General information

Linden honey: description, composition, benefit and harm


Lipa is considered to be the queen of all honey plants, it blooms in June and July. Many people brew tea from its flowers, as they contain a large amount of useful substances. And if we are talking about honey, the coefficient of beneficial effects on the body only doubles.

All people know about lime delicacy. This is due to the fact that before the deciduous tree could be found almost everywhere, just about 2 million hectares were planted. It is also worth mentioning that in the summer, industrious bees can collect about 15 kg of nectar from it.

In order to achieve such collection volumes, simple conditions are observed. Effective work of bees is achieved only if there is no rain and wind, but the weather should not be hot. In Russia, nectar is collected in early July, but in the southern part this process occurs earlier. Therefore, do not trust people who offer to buy this dessert in the late fall. If it is liquid, the seller unfairly distributes a fake.

Main characteristics

In order to choose a really high-quality product, and not a fake, it is worth finding out what lime honey looks like. Often it is called white precisely because of the color. It has a pale yellow color, sometimes with an amber or greenish tint. If it is just pumped out, the liquid will be clear with a weak yellow pigment. It is worth remembering that over time the product changes its color.

His flavor is quite persistent. Even if the buyer takes honey with the presence of other honey-bearing plants, the smell of linden flowers will be pronounced. It is especially worth noting the sweetness and fragrantness that distinguishes it from many other varieties. At the same time, tenderness remains, there is no sharpness.

Because of the taste, such a dessert will appeal to anyone who decides to try it. When consumed, one feels sweetness, which can sometimes be accompanied by a slight bitterness. After a few seconds, the delicacy begins to melt in the mouth, giving it enveloping sensations and some tartness. Especially tasty to use it with a glass of warm milk or tea.

Many people are interested when lime honey begins to be candied. This is a fairly quick process. A maximum of 3 months it is in a liquid state, after this period it begins to crystallize, changing its color. After 90 days it is a solid, coarse-grained product of a light shade. If such a dessert was created not only from linden, then the color is as if yellow and saturated.

If the product does not begin to sugar up for a long time, then it is not natural.

The benefits of lime honey are indisputable. Having understood how he should be externally, it is worth considering in detail its composition:

  • 40% fructose,
  • 36% glucose,
  • vitamin complex (C, E, group B),
  • minerals.

It is known that the more fructose and glucose in bee products, the more high-grade they are. Linden honey can rightfully be attributed to the elite varieties.

To maintain the acid-base balance in the body, it is necessary to eat organic acids. A small percentage of them are contained in this delicacy.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, protects against viruses and bacteria. Especially in the autumn it is necessary to use products with its content in order to protect themselves from colds. Linden dessert is fully rich in them, as well as vitamins of group B. They are able to normalize the nervous system, relieve fatigue and irritation, as well as normalize the work of the intestine.

It is also worth noting the presence of more than 300 trace elements. The main ones are:

The product is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, other minerals that the body needs.

It is important to know the caloric content of linden honey.

100 grams contains 347 kcal, but some experts say more (380 kcal). In one tablespoon contains 60 g, in tea - 30.

Difference from fake product

Many are interested in how to determine natural honey, because the number of unscrupulous sellers is growing every day.

The best way is to purchase goods from an experienced and trusted beekeeper. If there is no such person, it is worth remembering that the buyer has the full right to ask for the passport of the beekeeper and a laboratory certificate.

It is necessary to pay attention to the following indicators:

The product must be a light color, closer to white, as it belongs to the light varieties. Brown, rich amber shades should be alerted. But the greenish color is allowed.

The aroma should not be harsh and very sweet. In this case, too unobtrusive smell should alert.

Particular attention should be paid to the consistency. By autumn, the lime dessert begins to thicken, turning from a liquid to a solid state. If the consistency is viscous or completely liquid, the product is diluted or melted. As a result of such actions, lime honey does not preserve useful properties.

Often dishonest growers add bee corpses and various herbs. When buying, it is necessary to evaluate the consistency of the consistency.

If the delicacy is bought in the summer, it is possible to conduct a small test before the purchase. It is worth scooping a spoon out of the jar, then twist. If the jet will not be interrupted, the seller offers a natural product.

To test at home, you can do 2 experiments:

  1. Adding meat.
  2. Dissolving in tea.
  3. Add iodine.

To conduct the first experiment, a small amount of honey is placed on a piece of meat. The process should be monitored for 2-3 days. If it became rotten, then a fake was bought.

If there is no time to experiment with meat, you can add a few drops of iodine to a glass of water in which honey is dissolved. Blue color - an indicator that the manufacturer has added starch to the product.

To assess the naturalness, you need to follow the rate of dissolution in water. The quality product dissolves rather quickly, does not leave a white precipitate.

Useful and healing properties

Many are interested in what is useful lime honey, what is its advantage over other varieties. Here is a small list:

  • antibacterial action
  • antipyretic
  • sudorific
  • anti-inflammatory.

If a person works a lot, gets overworked, sleeps badly due to stress, you can add a tablespoon of honey to a glass of milk. Nervousness will be replaced by calm. But if instead of cow's milk to use goat, then this drink will be effective for tuberculosis.

Linden honey exhibits healing properties for stomatitis, laryngitis, various diseases of the throat. It is dissolved in water, and then used for rinsing the mouth. It will not only have an anti-inflammatory effect, but also whiten noticeably.

People who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, this variety is especially shown. It will have a restorative effect, as well as normalizes metabolism.

Traditional medicine claims that such a delicious dessert helps to cure measles.

It is also effective for external use. They should definitely use if available:

This delicious dessert is widely distributed in cosmetology. It relieves the skin of acne, giving the skin a sense of tenderness and purity.

Many are interested in which honey is better: lime, flower or buckwheat. Each variety has its own beneficial properties and taste characteristics, so you should not give preference to something alone. Experts say that it is lime honey that is most effective for colds.


Linden honey has both medicinal properties and contraindications that you should definitely pay attention to.

It contains a large amount of carbohydrates, with enough calories, so people who suffer from type 2 diabetes should not eat this product. It will increase blood sugar levels, which can lead to adverse effects for the body.

For the same reason, it should not be used by people who are obese. If you can not completely eliminate from your diet, then you need to strictly follow the dosages.

When a person suffers an allergy to bee products, such a product is contraindicated in even limited quantities. That fake delicacy is a strong allergen. If you are allergic to it can come anaphylactic shock.

A pregnant woman should carefully monitor how many spoons are eaten per day. Exceeding the norm may lead to the development of diathesis in the unborn child. Also, do not give this treat to children who have not reached the age of 3 years.

Having learned the benefits and harms of linden honey, we can conclude that with moderate consumption this dessert is just a godsend for those who want a long time to maintain health and beauty.

About honey plant, useful properties of lime

Honey is a linden. This is a deciduous tree that blooms profusely in the month of June-July, depending on the natural and climatic conditions of growth. By itself the color of lime is useful to brew and drink tea from it. This indicates the content in flowers of a large number of substances necessary for the body. One can only imagine how much the coefficient of benefit of a bee product from this honey plant multiplies.

Bee on linden flower

Weather for bees during the collection of nectar is preferable not hot, but not rainy. In calm weather, we observe an amazingly beautiful picture of how hundreds of bees are working around a linden tree, creating music of a bee swarm.

Bees collect nectar from a single honey tree to produce up to 15 kg of honey. From 1 hectare of plantings - about one ton.

Storage conditions

Why store honey under certain conditions? The answer to this question is simple: then, in order to save its useful properties for a longer time. Indeed, at temperatures above 40 degrees and below 35 with a minus sign, they are lost.

Always better fresh, not candied honey. Linden in this regard, "mediocre." By six months after pumping, it crystallizes, even under ideal storage conditions. But this does not mean that the sugared honey is just a sweet product on the table. It continues to contain many nutrients. Best storage temperature in the first half of the year - in the mode of 14-18 degrees of heat, and after crystallization - 5-6 degrees with a plus sign.

Honey in plastic containers

Air humidity preferably kept around 60%. Direct sunlight affects the structure of honey. Under these storage conditions, it retains its beneficial properties of one and a half - two years. During this time, you will be able to enjoy its taste and buy fresh delicacy.

What are the main diseases treats?

Like all varieties of honey, lime helps with coughing, bronchitis, other diseases of the pulmonary tract. Suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it will also be useful, because honey restores the intestinal microflora and heals wounds, sores. Therefore, when gastritis it is also taken orally.

Use of honey for colds

Normalization of metabolism, help with eye diseases, neurosis, kidney, heart and liver - for these cases, the use of lime honey will not be superfluous.

Lime honey has long been famous for its aroma, taste and beneficial properties. This is one of the favorite varieties of bee lovers.

How rich is the bee product?

Sweet, fragrant, sunny-colored product has a unique rich composition. Despite the high calorie content, in many diets honey is recommended to use instead of refined sugar, and all because there are many amino acids in the bee treat that stimulate fat burning, reduce appetite, energize. That is why honey is extremely nutritious, but does not contribute to a set of extra centimeters at the waist.

The nutritional value

The product contains very little protein (0.4–0.8 g per 100 g of product) and a large amount of carbohydrates — 82 g. Bee product does not contain fats, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and fatty acids. The water content in 100 grams of the product is 17-18%. Organic acid (1.2 g) and ash (0.3 g) are included in a small amount of the bee product.

Vitamins and Minerals

Linden-colored sweetness is a unique product that contains from 300 to 400 different nutrients that are vital for the human body.

For men

There is an opinion that men should show moderation in the use of linden honey, because the tree is considered to be originally feminine and enriches the product with substances that can harm the male body. However, this information is not confirmed among specialists. On the contrary honey can be very useful for men:

  • with sexual dysfunction (prostatitis),
  • for whitening tooth enamel as a result of smoking,
  • to strengthen the heart
  • to normalize breathing, expectoration and discharge of morning sputum in smokers,
  • to reduce anxiety, stress, excitability.

For women

Women can apply honey not only inside, but also outwardly, because this sweet product is wonderful cosmetic:

  • contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin of the face and neck,
  • strengthens hair
  • normalizes metabolic processes, promotes weight loss (if you replace sugar and harmful sweets with bee treats),
  • normalizes the activity of the gonads and reproductive system,
  • promotes healing of skin lesions, purulent wounds and acne, burns,
  • increases hemoglobin and helps fight anemia (including during the period of gestation of the baby).

Kids with special pleasure consume this sweet product. What kind This delicacy can benefit a small body.:

  • strengthening the immune system in the autumn-spring period,
  • use in diseases of the upper respiratory tract,
  • help in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity (for example, stomatitis),
  • improves eyesight, relieves eye strain,
  • improves the perception of new information.

How to check honey for naturalness

Unfortunately, many manufacturers of bee nectar and beekeepers in order to obtain a greater mass of the finished product, and hence profits, mix in it sugar, sucrose, molasses, starch. Some even interfere with a variety of ingredients so that the result is a “something” resembling honey. How to check the sweet product for naturalness?

When you are standing in front of a counter in a supermarket, in an apiculture store or on the market, it is important to know how to distinguish a natural product from a fake using a visual method. When to suspect substandard product:

  1. Weak or absent smell, strong smell of sugar.
  2. The liquid, “ideal” consistency is not in the pumping season, that is, in late autumn and winter.
  3. The presence of sediment, turbid impurities in liquid honey.
  4. Too dark color of a lime product.

With additional funds

At home, there are many more ways to help calculate foreign matter in the product:

  1. With iodine. Honey should be diluted with distilled water and add 2-3 drops of iodine. The appearance of a blue tint indicates the admixture of flour and starch. The richer the color, the more foreign matter.
  2. With vinegar. Bee nectar should be diluted with water and add a little vinegar. If a hiss occurs, chalk is added to the bee product.
  3. With toilet paper. Apply a small amount of amber delicacy to the paper and inspect it from the other side. If the product is well absorbed, left a wet mark, sugar syrup was added to it.
  4. With water. Dissolve in the cup 1 tsp. honey, an hour later, check the composition for the presence of sediment. If flakes are formed, in front of you is a fake.
  5. With ammonia. Honey and water combined in a ratio of 1: 2, add a couple of drops of ammonia. When you change the color of the composition to brown, you can talk about the admixture of starch syrup.

Terms of Use

Despite the amazing taste, nutritional value and great benefit, you cannot use honey in unlimited quantities. Moreover, it is necessary to adhere to a number of recommendations in order to extract the benefits from bee delicacies and not harm yourself.

Tips for eating a sweet product:

  1. For an adult, the daily rate consists of 1-2 tablespoons of treats.
  2. Do not heat the product above 40-50 ° C, as it loses half the beneficial properties. This means that adding honey to hot tea is a blunder.
  3. Honey is better to eat separately from the main dishes. Optimally eat a spoonful of the product for half an hour before meals or an hour later.
  4. For children from 6-7 years old, the daily nome consists of 1-2 teaspoons. Enter the product in the children's menu should be gradually, starting with small doses.
  5. When replacing sugar with a beekeeping product, you need to take 1/2 of the specified amount of sugar, since the bee product is 2 times sweeter.
  6. The product should not be swallowed instantly, on the contrary, it needs to be held a little in the mouth, dissolve, enjoy the taste. Within 5-15 seconds, special enzymes will be developed in the oral cavity that will promote better digestion and assimilation of the product.

But the recommendations do not end there, since before use it is important to exclude all contraindications that will be considered further.

How to store at home

The uniqueness of this product lies in its almost indefinite storage.It is known that during the excavation of the Egyptian tombs they found honey, which after centuries was completely suitable for consumption. Also, honey is often used for embalming dead people, as the bee product is an excellent preservative, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and also contains a low percentage of moisture.

Honey can be stored for years, but you need to comply some rules.

  1. What to store: glass, glazed ceramics, wooden kegs, stainless steel containers, aluminum, aluminum foil, tin containers.
  2. The cleanliness of the tank must be impeccable. Wash and dry the vessel thoroughly. If honey was previously stored in it, it should be removed, preventing contact of the old and fresh product.
  3. Lack of extraneous odors. This rule applies both to the container itself and to the room in which the vessel with honey will stand. For this reason, the container should be securely closed with a lid, it is better if the neck of the vessel will be with a rubber gasket.
  4. The humidity of the room should be minimal, as the product can ferment and deteriorate.
  5. It is necessary to avoid storage in the light and even more so in direct sunlight. Ideal if the place is dark and cool.
  6. If honey is stored in honeycombs, they must be wrapped in plastic wrap and put in a dry, cold and dark place. In honeycombs, the product is stored much longer and better, without losing its healing properties.

During the first year of storage, honey is the most useful and nutrient-rich, then it loses up to 50% of its properties.

Use in traditional medicine: recipes

No wonder the second name of this product - "sweet doctor." It is a natural alternative to chemical drugs that cause side effects and adversely affect the liver and kidneys. Sweet amber can be taken with dozens of different ailments, but most often this delicacy becomes a life-saving remedy for colds and problems with the digestive system.

With a cold and cough

The most effective recipes with amber nectar, which will help eliminate cough and cold:

  • Black radish juice and honey combine in a 2: 1 ratio. You need to take the drug three times a day, 2 tbsp. l before eating.
  • Mix in equal proportions carrot juice and honey. Take the drug you need 2-3 times a day, 2 tbsp. l
  • Mix the ingredients: chamomile flowers, coltsfoot, dog rose, plantain, linden flowers in a ratio of 1: 2: 2: 4: 5. Pour a glass of boiling water 4 tsp. mix herbs, cool and add honey. Means to divide into three doses and drink before meals during the day.
  • Dissolve 1 part of honey in 10 parts of water, add liquid vitamins (A, C), carry out inhalations for 5-10 minutes during the day.
  • Combine honey and chopped garlic in equal parts, take 1 tbsp. l at bedtime, drinking plenty of warm water.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

From such digestive disorders helps bee treat:

  1. Heartburn. Squeeze the scarlet juice, add liquid honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Means to take 40-60 minutes before meals.
  2. Heartburnthe second way. In a glass of warm milk dissolve 1 tbsp. l honey and take 60 minutes before meals daily.
  3. Ulcer. Combine cocoa powder, honey, crushed aloe leaves, and butter in equal proportions. The mixture is heated on a steam bath, 1 tbsp. l dissolved in 250 g of milk, taken in the morning and evening for half an hour before meals.
  4. Gastritis. Combine aloe juice, honey and Cahors in a ratio of 1: 2.5: 2.5. The mixture must be infused for 4 hours, consumed before each meal for 30-40 minutes in a tablespoon.
  5. Constipation. Combine dried apricots and prunes in equal parts, grind in a meat grinder or blender, add the same amount of honey. Means to take before meals for 1 tbsp. l
  6. Worm invasions. Grind pumpkin seeds (300 g for adults, 150 g for children), add 1 tbsp. l honey Means to take in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 tbsp. l

Other varieties of honey

There are many classifications of this delicacy, depending on the honey plant, consistency, color, smell and taste. In addition to our usual sunflower, acacia, buckwheat varieties there are more exotic, for example: avocado, orange, cucumber, rapeseed, alfalfa and others. Depending on the area where the hives were located, nectar can be called meadow or steppe, forest or field, mountainous.

It is considered a very valuable species, has a light, almost white color, delicate acacia smell. This delicacy is less likely to cause allergies than other varieties, due to the high content of fructose crystallizes within 1-2 years, while maintaining a delicate texture. Unlike the lime variety, the acacia delicacy lacks bitterness.

This variety is characterized by bitterness and astringency (it can cause slight sore throat), it also differs in color from many varieties: shades can vary from orange to rich brown and burgundy, which some people perceive as a disadvantage of this product. Crystallizes relatively quickly: within 1-2 months.


It is very much appreciated among buyers, a herbaceous plant with yellow or white flowers (medicinal and white appearance), which determine the color of the final delicacy, appears as a honey plant. It has a pleasant sweet, vanilla smell and delicate flavor, but if the plant was a honey plant, the honey can be a bit bitter. Because of the exceptional medicinal properties is a very popular variety.


Considered to be a lower-grade product due to pronounced bitterness on the palate, the color can be either light or dark, depending on the type of honey tree, the aroma clearly gives off a chestnut blossom. A feature of this type is the ability to maintain a liquid consistency for a long time: for several seasons. Some appreciate the piquancy, astringency and bitterness of this variety.


It is a record holder in glucose content (it can be observed in the form of a white-tinted crust on the surface of the container), at the same time it contains a relatively low amount of sucrose. The taste is very sweet, tart, leaves sore throat, does not have a pronounced aroma and crystallizes very quickly: within 2-3 weeks. Sometimes people confuse the mild aroma of this variety with a fake product, others consider it a clear disadvantage of its rapid solidification.

Probably no more unique and surprising in composition and properties of the product than honey. Bee delicacy has found application in medicine, and in cooking, and even in cosmetology. Linden-colored nectar is no exception. Unique sweet aroma, astringency, piquancy of taste will give you pleasure, health and beauty!

Why linden honey (lipets) useful

What is useful for lime honey? - first of all, it can be said that it is made by bees from honey pollen, which is famous for its healing properties.

Many useful ingredients have been found in linden flowers, such as quercetin, kaempferol, tannins, the leaves are rich in vitamin C, and the bark contains a special substance tiliadin. All its healing properties of the plant gave the pollen, which the industrious bees, with the help of their saliva, processed into nectar.

The high content of ascorbic acid in the beekeeping product makes lime honey simply a “wand” for bronchitis, dry and wet coughs, colds and other inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract.

A wide range of medicinal properties allows you to use lime honey as:

  • antioxidant, diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory agent, due to the content of quercetin in honey,
  • tonic, tonic and diuretic agent - these useful properties are provided to the natural product, its constituent substance - flavonoid kempferol.

Linden honey contains essential amino acids important for the normal functioning of the body, such as:

  • arginine, which is involved in the formation of urea - the main end product of metabolism,
  • histidine, which is an integral part of the hemoglobin protein,
  • Methionine - plays a huge role in fat metabolism.

The use of lime honey for healing purposes

The healing properties of linden honey were known to our ancestors, who believed that this beekeeping product could help in the treatment of almost all ailments. The beneficial and healing effects of nectar are even mentioned in religious writings.

Lipets is the best sort of nectar for colds and flu because of its pronounced diaphoretic and expectorant actions. It is a powerful immunomodulatory agent that has a preventive effect against viral diseases, and honey with royal jelly can even be used to maintain the health of infants.

Like other varieties of honey, the use of linden nectar is effective for pulmonary diseases, bronchitis and cough. The combination of a beekeeping product with medicinal herbs, such as coltsfoot, raspberries, red currant juice, and radishes, which enhance the main healing properties of nectar, is a powerful antipyretic, diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Lime honey is indicated for acute respiratory infections, runny nose, throat irritation, asthma, sore throat, tracheitis and laryngitis, as it has an expectorant effect, which contributes to the release of sputum for diseases of the respiratory organs.

Gastrointestinal tract

The use of linden honey, which has excellent antibacterial properties, is important for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is used to relieve inflammation of the liver, to normalize the work of the kidneys and in the treatment of the gallbladder. Nectar restores the intestinal microflora, normalizes metabolism, heals wounds and sores, a small dose of it can alleviate the condition of a patient suffering from gastritis, a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Adherents of traditional medicine believe that lime honey and stomach are very good friends. The only thing you need to know about the peculiarity of nectar, in the warm form, it is able to reduce the hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid, and in the cold - to increase. Specialists are aware of this, so they prescribe treatment in accordance with the patient's disease.

Very often, honey is recommended to use with milk, white cabbage juice or nuts. An excellent firming and regenerating agent is honey with pine nuts, especially for stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Linden honey has a laxative property. For people suffering from intestinal obstruction and constipation, a mug of aromatic and fragrant tea with a natural product will help to cope with these problems.

The cardiovascular system

The most valuable product of beekeeping is for people with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It acts as a sedative, helps relieve stress and nervous strain, copes with depression and insomnia.

Honey in combination with ginger and lemon helps to clean the blood vessels and lower bad cholesterol, improve heart function.

Dental diseases

Lime bee product has antibacterial and disinfectant effects. If in the morning after brushing your teeth, rinse the mouth cavity with water with a small amount of liquid nectar, then in one or two months the tooth enamel will be much whiter.

Rinsing with honey water is recommended for stomatitis, various sores on the mucous membranes, as well as for preventive purposes and disinfection of the oral cavity.

Sweet nectar for children

Lipets containing amino acids such as: lysine and tryptophan, for children with delayed physical development, is an excellent growth stimulant. After taking it, the child improves appetite and increases immunity. Bee product is a recognized tool in the treatment of childhood diseases: mumps, measles and cramps.

Due to the sweet taste of nectar, children drink honey with radish juice for a cold. In case of bronchitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, Lipet is an excellent expectorant that helps the expectoration of the sputum, facilitate the breathing of the child. Honey cakes made from honey and flour and mustard, will help save the child from obsessive and dry cough.

Eye diseases

It is recommended to use lippez in case of visual impairment and eye diseases. Honey solution is used as drops and lotions.

Experts have proven that nectar forms a thin protective film on the mucous membrane of the eyes, which protects the eyes from harmful external factors and prevents their inflammation.

Drops made from bee products and spring or distilled water, effectively help with cataracts, they are able to relieve pain and relieve inflammatory processes.

Wounds and injuries

Linden nectar is an excellent antiseptic with a healing effect, so it is often used in traditional medicine recipes in the treatment of burns and purulent wounds.

Linden honey, despite its high calorie content, can be drunk even with a diet, as it contains methionine, which is of great benefit for weight loss. This substance plays an important role in fat metabolism, normalizing and accelerating it.

A very important property of linden honey, which is important for losing weight - the bee product can suppress hunger, while saturating the body with simple carbohydrates (glucose and fructose).

Linden nectar - this is the sweetness that does not harm the process of losing weight, but rather accelerates it. This is achieved due to the fact that the natural product improves metabolism, production of bile, cleanses the body of toxins and toxic substances, has laxative and diuretic effects.

There are even special honey diets that are very sweet to the sweet tooth. At observance of such diets the organism does not feel stress, weight loss occurs comfortably and without disruption.


In cosmetology, due to the good diaphoretic effect, lime nectar is used in anti-cellulite massage, honey wraps are made with it, which promote skin elasticity. A small amount of linden honey added to the shampoo will make the hair thicker and fuller.

Lime pollen, on the basis of which bees make nectar, has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face, especially of the dry type. For fading skin cosmetics based on linden nectar, perfectly saturate it with vitamins, beneficial elements, increase blood circulation, prevent the appearance of mimic and age wrinkles.

Masks, tonics and creams prepared at home on the basis of a bee product can compete with branded face and body care products.

Cosmetics made at home on the basis of honey with the addition of such components as:

  • soda - normalizes the sebaceous glands, which leads to the elimination of oily shine, dries acne, eliminates inflammatory foci,
  • clay - whiten pigment spots and freckles,
  • turmeric - will make the skin supple and smooth,
  • rice - nourishes the skin with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements and moisturize it,
  • Mustard - stop hair loss, return them natural shine, make hair docile and thick.

Combining nectar with various other natural products, there will be no need to visit specialized cabinets, since it will be possible to solve all the problems in the home beauty salon.

Lime honey is not only medicine, but also a very sweet treat. It can be eaten as a separate dessert, and added to various dishes. Bee product can improve the taste of any dish, make it fragrant and healthy.

Lipets goes well with any drinks (tea, milk, compote), based on it turns out excellent home-brewed beer, fruit liqueur, wine, non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails.

For supporters of healthy eating fit desserts made with sweet nectar - mixes with dried fruits, nuts and fruits. It can be used instead of sugar, which is much more useful in the preparation of pastries, casseroles, cakes and cakes.

Culinary recipes with a natural product, many of which have come down to us since ancient times, a huge amount. This wonderful product can be successfully used in the preparation of first, second courses, salads and cereals.

Recommended doses

Lime honey is considered to be a very useful product, but it is necessary to use it in recommended amounts, do not forget that it is primarily a medicine, and then sweetness.

Adults leading a sedentary lifestyle need only eat no more than 100 grams per day. Athletes and those who are actively involved in sports, physical activity dose can be increased to 200 g.

Who tries to lose extra pounds, diets will be enough 80 grams per day. For children from 3 years old, the recommended daily intake is 25–35 grams.