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The unique healing properties of chokeberry and contraindications: a modest berry with a long track record


Black (black) and red rowan - distant relatives. Both plants belong to a common family, but different genera. Red - to the genus Rowan (Sorbus), black-fruited - to the genus Aronia (Aronia).

The black chokeberry is called the rowan owing only to the external similarity of inflorescences and stems: succulent false drupes, gathered in a brush. Another unifying feature is the benefits and healing properties of the fruit.

Further in the article we will consider the beneficial properties of the chokeberry, find out about the health hazards and the medicinal properties of the berries.

Black chokeberry or black chokeberry

Cultural aronia, widespread in Russian gardens, is the brainchild of Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin. Her ancestor is a wild North American shrub (Aronia Aronia) with poor edible fruits, which is considered to be a malicious weed in its homeland. Having received its seeds, the Russian breeder began lengthy experiments on the hybridization of the “American”.

According to various sources, the crossing took place either along the Aronia black choke line - Aronia is lymphystic or along the Aronia black choke line - Common Rowan. As a result, a new plant appeared with tart, slightly dry fruits, which are called “apples” in fruit growing. In honor of its creator, it received the name of Aronia Michurin.

Crop of fresh chokeberry berries

The composition of Aronia

Let's start with the question, what is useful for black chokeberry? The dark purple, almost black color of the fruits of chokeberry speaks for itself: they have a lot of anthocyanins. These substances in the plant not only play the role of a pigment, but also protect tissues from oxidative stress. How is this important for a person? The fact that anthocyanins are those notorious antioxidants that are included in the lexicon of cosmetologists and pharmacists. They neutralize oxygen free radicals that can cause cellular mutations.

The astringent taste of black insects is a merit of tannins. These are the so-called “tannins”, which bind carcinogens and reduce the risk of tumor formation.

The fruits of chokeberry, despite the sweetness, are quite low-calorie - only 55kcal per 100 g. The vitamin-mineral composition is rich:

Black Rowan Cure

And now we will consider the healing properties of blackfruits. The fruits of chokeberry have long been adopted as a medicinal raw material. Special attention should be paid to people with cardiovascular problems and diabetics. If you eat only 100 grams of black apples daily, you can quickly adjust your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The use of these fruits for medicinal purposes is indicated for many diseases:

  1. Hypertension. Aronia has a diuretic effect, due to which the blood volume decreases, and the pressure decreases.
  2. Atherosclerosis. Flavonoids and vitamins C, E and A strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
  3. Reduced immunity and inflammatory processes. Aronia anthocyanins can also help with infectious diseases of bacterial etiology.
  4. Hypoacid gastritis. The fruits of chokeberry increase the acidity of gastric juice.
  5. Sleep disturbancenervousness. The chernoplodka reduces excitability by acting as a natural sedative.
  6. Toxicosis pregnant. The hepatoprotective effect of chokeberry fruit helps to cope with nausea.
  7. Diarrhea. Tannins have astringent action, normalizing digestion.
  8. Visual impairment. Vitamin A, which is part of the visual purpura, normalizes many processes. Especially useful black worm for "senile eyes", reducing the risk of glaucoma and cataracts.
  9. Aronia fruits Recommended to people affected by radiation or living in areas with poor ecology. In this case, you need to ensure that the fruits used are grown in safe regions.

The use of chokeberry is obvious, but we should not forget about the precautionary measures. People with thrombosis, ulcerative processes of the stomach and intestines, with colitis, constipation, hyperacid gastritis and hypotension should be consumed with caution.

Red rowan

Red rowan is a familiar element of Russian phytocenoses. It occurs everywhere, includes many species and two life forms: shrub and woody. But on her personal plots she was almost never planted on her. And in vain.

Firstly, the mountain ash perfectly gives in to formation and can become an interesting accent in decorative plantings. Secondly, its fruits are no less useful than the widely used fruits of chokeberry.

Red Rowan berries on a bush

The composition of the fruits of red berries and benefits to the body

The fruits of the red rowan are bitter and that is good. Parasorbic acid, a substance with a very high antimicrobial activity, gives them bitterness. Back in the middle of the 20th century, Mikhail Mikhailovich Shemyakin, a legendary biochemist and scientist, conducted experiments with mice infected with salmonella. After the introduction of 1 mg of diluted para-orbic acid into the peritoneum, the experimental animals recovered.

Other valuable substances found in rowan "apples" are flavonoids that can increase the body's resistance to radiation, and pectins. Gelling properties of the latter are used not only in cooking, but also in medicine - for binding and removing toxins.

Calorie fruits of mountain ash - 50 kcal per 100 g As a multivitamin raw materials, they are invaluable. Rowan - record among other plants in many respects.

The health benefits of chokeberry

Aronia "multifunctional" culture. There are many advantages in it. First, the high content of tumor suppressants. Secondly, a large number of trace elements necessary for human health. Thirdly, aronia strengthens the vascular walls, making them more elastic. Fourthly, the black wolf is distinguished by a high content of vitamins, especially P and PP, and they, paraphrasing the words of Stendal, are a means of unfading perfection.

To grow a shrub or small tree is easy. It is not demanding on the soil, is not affected by pests and tolerates frost well. To have it on the site is extremely profitable. The sapling quickly takes root and grows, almost without requiring care, and in return:

  • the plot becomes beautiful and decorative - trees with large black berries look great in the garden,
  • blooming mountain ash attracts the attention of bees, which is useful for all flowering trees and garden crops,
  • chokeberry stably gives a big harvest of berries, which allows you to cook a lot of tasty and healthy preparations,

In folk medicine, chokeberry berries are used (in a dry, fresh, frozen form), their processing products (juice, jam, jam) and leaves. The high content of iodine makes the chokeberry indispensable in the treatment of the endocrine system. As an adjuvant, it is used in the treatment of severe diseases such as typhus, rheumatism and scarlet fever. This is a good anti-allergic agent. Aronia strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and fresh leaves improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys. This type of rowan is used for bleeding disorders. Chokeberry is used to minimize autoimmune disorders during pregnancy.

Aronia is used as an antispasmodic, vasodilator and hemostatic agent. It has a positive effect on the blood formation process, improves the appetite and activates the immune system. It can be used as a diuretic and choleretic agent. It is used for burns and as an antiallergic drug. Chokeberry is prescribed for radiation sickness, cancer and toxic goiter.

What caused such a wide range of applications? Aronia liqueur or aronia has a unique biochemical composition. Its berries contain a huge amount of useful substances necessary for human health:

  • Vitamins. A, C, PP and group B. Beta-carotene and beta-manganese are also present.
  • Trace elements, including boron, iodine, molybdenum and phosphorus.
  • Sugar, folic acid and pectin.
  • Anthocyanin

For the treatment and prevention of chokeberry is recommended for:

  • diabetes
  • atherosclerosis,
  • rheumatism,
  • vision problems
  • low immunity and susceptibility to chronic diseases of the bronchi,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • overweight problems.

Harm: when it’s better to give up Aroni

Along with the enormous health benefits of the black chokeberry, it can also cause considerable harm. To prevent this from happening, you need to be treated with contraindications. With care you need to use the black mountain ash for those who suffer:

  • hypertension,
  • hypotension and frequent low blood pressure
  • gastritis with high acidity,
  • peptic ulcer
  • tendency to increased blood clotting, thrombosis, varicose veins.

Medicinal properties of chokeberry chokeberry and contraindications

Aronia received the official status of the drug in 1961. Its positive healing effect on the human body is scientifically proven and experimentally confirmed. Let the useful and medicinal properties of the black chokeberry not cause any doubts, you just should not forget about contraindications.

The use of chokeberry for medicinal purposes is quite wide. I offer the most common recipes for the treatment of various diseases.

♦ For sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and goiter, you can use the following recipe. Take a kilo of berries and rub them in the same amount of sugar. Take one teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is carried out for two weeks, then take a break for three months and repeat if necessary.

♦ To treat a persistent headache, you can drink fifty milliliters of berry juice three times a day, half an hour before meals, every day. In winter, it is possible to replace the juice with an infusion of chokeberry berries steamed in hot water. To do this, take three tablespoons of dried fruit and pour half a liter of boiling water. The whole mixture must be infused throughout the night, and in the morning strain and drink as well as the juice.

♦ Dizziness, disturbances in the vascular system. It is necessary to drink during the month fifty grams of blackfruit juice three times a day, half an hour before meals. You can also drink an hour later. In winter, it is worth preparing an infusion of dried berries. To do this, take three tablespoons of fruit and brew them in half a liter of boiling water. You need to drink during the day for three doses half an hour before meals.

♦ Constipation. Take 0.5 parts of the fruits of Aronia, three parts of the fruits of the bird cherry and two parts of the blueberry. A tablespoon of the mixture should be filled with a glass of boiling water and after five minutes strain. You need to drink a tablespoon five times a day twenty minutes before meals.

♦ Endocrine diseases. We take three parts of chokeberry flowers, five parts of the five-lobe wilderness, one part of the dyer's drow and two parts of the May lily of the valley. One tablespoon of the collection brew 1.5 liters of boiling water and insist. You need to drink thirty grams three times a day.

♦ With atrophy of the optic nerve. We take a hundred grams of black chokeberry, mordovnik seeds, initial letters, mistletoe, rosehips, cornflowers and seventy-five grams of rue, periwinkle and ephedra. A tablespoon of the collection you need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning, strain and drink one hundred grams four times a day.

Does an aperus increase or decrease pressure?

When people read about the benefits of chokeberry, they usually miss out on its effects on blood pressure. And in vain. During treatment, it is imperative to know whether the chokeberry lowers or increases the pressure, since the effectiveness of this plant and its safety for human health directly depend on this. Remember! A black nipple significantly reduces pressure. Hypotensics should be consumed with extreme caution. This applies to both medicinal decoctions and infusions, as well as liqueurs from black fruit, tinctures, cognacs, as well as preserves, syrups, jellies and jam made of mountain ash black.

How does chokeberry affect the pressure

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  • To reduce the pressure, you can drink fifty milliliters of fresh chokeberry, viburnum and black currant juice twice a day. Also, for better effect, you can combine the intake of juice with walnuts and honey.
  • It is necessary to mix equally black chokeberry, horsetail grass and yarrow, birch leaves, shredded dandelion roots, wheat grass and corn silk. One tablespoon of the mixture you need to pour a glass of boiling water and insist half an hour. You need to drink half a glass three times a day, and the course itself to spend no more than a month. Collecting perfectly cleans the blood vessels, lowers blood pressure and helps with hypertension. For the best effect, you can add rosehips or currants.

The berries of chokeberry for hypertensive patients are a wonderful medicine.

  • The following recipe can be used to treat hypertension. We take a three-liter bottle and fill it with 4/5 black berries of dry berries, and fill the rest with warm water and sugar. You need to drink a glass a day for twenty days. You also need to use wormwood and cloves once a week.
  • With hypertension. Take two tablespoons of chokeberry, viburnum (more about this berry here) and rosehip. All herbs need to pour two liters of boiling water and bring to a boil. Insist in a thermos for two hours and drink a glass three times a day. You can add a little honey or sugar.
  • Take a glass of plant berries and fill them with half a liter of vodka. Each berry must be pierced with a needle, and the infusion itself should be left in a dark place for a week. After that, you need to strain and take a tablespoon three times a day half an hour before meals. For the treatment of hypertension, the course is carried out for two weeks, but not more.

Natural, tasty and mildly acting agent that reduces pressure in a short time. But be careful! If you eat a large number of berries for people with normal pressure, the state of health can significantly deteriorate due to a sharp decrease in it. Hypotonics cannot be treated with chokeberry, because it doesn’t affect low blood pressure in the best way - it can reduce to a critical level during prolonged use.

Chokeberry Jam for Hypertensives and Impaired People

To make jam you need to take a kilogram of berries and half a kilogram of sugar. Within a couple of minutes, the berries should be blanched in boiling water, and then put into a saucepan or other container in which the jam will be prepared. Add sugar to the berries, and send to a low heat. Boil with constant stirring until it begins to boil. If you do not bring to the boil, you need to place the jam in dry sterilized jars and roll up the lids. Take this snack should be 1-2 teaspoons three times a day, after meals.

Dried chokeberry, application

The use of dried black chokeberry berries is due to their excellent healing properties.

Dried chokeberry is indicated for violations of the secretory function of the stomach (low acidity). Chew a few berries before eating - and you will immediately feel better.

With a lack of vitamin C and iodine, chokeberry will help to quickly fill the deficit, so it is useful to use dried berries for goiter, thyroid diseases and endocrine diseases.

♦ You need to take four tablespoons of berries and pour them with a glass of boiling water. Broth insist two hours, then strain and take a glass three times a day half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is carried out from ten days to a month. After two months, you can repeat the treatment if necessary. Such an infusion will help cure inflammation of the thyroid gland.

♦ For goiter, take equal amounts of crushed fresh or dried fruits of chokeberry and hawthorn, grass of cocklebur, sweet clover, St. John's wort, lemon balm, motherwort and dried corn. Two tablespoons of the mixture should be poured into a thermos and pour 0.7 liters of boiling water. Leave the broth to infuse throughout the night, and in the morning strain and drink one hundred milliliters three times a day. You can also drink the juice of black or red rowan, it also perfectly removes goiter.

Fresh and dried black chokeberry berries prevent the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol in the body, have an anti-tumor effect and increase hemoglobin.

♦ Treatment of atherosclerosis. Take in equal quantities the crushed dried fruits of chokeberry, red hawthorn and wild strawberry. Two tablespoons of the mixture should be poured with half a liter of water and sent to the water bath for ten minutes. Strain the mixture and dilute the boiled water at room temperature to the original volume. You need to drink half a cup four times a day, and a course of treatment to spend a month. After that, you need to take a break for a week or even twelve days, and if necessary, repeat the course.

♦ For the treatment of anemia and radiation sickness, it is necessary to take black chokeberry berries and drink the yarrow tincture for a year.

♦ From sclerosis will help vitamin tea according to the following recipe. We take the crushed fruits of chokeberry and rosehip in equal amounts and pour one tablespoon of the mixture obtained with a glass of boiled water. Insist fifteen minutes and drink twenty minutes before meals.

♦ Чтобы поднять уровень гемоглобина нужно регулярно принимать свежие или сухие ягоды черноплодной рябины и сырую свеклу, измельчённую на тёрке.

Арония увеличивает сопротивляемость организма инфекциям, укрепляя иммунитет и очищая кровь.

♦ It is necessary to take two parts of black rowan fruit, large plantain leaves, blood-red hawthorn, calendula medicinal flowers, threefold successive grass and three parts of Manchurian root aralia and safflower-shaped leaves. It is necessary to drink the infusion by a third of a glass three times a day as a tonic and immunostimulating agent for cardiovascular diseases.

♦ For allergies. It is necessary three times a day to eat fifty or one hundred grams of fresh fruit, or to drink a decoction of dry berries. To prepare it, you need to take twenty grams of berries and pour 200 ml of boiling water over it. When the broth cools down, strain the broth and drink half a glass three or four times a day.

♦ Take two tablespoons of dried fruit and pour half a liter of boiling water. It is necessary to drink as tea, and berries to eat. You can also blanch fresh berries and pass through a meat grinder, then mix with sugar in a one-to-one ratio. It helps with allergies, fatigue and severe stress.

♦ In case of vegetative-vascular dystonia against the background of high pressure, such a collection should be treated. Take two parts of the roots with rhizomes of valerian and cyanosis of blue, chicory roots and ground part of heather, one part of peppermint and three parts of lemon balm. You need to focus on the fact that one part is thirty milliliters of herbs. Three tablespoons of the mixture should be poured 400 ml of boiling water, add one teaspoon of crushed dry black chokeberry berries and a tablespoon of hawthorn berries. Send for half an hour under the cover in a water bath. Ten minutes later, the broth must be filtered and drink fifty milliliters four times a day an hour after eating.

How to dry chokeberry in the oven

The berries of chokeberry are harvested in late summer - early autumn. Better after the first frost. Do not be late! Aronia is extremely attractive to birds, especially thrushes. They peck berries, not leaving a single fruit on the branches, so to collect it is not so easy.

Berries can be dried in the open air, but in this case, the fruits often rot or become covered with mold. It is best to unwrap chokeberry in the oven.

How to dry chokeberry in the oven: scatter the harvested crop in a thin layer on a baking sheet and send it to the oven. The temperature in the oven or electric dryer should not exceed 50 degrees. Periodically, the berries turn over, just shaking the baking sheet or mixing them with a wooden spatula. Properly dried berries change color, becoming cherry-red. Such a shade shows that the vitamin complex of PP is completely preserved in the fruits. It is better to store medicinal raw materials in paper bags or glass containers with a tight lid.

Chemical composition and caloric content of black chokeberry berries

In the strict botanical sense, black fruit are not berries. These are small apples of black or purplish-black color with seeds inside.

The chemical composition of the fruits of chokeberry Michurin is well studied. They contain:

Despite the fact that black fruit tastes quite sweet, their caloric content is quite small - only 55 kcal per 100 grams of product.

The benefits of chokeberry for the body

  • berries (0.5 kg) poured into brandy (0.5 l) in a can,
  • Honey (2 tbsp) is brought to a liquid state (in a water bath) and added to the drink.

The tincture is kept in the dark and warm for 3 months, shaking the contents every week. Filtered and bottled, this drink can be stored indefinitely.

To tincture on the basis of alcohol has benefited, it should be used sparingly. The optimal rate is 50 g per day. A small shot glass taken at dinner will solve many health problems.

Application Reviews

“The endocrinologist advised me to cook compote from chokeberry rowan. I found nodules on the thyroid gland. I regularly take hormone tests and do ultrasounds. So, when I began to drink berry compotes, the tests have improved significantly. ”

“I had problems with erection. Urologist said that this is a common thing for middle-aged. I decided to turn to traditional medicine - we have a grandfather in our holiday village, who offers his little drinks to everyone. He gave me a tincture of chokeberry and advised me to take 2 tbsp. before meals 2 times a day. Thanks to her, I not only regained the male power, but also physically began to feel much better. ”

“I used to make some chokeberry jam, and from time to time I threw a berry in my mouth. I didn’t even immediately notice how the headache that had suffered since morning had passed. I thought it was an accident, but then I specially experimented. It is necessary to get sick in the head, drinking a glass of tea while holding a jam of chokeberry, and after half an hour, he removes everything as if by hand. ”