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Tools and devices for quick and easy harvesting of sea buckthorn berries


Sea buckthorn is called the sunny beauty of the gardens. Every nation ascribes its own epithets to it: sea thorn, Siberian pineapple, pheasant berry, tablet-berry, sand-berry, etc. One spoonful of sunny berries contains the daily rate of vitamins.

This plant got its name because of abundant fruiting: the branches are literally covered with berries. Sea buckthorn of elite varieties gives a good harvest every year, and high productivity has the flip side of the coin - berries growing in large numbers are hard to pick. In addition, the fruits adhere to the trunk of the shrub so tightly that their manual collection turns into a tedious process. And the spines on the branches and the short stalk prevent harvesting. The thorns ache painfully, and the soft berries easily crumple in the hands, giving off the juice that stings the skin.

Understanding the full value of these berries, it is important to know the rules and time of collecting the plant.

Collection and properties of sea buckthorn

Medicinal raw materials are leaves, fruits and seeds of this plant. Many ask about when you can collect sea buckthorn. It is believed that the harvesting of fruits should begin with the onset of frost, it was then that its fruits ripen completely. However, in different regions, the berries ripen at different times. Mostly fruiting is observed from August to October. Need to navigate the degree of maturity of the fruit. You need to know a few factors that are useful for collecting this medicinal plant.

Sea buckthorn berries are very tasty, with a sweet and sour taste, reminiscent of pineapple. In addition, they have a unique composition. The Chinese cherish the ancient knowledge and practice of alternative medicine. They made sea buckthorn juice the official drink of the Beijing Olympics.

Plant history

In ancient Greece, sea buckthorn was considered a wild plant. Her shoots served as food for sick and wounded horses. The animals recovered very quickly, becoming smooth, strong and shiny. Therefore, the ancient Greeks called sea buckthorn "shiny horse." This name has come to our days.

Many gardeners, growing this plant, face the problem of harvesting. The experience acquired over the years has prompted them to different berry picking options.

High speed spin

If you plan to harvest not from whole berries, you can simplify the collection of sea buckthorn, limiting the receipt of "nectar". This process is as follows: moving from the base to the end of the branch, the berries are pressed directly on it in such a way that the juice flows into a specially substituted container. The result of the collection - 3-4 liters of sea buckthorn "fresh" for one hour. It is important to remember that the sap of the plant can damage the skin, therefore it is necessary to wear clean cooking or cotton gloves.

Simplified way

There is another way to quickly collect sea buckthorn. After the first frost berries are easily showered. It is necessary to spread a tarpaulin, a blanket or a film on the ground under a shrub in advance and trot or hit something on the branches of the plant - all the berries will be on the litter. But this method is not effective, because the berries are overripe, damaged by birds and deteriorate from rain. To avoid this, you should remember when you need to collect sea buckthorn.

Sun Gathering Equipment

For the cultivation of sea buckthorn in their area is better to give preference to varieties with a dry margin and large berries. Harvesting is necessary during the ripening period, when the fruit has acquired a red-orange color and did not have time to lose its elasticity. Overripe berries are very soft and crushed when disrupting. Before collecting the sea buckthorn, the fixtures must be built independently or purchased. A good tool for quick picking berries is a comb for combing, a U-shaped barrette or eyelet. Also use a homemade loop, which is made of thin steel wire. The top is made in the form of a loop, and the ends are folded inward, and then attached to a wooden handle. The place of attachment is wrapped first with wire and then with tape. The top of the eyelet must be pressed with your fingers so that it will take the shape of a burning candle. Such a device will become a real helper in deciding how to quickly pick buckthorn. In addition, it can be used to easily cut berries in a hard-to-reach place.

Blind selection

This method of harvesting is acceptable on those shrubs that bear fruit not the first year. Secateurs cut a quarter of fruit-bearing branches, leaving a stump about 5 centimeters long. At its base, shoots will appear, which will begin to bear fruit abundantly after 2-3 years. With the rest of the crown berries are harvested by hand. The following year, pruned branches with the rest of the shrub. This method of harvesting simultaneously performs the role of anti-aging pruning.

General rules for harvesting

Most novice gardeners are interested in the question of how best to pick sea buckthorn followed by transportation. Ripe cobs should be cut off entirely. The result is a short branch, thickly covered with berries. They are stacked on each other, then sorted into boxes. Sea buckthorn with branches is better stored and transported than fruits in bulk.

Fruits of sea buckthorn can still be collected with a blade and a small knife. There is still one way to collect sea buckthorn. Adaptations contribute to this. One of them is a tool in the form of a plastic bag that is attached to a tin tube. She, in turn, is brought under the base of the leg of the berries, after which they roll directly into the bag.

Sea buckthorn is a bipartite plant. For high productivity, instances of two sexes are needed: female and male. The plants are female fruit, male shrub acts as a pollinator. An experienced gardener can experiment by planting female shoots at the top of a male plant. The fruits of such a hybrid will grow large and sweet.

The above methods will tell you how to quickly collect sea buckthorn. It remains only to cook it, providing himself an incredibly tasty and useful medicinal raw materials. The knowledge gained will help to make the process of assembling the solar berries pleasant and loved.

Determination of the ripening time of berries

It is known that berries and fruits have periods of optimal harvest. Experts note several degrees of maturation:

  • removable maturity is a period when the harvest can be stored for a long time and transported from production sites to the final consumer,
  • Consumer maturity is characterized by a set of all necessary taste qualities.

For sea buckthorn are also characterized by different types of ripening. In the fall of September, gardeners celebrate the purchase of orange-colored berries. They sit tight on the branches, resembling a corncob. It is rather difficult to separate them, the juice often expires, and most of them remain unchecked. Continues to stay in place.

In order to properly use sea buckthorn, it is necessary to determine in advance what processing it will be used for. For fresh consumption, as well as cooking jam or compote you need to remove the berry during the period of removable maturity. The concentration of vitamin C maximum. The skin is quite dense, the damage during harvest is minimal.

In the Central Belt, as well as in the Urals region and Western Siberia, removable maturity is observed in the last days of August and the first decade of September.

In the southern regions, the berries ripen a week or two earlier. In the Black Earth, the second and third decades of September will be suitable for harvesting fresh sea buckthorn.

Consumer maturity comes pretty quickly. At the end of September, almost everywhere, the harvest is filled with a sweetish syrup (mainly fructose contained). On the clearance is a feeling of some transparency.

Fully ripened fruits have a lot of juice. They lose it when cleaning. Therefore, experienced gardeners, as well as residents of Siberia and the Far East, recommend picking frozen berries.

Juice is not pure water, but a solution of sugars and other mechanical impurities. The freezing temperature is at the level of -8 ... -11 ° С. At higher values ​​there is fluid inside. Frozen clusters crumble without leakage of the liquid fraction.

Methods for cleaning sea buckthorn

A collector must wear heavy clothing that sharp spikes cannot damage. Some prefer to use tarpaulin aprons. Wear heavy gloves on your hands. From the surface of the boots it is easy to wash the juice, it will definitely be on the shoes.

Need to collect in a plastic container. It is easier to wear. It is inert to juice, does not change the taste properties.

Attention! Do not use galvanized pots or buckets. Oxidized on the surface of zinc, the juice forms a toxic compound. Thousands of cases of poisoning have been reported!

Important! The general recommendation is to perform the harvest from top to bottom, moving from the top of the head to the bottom.

There is a cleaning method based on cutting branches. Of course, the plant will replenish the crown, forms new shoots. But the harvest of the next year will be lower, as the sea buckthorn is forced to expend a significant amount of food to restore skeletal branches.

The cut parts are cleared of berries. Work is organized in a clearing or at home. In various sources, you can read that the branches need to be put in the freezer, freeze to -18 ° C, and then it is easy to separate the harvest.

Do many gardeners decide to damage their own bushes or trees?

True, users write that thin cut shoots are dried and brewed in tea in winter. Teach vitamin drink. You can agree, but the main thing is not to harm the plant.

"Cobra" for removing berries

Inventive collectors have developed an interesting tool called Cobra. This is a thin wire (guitar string is best suited for the manufacture of such an instrument), bent in the form of a loop. It is attached to a wooden handle. She is given the shape of a burning candle flame.

For the similarity with the snake's head, the instrument is called a cobra. A wide loop is thrown on the berries, and then pulled over. As a result, the stem is pruned. The fruit falls down. When working, you need to hold a branch, then not one is captured, but a bunch at once.

Using a combing method, you can take 30 ... 50 g of a crop in a couple of seconds. Specialists manage to fill a small bucket in a few minutes.

Video on the production of "Cobra":

How to store

The most useful are berries, which have not been heat treated. It is with these methods of storage that we begin.

Cut branches of sea buckthorn can be saved until spring. To do this, hang them in a cool room, the temperature of which does not rise above 0 degrees.

It is important that there was dry, excessive moisture immediately provokes the processes of decay.

Frost. Washed berries need to be expanded in plastic bags and put into the freezer. Thanks to fast freezing, the berry will retain maximum of its beneficial substances.

Sea buckthorn covered with sugar. The method also allows you to keep the fruit fresh until the spring. Take the sea buckthorn and lay it on a towel to dry. Then mix the berry with sugar and spread on sterilized jars.

The amount of sugar should be equal to the mass of berries. Store the workpiece can only be in the refrigerator. It is very convenient to use it for quick compote or fruit drink in winter.

Sea buckthorn can be stored in sugar and water, frozen or grated

Grated berry. Well-ripened, juicy fruits are better suited for this method. Take the sea buckthorn after harvesting, rinse well and let it dry for a while. Then mix with sugar in equal proportions and ceiling with a wooden pestle.

You can also use a meat grinder or blender. Spread the mixture in cans, close the capron lids and drain into the cellar, or put it in the fridge.

Sea buckthorn storage in water. Not the most famous method, however, is quite effective. Fill in fresh berries with boiled water and cool in the fridge.

Sea buckthorn juice - This is not only a storehouse of nutrients, but also a product with a low calorie content (52 kcal per 100 g). It is quite simple to prepare it, for this, pass the sea buckthorn through a juicer and pour it over the cans.

Banks must be put on sterilization. Rolled juice placed in the refrigerator or basement. If desired, you can add sugar, honey, or other berries and fruits.

The heat, though, will destroy some of the nutritional components, but still natural homemade sweets for tea will be more beneficial than sweets and cookies from the store.

Nature has created many products for uswhich not only delight us with their taste, but also heal our body. Sea buckthorn can be safely attributed to such natural gifts.

Now you should not be frightened by the difficulty of picking this berry, in the coming season you can safely go to the forest to stock up on a useful product, and, using effective methods of storage, prepare sea buckthorn for a whole year.


If the site grows several bushes of this orange beauty, then in order to collect the sea buckthorn berries, it is quite applicable branch trimming method. A sharp shears carefully cut off the branches, leaving 5 cm from the trunk, and then tearing berries from them. Thanks to this method, the plants are rejuvenated at the same time, because next year young shoots will appear on the cutting sites.

How to collect sea buckthorn: useful tips and advice

Here are some tips to help you pick the berries correctly and quickly:

  • Collecting sea buckthorn is most convenient to start from the top of the head and gradually move to the lower branches.
  • It is necessary to work in comfortable gloves and an apron made of thick fabric, since sea buckthorn juice can cause allergies, and it is very difficult to wash it off.
  • If you decided to use the pruning method for picking berries, you should take breaks and let the tree rest. But it is better to refuse this method, so as not to destroy the tree.