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Types and varieties of small-fruited garden strawberries


Strawberries one of the first to ripen in the garden plots. Garden varieties are often confused with strawberries, because the appearance of the berries are not much different.. This article provides an overview and description of the best, given their characteristics, varieties of strawberries.

The best varieties of small-fruited and large-fruited remontant strawberries

Based on the new discoveries of breeders, the following types of remontant berries can be distinguished:

Small-fruited strawberries are considered especially valuable for novice gardeners.. Despite its small size, the berries are very tasty and fragrant. Propagate and grow it easily. Does not require special care. It is ideal for "summer residents of the day off." There are several different colors of different color with a difference in terms of fruiting.

  • red fruit - Alexandria, Baron Salemacher, Ruyan,
  • whitefruit - Yellow miracle (bezusaya), Zolotinka.

Small berries begin to ripen in June. A lot of berries up to 5 grams. Planted strawberries white and red color can be close to one bed. As for the comparative characteristics, in contrast to the red, white-bearing species are more drought-resistant.

Large-fruited remontant culture appeared on the household plots relatively recently. Grow it more often gardeners with experience. Unlike small-fruited, continuously blooms and bears fruit until September. Large berries have a marketable appearance, so they are in demand in the markets. We mainly spread berries of domestic and foreign selection:

  • Sakhalin
  • Inexhaustible
  • Hell
  • Red rich
  • Mahern
  • Hertzberg
  • Pake Rova.

Most modern large-fruited strawberry hybrids are genetically programmed to intensively bear as a one-year crop. The mass of berries reaches 20-30 grams . When transporting almost not damaged. Gardeners note the resistance of large varieties to diseases and pests. The taste of strawberries juicy, sweet, inferior in flavor to small-fruited.

Best early ripe varieties

Due to the excellent adaptability, early-ripe species are grown in all regions. For better fruiting, it is recommended to plant zoned varieties depending on climatic conditions.. Early strawberries are the most expensive berries on the market; therefore, gardeners are showing interest in breeding them for sale. Most sought after species: Alba, Kristina, Honey, Clery, Kimberley, Anthea, Kent, Maya.

Disease resistant, rich strawberry. Berry weight reaches 25 grams . Gardeners celebrate a long collection period starting in June.

It is highly transportable and different from other varieties. high sugar content.

Strawberries American breeders Honey - has the advantages of early ripening. Berries begin to bear fruit in May.

Italian variety Clery - popular among gardeners as low temperature resistant look.

Early variety of strawberries Kimberly draws its caramel flavor, the same shape and glossy surface.

The elongated, conical shape strawberries of Anthea are not afraid of a hot summer. Differ in dark red color. Ripen after Clery. Recommended as an early crop for cultivation in farms and personal plots.

Best late ripening varieties

Breeders work tirelessly to extend the strawberry period. The demand for late ripening species is justified by the extension of the consumption of fresh berries until late autumn. Breeding on the site of berries of different ripening periods contributes to the year-round production of strawberries. Particularly valuable are late-ripening strawberries with high yields.: Zenga Zengana, Cinderella, Talisman, Mitsa Schindler, Troubadour, Red Gontlet.

Zenga Zengan

Late ripening strawberry Zenga Zengana has compact and productive bushes. Berries weighing up to 20 grams, ripening, acquire a dark cherry hue.

Large-fruited late variety Cinderella has a strong root system and tall bushes. Large berries of this type are famous for their pleasant dessert taste.

Winter-hardy, with good yield, look. 2 years without transplant.

Mitse schindler

Miza Schindler's low-growing bushes of strawberries give small, dark-red fruits. Small berries emit excellent tastes against the background of large fruits.. They are often compared to wild berries.

The variety Bred in the UK Troubadour is abundant in fruits of medium-sized berries. Each weighs about 7 grams . The taste of strawberries juicy, moderately acidic.

The best varieties of strawberry for the middle band and the Urals

Garden strawberries have been cultivated for more than two centuries, during which time thousands of different varieties have been bred by the efforts of breeders. Each species has its own characteristics and characteristics. Not every variety will feel comfortable in an area with an unsuitable climate. From the varieties presented on this page, you can choose the most suitable for the region of culture. Suitable strawberry varieties for the regions of the central belt and the Urals: Sudarushka, Vima Zanta, Elsanta, Roxana, Pandora.

Egg-shaped berries with a pleasant aroma Sudarushka - belong to the early ripe cultures. The variety is considered one of the most productive for the middle band.

Wima zanta

Wima Zanta - ripen at the end of May. It has excellent transportability.

Leading positions for this region occupies the Dutch hybrid Elsanta.

Among the later types of gardeners distinguish Roxana, it can also be grown in greenhouses.

Strawberry Pandora different late ripening and large berries.

Promising new strawberry varieties

Each gardener seeks to obtain a rich harvest of strawberries. A good help to this will be the choice in favor of promising varieties of strawberries. Each of the species in the list is different in its own way.:

Combine promising types of strawberries: high yield per season, earlier ripening, suitability for transportation. Elizabeth II - Strawberry of continuous fruiting, gives a stable harvest until October. Gigantella - Dutch culture with large up to 100 grams fruits. Albion - begins to bear fruit a year after planting. Differs in excellent tastes with the attracting strawberry aroma. Strawberry Albion can multiply by dividing the bush, mustache or seed.

The best early varieties of strawberries for the Moscow region

The climate of the Moscow region is favorable enough to grow any varieties of strawberries. Thanks to the merits of breeders a decent amount of remontant varieties, each of which is suited to the special conditions of climate and soil. Gardeners and gardeners successfully cultivate here domestic and foreign types of strawberries. The most common are:

  • Darselect
  • Gigantella Maxim
  • Shelf
  • Cambridge Favorite
  • Evi 2

Darselect - It is famous for its fruits of impressive size and extraordinary taste with strawberry flavor. Strawberry Gigantella Maxim - the queen on the plot. The shelf is meritorious - Dutch breeders. Differs from other types of unpretentiousness, berries are medium, bright red. Cambridge Favorite - created by breeding as a high-yielding variety of garden strawberries. Evi 2 - has compact slightly deciduous bushes. The species is suitable for home cultivation and commercial landings in the Moscow region and other regions with a temperate climate.


Varieties of strawberries and strawberries are selected according to the criteria of planting important for gardeners - yield and early ripening. The success of breeding berries depends on how the varieties are chosen correctly.. A noteworthy conclusion will be the reviews of farmers who have to grow a popular crop for the purpose of commerce. Do not be afraid of experiments, you can always find alternative varieties for each region. Let every season you are pleased with the generous harvest beds!

What varieties of small strawberries is better to plant on the site?

Garden small-fruited wild strawberry on a photo

Garden small-fruited strawberries, the berries of which are fragrant and closer to the forest, can be called an ideal crop for beginners, as well as for all those who consider themselves to be among the "summer vacationers" and "smart lazy gardeners."

If you do not believe or still doubt the correctness of such a conclusion, let's find out which strawberries are better, for this we compare the agrotechnical requirements of small and large-fruited garden strawberries. Small-fruited strawberries can be easily propagated by dividing the bushes, and from seeds, and the seeds can be collected and procured independently. During the growing season, small plants do not have to deal with an excess of whiskers, since all modern varieties are aparous. Which varieties of strawberries are better to determine is very simple, these are remontant types. Berries completely redden and ripen until October without the use of any additional shelters.

Compared with the varieties of large-fruited strawberries, "melkashka" is much less demanding on the level of illumination. This allows you to plant it without a significant reduction in yield in places where large-fruited varieties will not bear fruit or grow, for example, in pristvolnyh circles of fruit trees.

A few bushes of such strawberries would be quite appropriate to look on an alpine hill, in a decorative garden or a flower garden, and in a planter it would look good together with modest flowers and ripening berries. If you do not know what kind of strawberries will be planted in the disputed area of ​​the plot, then you should definitely choose a small one and not lose it.

The varieties differ among themselves mainly by the shape, size, color of the berries, the habit of the shrub and some difference in the terms of fruiting. Of the red fruit the most popular in our country:

White fruiting

Fans of catching these differences are often difficult, so with a clear conscience it can be limited to planting one white and red fruit. This is not all the arguments in favor of what kind of strawberry is better to plant, small-fruited species have other advantages.

This crop practically does not suffer from diseases and pests, respectively, and no treatments are usually carried out with chemical plant protection products for this crop, so, among other things, grow the most environmentally friendly berries.

What sort of small strawberry is better to choose for planting

Very often, the gardener faces a difficult choice: strawberries or strawberries. If you do not know what kind of strawberries to choose for planting and doubt that you need strawberries, then you choose a landmine.

Zemklunika is a hybrid, obtained from the crossing of large-fruited garden strawberries and wild strawberries with nutmeg, commonly called strawberries

Currently, there are several varieties, the most famous:

These varieties of small-fruited strawberries are the best, but on the site it is desirable to plant several varieties of ground straws alongside, as due to the complex hybrid nature in single-sown landings there may be problems with pollination and setting of berries.