it is prohibited to place it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, low temperatures, dampness and drafts.

Device functions

Despite its small size, the Suro20 incubator is characterized by extremely rich functionality, which allows minimizing the need for the poultry farmer to participate in the incubation process and maximize hatchability of the young. Among the functions that deserve attention, we highlight:

  • automatic adjustment of temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and humidity parameters, the ability to regulate them in the process of incubation,
  • automatic egg turning,
  • the possibility of manual control of the air flow (using a special handle), which allows you to control its quantity,
  • direct blowing of masonry in the incubator,
  • the function of signaling the exit of parameters beyond the norms programmed before incubation,
  • humidification with a water nozzle,
  • heating the air inside the device through a rotating heating mechanism,
  • automatic moistening for two minutes (by pressing the special “+” button),
  • ensuring ventilation inside the device through four special openings,
  • the function of the signal about the termination of the power supply from the network (in case of power outages).

These functions help to create unique incubation conditions that differ significantly for different eggs. The digital mechanism of the incubator allows you to save all the data about the previous procedure upon its completion.

Capacity of eggs of different birds

Suro20 Incubator is designed to work with eggs of different bird species. He is able to simultaneously fit into his cell:

  • chicken eggs - 24 pieces,
  • quail eggs - 60 pieces,
  • duck eggs - 20 pieces,
  • pheasant eggs - 40 pieces,
  • Goose eggs - from 9 to 12 pieces (depending on the parameters of the egg),
  • parrot eggs - 46 pieces.

To this end, the device is equipped with one tray-pan, which is universal. The bird's product is placed on this pallet. For eggs in the set there are dividers. They are made from a material characterized by its elasticity. The bottom of the pallet itself is grooved. So the legs of the chicks do not slide on it, which reduces the risk of injury.


The basic technical parameters that distinguish the Suro20 incubator can be found in the table below:

More detailed information is contained in the instruction manual of the device, and some parameters are indicated on the lid.

The average price for the Suro20 model is from 17.9 to 19 thousand rubles. You can purchase the device in the stores of your city, or order it on the website and get it by delivery service or by mail.

Pros and cons during operation

Speaking about the advantages of this model of incubator, we should highlight the following indicators:

  1. The presence of a transparent lid, which serves as a viewing window to monitor the progress of incubation.
  2. The folding device which very simply gathers. It also creates additional facilities for car care, washing and disinfection.
  3. The presence of a removable electrical control unit, which therefore can be easily cleaned.
  4. The use of an intelligent device that provides the ability to automate the entire incubation process.
  5. Simple operation of the Suro incubator with the use of all three buttons on the control unit, which is placed on the cover.
  6. The tightness preventing microclimate conditions deviation from the set parameters.
  7. Used for the manufacture of environmentally cleaned plastic materials, which are both antibacterial.

Against the background of obvious advantages, possible defects of the product were also noticed, which manifest themselves during operation:

  1. A tube filled with water under the cap may come into contact with the heating element, which is fraught with its melting. Care should be taken when closing the device.
  2. The egg incubator is slowly picking up the given moisture values, as the pump pumps water into the tube very slowly. Alternatively, before you connect the tube to the pump, you can pre-fill it with water.
  3. Sometimes there are difficulties with the auto-rotation of goose eggs. Due to their weight and large parameters, it slows down or stops altogether. It is necessary to correct the position of the eggs manually, to allow the "swing" to work again.
  4. You can only use distilled water for the incubator.
  5. Suitable for use in areas where there is no interruption of frequent electricity. When the power is turned off, the incubator cools down too quickly, and the temperature is recalled longer.

For small households in an area with a more or less stable supply of electricity, an incubator for 20 eggs will become an indispensable assistant to the farmer in breeding poultry on a small scale. The disadvantages that can be encountered during the operation of the device should be paid special attention to those who decided to make such an acquisition in order to know in advance how to eliminate or prevent their manifestation.

Incubators R-com, consider options

Going to the official website of the company R-com, you can choose not only incubators, but also any equipment that will help to equip the incubator with the latest science and technology.

You will receive information about the product, as well as methods of payment and delivery. At the same time, the price will be adequate and consistent with the quality of products. You will be able to review the selected incubator from all angles and order a consultation with a specialist through a telephone call.

Progress does not stand still. Artificial intelligence is embedded in all aspects of life. As a result, devices appear that do not require any physical costs from a person. By creating the latest generation digital incubator, the company took care of the customer (the poultry farmer) and the bird itself, providing the egg with the optimal ratio of all parameters.

Incubator R-com king suro 20

Considering this r-com model king suro20 you can see for yourself that the control of the three buttons is not a fantasy, but a reality. This device has the following advantages:

  • equipped with a memory function, and independently notify you of voltage outages,
  • An automated humidification system will create the perfect microclimate. The incubator uses Swiss temperature and humidity sensors,
  • the viewing window is always available, since no condensation is formed,
  • the alarm will automatically report temperature thresholds,
  • the design is designed to take care of the balance and weight distribution of eggs,
  • the pallets are made of materials that make chick injuries impossible,
  • materials of the device have passed the examination for durability of use.

By selecting this model, you can incubate eggs:

The device automatically supports:

  • moisture level
  • temperature parameters
  • coup,
  • cooling.

R-com 20 pro

A small incubator weighing 5.5 kg will allow

automatic egg incubation:

  • chicken - 18,
  • quails - 52,
  • goose - 10.

The R-com 20 model has one universal tray and automatically maintains all functions of the microclimate installation: temperature, humidity, air movement, and also performs an automatic sliding turn.

R-com 50 pro

The device is intended for incubation:

The weight category of the device is 10 kg. Incubator has: streamlined shape, aesthetic design, automatic maintenance:

  • Temperature parameters
  • humid,
  • coup.

The R-com 50 pro incubator has already won its place in the market. Reviews of poultry farmers who have tested only positive.

If the needs of the farm more you can use incubators for more eggs. Korean incubators R-com can successfully incubate 200 or 350 eggs. The following models are used for this:

R-com Maru 200

Incubator has 4 levels. Universal pallets and adapt to the dimensional parameters of eggs. Latest Used

technologies allow to adjust the level indicators individually.

The rotation of the eggs is controlled by levels using a highly efficient engine and transmission mechanism.

Using the possibilities of optimal blowing with powerful fans, the developers managed to minimize temperature differences across levels.

This brand has:

  • beautiful appearance due to aluminum profiles,
  • double, large viewing window,
  • air supply lever
  • high-precision sensors of the parameters of the latest generation
  • alarm in case of power failure,
  • electronically controlled automatic adjustment of internal incubation modes.

Incubator weight 35 kg, volume parameters 778 x 810 x 483 mm.

By purchasing such an incubator, the poultry farmer can be completely confident in creating ideal conditions for chickens.

R-com Maru 380

Incubator is hatched. That he will allow to complete the stage of incubation under optimal conditions.

Adjustable parameters can vary within:

  • temperature - 20-42ᵒС,
  • humidity - 20-70%.

The weight of an incubator is 30 kg, sizes 84 x 83 x 44 cm.

Incubator R-com maru 380 has a whole list of advantages:

  • liquid crystal display,
  • constant monitoring of parameters
  • high-precision microclimate sensors,
  • duplication of indicators display signaling
  • LED lights to monitor the incubation process,
  • sealed enclosure that prevents heat loss,
  • built-in filter that cleans the incoming air,
  • determination of water temperature and its automatic heating, as well as notification of its insufficiency, contributes to perfect moisture,
  • sound notification at maximum voltage drop and complete disconnection.

Having carefully studied the instructions given in Russian, having weighed all the pros and cons, it is not difficult to start incubation, and to get excellent hatchability of the young not only chickens, but also other agricultural poultry.

Even more interesting from

p kom king suro 20 max, the humidity is not regulated, always 75-80% ate without removing the tube from the water, so that would be normal. new incubator is faulty.

How to use?

Instructions for use of the King Suro 20 incubator, according to many owners, is quite simple. It is enough to warm the device to the required temperature, and then put in it the required number of eggs.

In order for incubation to take place with the least loss, you need to remember some characteristics of the incubator:

  • temperature is determined in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius,
  • the pump that pumps water into the device has different speeds of work,
  • when the air temperature is very low or too high, a warning signal is given inside the apparatus,
  • a warning signal is also given in the event of a power failure,
  • data on incubation processes are stored in the device’s memory,
  • due to the hermetic structure, condensate inside the apparatus should not appear, otherwise it is necessary to check its tightness,
  • the heater inside the device rotates,
  • a water connection is used to humidify the air inside the unit,
  • the automatic wetting function works every 2 minutes,
  • there are several air vents for the flow of fresh air,
  • with uneven placement of eggs, you do not need to use additional ballast, because the design is well balanced,
  • trays are made of non-slip materials, which excludes injuries, both testicles and chickens.

In more detail the work of the incubator King Suro 20 can be viewed on the video below. According to reviews, it is an excellent option for beginner poultry farmers, as well as for small farms.

Production characteristics

In addition to the basic technical characteristics of the incubator, its productivity indicators in terms of breeding of different bird species will be no less informative.

Despite the fact that the device has only one tray for laying eggs, it is universal and it is equally good to place both chicken and duck eggs, goose and quail eggs, as well as eggs of some other types of poultry. The difference will be only in their number:

  • medium chicken eggs - 24 pieces,
  • quail - 60 pieces,
  • duck - 20 pieces,
  • goose - an average of 9-12 pieces (depending on the size of the eggs),
  • pheasants eggs - 40 pieces,
  • parrot eggs - 46 pieces.

Incubator Functionality

R-Com King Suro20 is a unique model of incubators, because, in addition to positive external data, this device also has a whole set of indispensable functions that make the process of incubating eggs extremely simple and understandable even to a beginner breeder. The main functional characteristics include:

  • the ability to automatically install and maintain temperature and humidity in accordance with external conditions (artificial intelligence of the dashboard and a Swedish sensor of increased accuracy are responsible for this),
  • automatic egg flip system
  • humidification unit with pump automatic,
  • automatic moistening in just a few minutes by pressing the “+” button for 10 seconds,
  • the ability to use the adjusting lever for dosing the incoming air,
  • availability of RCOM technology, which ensures an even distribution of air flow without direct blowing of eggs,
  • the choice of temperature units between Kelvin and Celsius,
  • the presence of a temperature alarms detector when they deviate from the specified values,
  • safety of all settings in the memory of the incubator and information about power failure.

All the functionality of the device became possible due to the peculiarities of its design. Thus, a dense body assembly eliminates the likelihood of condensate accumulation, rotating heater holders facilitate control, and the presence of water nipples allows you to add water with maximum precision.

For intake of fresh air inside the incubator and minimal heat loss, 4 air holes correspond, and it is possible to reduce the load on the automatic pump, thereby prolonging its service life, thanks to special rollers (there are also 4 of them).

At the bottom of the egg tray has a corrugated coating, so that the legs of the hatched chicks will not slide on the surface, and the chicks are not injured.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some advantages of the described model are given above, but these are not all the advantages of the King Suro20 - the list of advantages can be expanded, including the following:

  • quick assembly and disassembly of the case (this feature is especially valuable when incubator care and disinfection),
  • removable electrical unit, which, if necessary, is very easy to clean,
  • the presence of all three buttons on the cover, which greatly simplifies the control of the device,
  • good tightness of the structure, which allows to preserve all the specified indicators of the microclimate,
  • use in the creation of only environmentally cleaned plastic materials, which, in combination, also possess antibacterial properties.

Nevertheless, speaking of the merits of the model, it is impossible not to mention the shortcomings of the King Suro20.

Most often they include such nuances:

  • the tube filled with water can touch the heating element under the lid and melt, so each time you close the device you will have to watch it carefully,
  • due to the slow operation of the pump, the incubator also slowly gathers the necessary humidity indicators, so before you connect the tube, you can pre-fill it with water,
  • Sometimes there may be problems with the system of rotation when incubating goose eggs, as they weigh much more chicken (in such cases you have to manually correct them),
  • Only distilled water is suitable for the correct and stable operation of the incubator, the absence of power outages is also important - turning off the power leads to rapid heat losses of the device, which affects the development of chicks.

Инструкция по использованию оборудования

Не стоит пытаться подключать устройство, если вы не разобрались во всех тонкостях его эксплуатации. При малейшем нарушении требований к сборке или подключении возможна некорректная его работа, что может привести к поломке или порче заложенных яиц.

Подготовка инкубатора к работе

Before proceeding to the collection of the device, determine the specific location of its placement. In the selected room, the temperature should be kept at + 20 ... + 25 ° С, and the level of noise and vibration should reach the maximum possible lower limits.

Illumination can be average or slightly above average, but the main thing is that the direct rays of the sun should not fall on the device. As for working directly with the incubator, All preparatory measures and adjustment are reduced to a number of interrelated stages:

  1. To begin with, open the box with the incubator and check the presence of all the elements that should be included in the kit (you do not need to throw out the box: it is suitable for further storage of the device).
  2. When you take out the incubator, loosen the two screws that connect the control unit to the viewing window, and, turning back 4 more grips, detach it.
  3. Well fix the silicone tube in the hole intended for it and make sure that it is not pinched.
  4. The nipple from the tube from the viewing window must be inserted into the hole in the control unit, and then connect the unit with the viewing window and secure them with two screws (but do not tighten them too much).
  5. Now cut a suitable evaporative gasket (evaporation level will depend on its size: 50–55 mm - 50%, 70–75 mm - 60%) and fix it on the viewing window with two studs.

Egg laying

The process of laying eggs can be called the easiest task when working with the King Suro20 incubator, because all that is required of you is to arrange them and divide the space with the special partitions included in the kit. However, there are some nuances.

For example, eggs should be placed only with a sharp end down, and so as not to put too much pressure on the neighbors (near the larger egg it is better to place a smaller one so that they do not touch during the incubation process).

As soon as all the testicles take their places, you can close the lid (overview window) and begin to collect the console and the pump.

Video: laying eggs in an incubatorTo do this, follow these steps:

  1. Insert aluminum tubes into the frame so that they fit snugly against it.
  2. Place the console on a flat surface and firmly tighten the mounting screws. The second side is going like the first. The console should perform a slow turn of the eggs, about 90 degrees every hour, but even if you think that it does not always adhere to this interval, applying the WD-40 spray to the transfer mechanism and the working part will help soften the work.
  3. Now, to collect the pump, cut the 35-mm silicone tube and insert the nipple into it, as shown in Figure 1-2 (usually this action is performed upon purchase).
  4. Cut the 1.5-meter tube into two parts and insert the assembled nipple into it (Figure 1-3). If the tubes do not enter to the very end, then you will not have to rely on a good pump.
  5. Remove the two mounting screws on the case (Figure 1–0) and place the assembled tube and teat in the side hole (Figure 1–5). Pull the “c” part so that it hits the “d” clip (the connection should be as tight as possible), then straighten the inlet and outlet tubes (labeled “IN” and “OUT”) and close the case. Of course, all tubes and wires must pass freely, without clamping.

Connecting the console and the pump to the incubator, it remains only to include it in the power supply network, and you can start working. From the first start, the device will work with the factory settings, that is, to maintain the temperature at +37.5 ° C, and humidity - about 45%.

If these values ​​do not suit you (they can differ depending on the type of bird chosen), then you need to change them manually using the buttons below the displays. Once the power is connected, the displays will blink and the pump will start for a few seconds.

At the same time, the incubator version will appear on the screen, and then a beep will sound for 15 seconds. At the same time, you will see the current temperature and humidity displayed on the screen, which will flash. If after some time, for some reason, the power supply to the incubator is broken, then after its reconnection the first indicator will light up. After the first activation, the device will reach the factory settings in about an hour from the start, since artificial intelligence needs time to determine the optimal values ​​of the environment.

It is worth paying attention to some other features when working with R-Com King Suro20:

  • if it is necessary to stop turning the eggs 3 days before the chicks appear, it is enough to remove the incubator from the turntable console and put it on the table, removing the egg dividers,
  • if several species of birds are displayed in the device, then 3-4 days before their expected appearance, you can move the eggs to a brooder, for which another incubator is perfect,
  • when breeding parrots or other non-breeding birds, it is advisable to additionally crank the eggs manually, performing this procedure 1-2 times a day,
  • On R-Com King Suro20 there are no special on or off buttons, so after the end of the incubation process, you only need to unplug the power cord.

Hatching chicks

The first chicks may appear a few days before the expected end of incubation. They are necessarily deposited in another warm place and begin to care, while the others are still waiting for their turn inside the device.

If the dates are suitable, but you have not noticed any activity and not a single egg has been hatched, you can enlighten the clutch by holding each testicle in front of the lamp. This will help ensure that the embryos are in the correct position: the necks must be pulled out towards the narrow part of the egg.

The closer the hatching period, the more activity should be observed under the shell. A measured and loud enough squeak indicates the imminent appearance of the chick, especially if on the surface of the shell shown nakleyv. At the end of the incubation process (all eggs can be removed in 1-2 days after the set date), it remains only to clean the incubator, and then you can proceed to a new stage. In the new setting is not necessary, just connect the power cable.

Device price

R-Com King Suro20 can not be called a very expensive incubator. In Ukraine, the price of the device ranges from 10,000 UAH., While in Russia it is necessary to spend more than 15,000 rubles.

It does not make sense to look for this incubator in Europe or America, as together with the transfer it will cost about the same amount, but on some sites you can see its price in dollars (for example, at they ask for $ 260) .

Based on user feedback, R-Com King Suro20 is a great option for a home incubator that completely copes with the tasks assigned to it, while requiring minimal human intervention. In comparison with the popular “Ideal Chicken”, all processes are more automated, and manual turning of eggs is practically not required.

Therefore, we can say that it is a good and multifunctional budget option, which is recommended for use both in a small farm and for regular withdrawal of various types of poultry.

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