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Petrol Rider: TOP 10 best models in 2018 - 2019 rating, prices where to buy


Self-propelled lawn mowers on a gasoline engine - excellent support in the care of the lawn. Electrical options lose this and in power and comfort of operation. Petrol units do not depend on the mains voltage and do not need a cable layout and battery charging.

One of the main advantages of self-propelled mowers is to facilitate the user's work. Since part of the motor energy is transmitted to the wheels, the mower only needs to direct the scythe and watch the stones not to fall under the blades.

There are two types of self-propelled units operating on gasoline - front-and rear-wheel drive. The first are good for mowing flat areas, the second is suitable for lawns with not very flat landscape and for sloping lawns.

Rating the best models of gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers will help to orient in the products and will be a beacon, guiding the purchase of a suitable product. Top 10 is based on preferences and customer reviews, so it reflects well both the popularity of models and their quality.

In addition to the rating, you will be helped by a number of landmarks that you should pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower:

  • body material - aluminum alloys are preferable: they are light and strong enough,
  • power - the more geometrically the area is, the more powerful the device should be, it’s logical, because the wheels should receive enough effort from the engine so that the user doesn’t feel any discomfort, rear-wheel drive is usually more powerful, although they are characterized by lower fuel economy,
  • the width of the strip - the larger the lawn, the more expedient is the purchase of mowers with large grippers, usually for small areas take units with a cutting width of up to 43 cm, for larger plots with a width of more than 43 cm, mowers with a cutting width of more than 51 cm are considered professional,
  • wheels - if the unit is more designed for mowing high grass, then wide wheels are preferable, if the lawn is processed on a regular basis, the width of the wheels does not play a noticeable role,
  • mulching is an option that allows grass not only to be cut, but also chopped, thus obtaining lawn fertilizer,
  • grass collection - if the plot is designed for regular mowing and exclusively decorative appearance, it is necessary to purchase a device with a grass collector.

Husqvarna R 152SV

RWD mower perfectly suited for consumers who are not lucky with the geometry of the lawn. The speed of movement is regulated (extremely fast movement - at a speed of 5 km / h), and this ensures smooth access to delicate shrubs and flowerbeds without the risk of damaging the latter.

A sufficiently strong motor (3.8 horses) and a strong sharp knife make it possible not only to mow everything that “grows badly”, but also to grind the branches that come across in the way. There are three options for dumping grass - sideways, back and in a 70-liter bag. Bonus - mulch option. The height range of mowed greens is 33-108 mm (seven levels in total). Cutting width - 53 cm.

Among the minuses is not enough thoughtful dumping of grass into a soft bag. In some cases, the pipe is clogged. The rest is a great machine for processing steep and complex lawns. Refilling a 1.5-liter tank is enough, on average, for 15 acres.

Husqvarna LB 448S

Reliable and powerful representative of front-wheel petrol lawn mowers. Treats models of an average price category. Suitable for intensive use. Motor from Honda starts smoothly and easily.

The cutting element is very durable (made of silumin), resistant to corrosion and shock load - this is important when processing difficult areas. The central height adjustment allows you to choose from 6 levels. There are two options for working with waste - the release of cut grass back and mulching. Width of capture of greens - 48 cm.

Wheels manufacturer equipped with high tread tires, which provides good traction with the soil.

Among the downsides is the lack of a grass collector. The disadvantages include the inability to speed adjustment.


Compact 28-pound American model with front-wheel drive. Easy maneuverability technology will allow you to control the grass on the lawns with a large number of obstacles. It is completed with a 3.5-horsepower engine with a simplified start. Unregulated speed - 3.6 km / h available.

There are 6 levels of height of mowing - from 3 to 8 cm. There is a possibility to choose the dumping of greenery - sideways or in a 50-liter bag. Combination tank - from fabric and plastic. Width of capture - 46 cm.

Among the shortcomings - the machine is gluttonous regarding oil and does not have the option of mulching. But these petrol self-propelled mowers are characterized by moderate cost and attractive stylish design.


Rear wheel drive mower with one of the best combinations of cost, power and ease of operation. It weighs only 27 kg, while it is characterized by 4 horsepower. A vibration and noise suppression system is installed on board, so power is much less reflected in the ears and hands.

Central cutting height adjustment - within 25-75 mm. The four-blade knife is made of durable steel. The flap shape contributes to the creation of a directional air flow that directs the waste to the soft collection box.

The mower, with all the power, is quite moderate in fuel appetites. It features a smooth start. Among the minuses - the lack of speed adjustment. Processing a flat area, you have to move in order to catch up with a powerful lawn mower.


This is the best lawnmower rating, if for the main criterion to take the power of technology. In the engine, 7 horses are hidden, which, given the rear-wheel drive nature of the device, makes the spit an excellent choice if it is necessary to treat uneven sloping lawns.

Power will not be a problem when moving - the speed is regulated based on the tasks and wishes of the user. The rear wheels are quite high, which makes the mower even more comfortable and maneuverable.

The height of the mowing is also adjustable - the 8-level system is configured for a range of 3-9 cm. The width of the mowing is 56 cm. The collection box is voluminous (83 l) and is made of special material that simplifies the life of allergies.

Among the minuses - the relative voracity with a small volume of the tank (1.5 liters). The disadvantages include weight and 44 kg. However, on the technique and self-propelled, in order to almost ignore it.

AL-KO Highline 525 VS

Behind the sporty design of the rear-wheel drive mower is a powerful, 3.4-strong setup. The technique is great for sloping dimensional areas. There are several options for the discharge of cut grass - mulching, sideways, back and in a 70-liter collection box. The latter is easily fixed and removed, there is a fill indicator.

Mowing width - 51 cm. There is a 7-level mowing height adjustment - 3-8 cm. A characteristic feature of the machine is that the height and dimensions of the steel body are increased, which provides an increased air supply. In addition, the housing is designed to allow mowing grass close to flowerbeds or fences.

Among the shortcomings - it would be better to think over the design based on a higher grass. In such a situation, the equipment behaves insufficiently productively relative to its power.

Makita PLM 5121

Despite the brand, this is probably the best gasoline mower, based on a combination of price and quality. Although the braid has a modest size and weight (31 kg), it comes with a 3.17-strong engine. Enough powerful motor reliably protected from stones and other solid elements that fall under the knife.

The width of the strip is 51 cm. The seven-level height of the mowing has a range of 2.5-7 cm. Among the advantages is a casing made of durable steel and the presence of a mulching function. Among the minuses - perhaps not the most attractive design and the lack of a grass collector.

Oleo-Mac G 53 TK

Powerful lawn mowers are the best options for regular maintenance of complex lawns and lawns. This is one of the most powerful braids in our rating - 6 l. with. Of course, the rear wheel drive model. Despite some sluggishness, the mower perfectly rolls and mows. It is easy to start, and the knives are sharp and wear-resistant - you can cut the grass with great comfort.

The height of well-groomed grass varies in the range of 25-65 mm. The lateral width reaches 51 cm. The deck is made of aluminum alloy. Mulching and a 65-liter collection box are available.

Among the shortcomings noted by consumers are not strong wheels. Some buyers have expressed a desire to see metal instead of plastic.


The “champion” mower is not a champion either in parameters or in price. It is an excellent workhorse that contributes to optimal - efficient, inexpensive and fast - mowing of grown grass. Motor power (4.1 liters. P.) Is more than enough to meet the domestic lawn needs. The speed of movement is quite high, and the user is only required to adjust the direction.

Among the drawbacks - despite the steel case, some consumers complained about small deformations.


The best self-propelled petrol mowers are those that are characterized by versatility. This model is great for mixed greens. 5-hp motor allows you to operate the equipment effectively and for a long time. Exhaust - almost 3000 revolutions of a knife per minute. Mowing height - 20-85 mm (5-level system). Bag volume - 60 l.

Among the disadvantages are the fast driving of the grass collector and insufficiently strong wheels.

Al-ko Silver 46 BR Comfort

Self-propelled lawn mower with 4-stroke engine from the German manufacturer. Air vents in the collector housing Al-ko Silver 46 BR Comfort create a stream of air. The grass lays down as tightly as possible, which significantly reduces the processing time of the site.

  • plastic collector convenient to wash
  • Mulching additionally fertilizes the lawn.
  • A hard grass collector increases the weight of the mower.

Price 25000-29000 rubles.

Price quality! Just today gathered. All in their places. Filled with oil. Poured gasoline. I pressed the button 3 times and started up with a half-turn))) (hold the red handle) The engine purrs. According to the "Russian" country lawn goes great. Hummocks, pits and irregularities not notice. (Vladimir)

Husqvarna LC 153

Self-propelled unit with a spacious fuel tank. Motor power is not spent on the movement of the mower, which increases the efficiency Husqvarna LC 153. A soft collection box made it more compact.

  • the bag is light, easy to store,
  • It is cheaper than similar models with a plastic container.
  • it is difficult to clean the fabric container
  • Fill faster.

Price 24500-29000 rub.

The football field is suitable for mowing, not a garden plot! Unlike the electric mower, 2 times there was a bend of the knife during a raid on an obstacle. The original new knife costs about 1200 rubles. 🙁 If the knife is not bent, the flywheel key is cut and the engine stops starting. Replacing the keys in the service (turn in the season for a month!) Is about 1,500 rubles., And work for half an hour. Independently put a key from more solid steel, as a result the flywheel burst. The flywheel stands as a half-mower 12 tr. (Alexey)

Daewoo DLM 5500SV

Model originally from South Korea. The massiveness of the unit is more than compensated by the engine power and fuel capacity. Weight Daewoo DLM 5500SV does not affect its maneuverability. The soft collection box facilitates the storage and transport of the mower.

  • spacious fuel tank
  • powerful engine
  • smooth adjustment of speed.
  • massiveness.

Price 34,000 rubles.

A successful model, one of those purchases, after which for a long time there are positive emotions. Every time I use pleasure, open a bottle of cold drink and go ahead - cut your favorite lawn. It starts smoothly, the stroke is smooth, the drive itself drives the mower, you just need to gently hold and set the direction. After mowing, even grass remains. Look on the Internet for a couple of videos about how to mow, what direction to choose and generally how to care for the lawn. Then mowing will be a thrill, like mine. (Konstantin)


Inexpensive lawn mower from China. Good decision with a modest budget. A side burst of grass spreads the mulch evenly across the lawn. CHAMPION LM4627 copes with the fertilizer area and leave your feet clean.

  • the possibility of throwing grass to the side (right)
  • compact grass bag.
  • massiveness.

Price 14000-16000 p.

I took it specially with the option of mulching, a great option for garden beds, but as for me, if there are no beds, it’s just a lawn on the plot, then you can take it without mulch, although the grass is packed more tightly in the bag due to the fact that it is smaller. In the season I bought at a cost of about 16 thousand rubles, now I already saw it on stocks. (Sergei)

Another inexpensive manual gasoline mower. The roomy collection box and the relatively low weight of the unit provide it with competitive advantages among other models. The brand MTD well known for the quality of its products.

  • large amount of grass collector.
  • no nozzle for mulching.

Price 15000-26000 rubles.

There were 2 cases, small pebbles flew off and smashed plastic wheels, I had to order and take the weak axes on which the plastic wheels hold when the grass is clogged to the back of the weight on the rear wheels, so do not wait for the full driving, shake it out earlier. And since the machine is not killed, regularly change the oil and candle after the end of the season to properly wash. (Salman)

Huter GLM-5.0 S

Self-propelled lawn mower, inexpensive and powerful. The rigid collection box facilitates the maintenance and operation of equipment. Huter GLM-5.0 S produced in Germany, pedantic Germans thought through every detail.

  • powerful engine
  • capacious plastic container.
  • no idle running.

Price 12000-17500 rub.

Starts with a half turn. Do not have to crawl back and forth, shears cleanly in one pass. It showed itself on hillocks and hollows, ideally smooth surface - this is not about my site. Cutting height can be easily changed with a single push of a lever. Heard that the bearings - one of the weak points of the lawn mowers. I use the second season - nothing crunches and does not click. (Leonid)

Patriot PT 47 LS

Care for the Patriot PT 47 LS is easy: sticky grass is rinsed off with a water jet from a hose. Moderate fuel consumption will save the family budget.

  • fitting for garden hose.
  • problems with warranty repairs.

Price 17300-19400 r.

Grass height of 30 cm. You have to mow in 2 steps. Kit bolts for the shelves are too long. Do not press the shelf to the frame with sufficient force. Not enough washers to nuts. No height adjustment knob operator. I am 180 cm tall and comfortable to mow, my son, 165 cm tall, there is no possibility to adjust the height of the handle for me. (Dmitriy)

Craftsman 37804

The most massive top model in Craftsman 37804 is from the USA. A large indicator of the cutting width reduces the processing time of the area. A large amount of grass collector will save energy for other pleasant things.

  • capacious container
  • the presence of a mulch nozzle.
  • great weight.

Price 34300-35000 rub.

Prior to purchasing the Craftsman 37804 gasoline mower a few years ago, we desperately rushed to the specialty stores looking for the “best”. Interviewed friends and neighbors in the country, who, what and how. Purchase was coming expensive, and we had no right to make mistakes. But experience too. Before that, we always used trimmers or electric mowers. After a long collection of information and an assessment of their needs and possibilities, the choice fell on Craftsman 37804 They were very worried, because there was no complete confidence anyway. During use, I have never regretted my choice. (Maria)

Makita PLM 5113

A Japanese company well known in the market of household and semi-professional gardening and construction equipment. Large cutting area is an obvious advantage. Makita PLM 5113.

  • engine brake.
  • great weight.

Prior to that, there were different mowers of different companies, including Makit. Makitovsky mowers and electro- and benzo-happy. It would be great if the manufacturer thought about the safety of the shaft in his mowers. Electric failed (due to my fault) because of a collision on a small stone. Bent shaft. This benzokosililka also not protected from the bending of the shaft when driving on something solid. (Anton)

Honda HRX 476 VKEA

The most expensive of the models presented. Japanese quality is not cheap, alas, but worth it. The reliability of the assembly compensates for the lack of some features Honda HRX 476 VKEA.

  • the biggest collection box in the top,
  • the inability to side release of grass,
  • no mulch nozzle.

Price 52000-58500 rub.

Not afraid of work, not killed, very easy to use. For the whole year of active almost daily use, nothing happened to her. (Denis)

Comparative table of the characteristics of the models presented

We have described the most popular models, the turn has reached the top 10: the rating of the best models of gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers 2018 - 2019. Consider and compare specifications in detail. Availability of drive, collection material and external dimensions. What is more important - you decide.

This lawn mower is not included in the top, but it still deserves attention. Viking MB 2.2 R. The engine manufacturer is Briggs and Stratton, as is the case with Al-Ko Silver. Миниатюрный агрегат с четырехтактным двигателем и неплохой площадью скашивания: 1500 кв м. Его вес – всего 23 кг, а ёмкость бака – 0,8 л.

Настоящий Викинг! Данная газонокосилка прослужила у меня уже больше 8 лет. В некоторые сезоны находилась под дождем, снегом или градом на на ее работу это не как повлияло. Никакого ухода не требует работает без отказа как автомат ак-47. It cleans very neatly and very few blades of grass are left. (Ivan)

Instructions for use

Before the first start of the new lawn mower, be sure to read the instruction manual. You are responsible for the performance of your equipment. The required level of oil and the frequency of its replacement, replacement of candles and abnormal situations - all this is described in instructions. (Honda HRX as an example).

Where to buy?

Choosing garden equipment, many want to save. Large networks like Leroy Merlin give this opportunity. Sales here are held regularly, and discounts allow you to purchase the desired unit inexpensively.
Prices for the same product in different stores are very different. Yandex Market allows you to select the lowest available price and does not forget to inform buyers about discounts.

4 Hammer KMT145SB

Efficient gasoline mower, the advantage of which is the balance of the main characteristics and the extraordinary popularity of domestic users. Hammer KMT145SB is based on the Chinese 4-stroke Loncin engine with a volume of 145 m 3, developing a power of 3.5 hp. This is enough to ensure the speed of the knife to 2900 revolutions per minute - the average in the class. The mowing geometry also does not extend beyond the “middle” - the lawn mower is capable of covering a strip 46 centimeters wide.

Among the advantages noted by consumers, there are three options for the release of cut grass: back, sideways or in a soft collection box with a volume of 60 liters. The moves are smooth, there are seven levels of bevel height, and a slightly unusual reverse (to which you can get a hand). In general, Hammer KMT145SB gives the impression of an excellent machine, and, moreover, for a small fee.

3 Champion LM4630

In most mowers, mowed grass either pours under your feet, or settles in a tank that quickly becomes clogged. The Champion LM4630 Mower uses a side ejection design solution. Cut grass lies on the already treated area, and does not interfere with the movement. Champion LM4630 is not a record holder in price or in performance. This is a “workhorse” for everyday needs.

Advantages of Champion LM4630:

  • Body material - steel. But the manufacturer does not indicate its brand, while buyers complain that deformations are possible after two years of operation. The same applies to knives, which are seriously damaged when hit by a stone. (However, not a single gasoline mower is designed to work in rocky terrain).
  • Engine power at 4.1 hp quite enough for domestic use. Engine displacement - 173 cm, which is almost 50% more than that of Alko 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A. The mower moves quickly, and the operator is only required to adjust its motion vector.

Makita PLM4620 - with American engine

The lawn mower has a great resource for work thanks to the Japanese components and the power unit of American origin from the B & S brand.

Motor power 3.1 hp with a volume of 190 cm3 allows you to develop speed to 2800 per minute and confidently cut the grass of any hardness. If the operator releases the device from his hands, the engine brake is instantly activated, which is important for safety.


  • the machine filters out a fine layer for mulching,
  • grass collection capacity 60 l,
  • 5 positions of cutting height from 25 to 75 mm are set, which allows combining lawn cutting by levels,
  • separate refueling of oil and fuel facilitates use,
  • folding handle
  • all steel deck body,
  • a long plastic cover at the grass catcher slightly stiffens it and straightens it to prevent clogging of the entrance,
  • 46 cm mowing width in one pass,
  • quiet work
  • copes with high shoots.


  • no autorun,
  • delivered without engine oil,
  • you have to push the lawnmower on your own,
  • weight 28 kg
  • soft grass catcher,
  • the cost is 25,000 rubles.

Hyundai L4300S - with high maneuverability

This gasoline powered lawn mower proved to be one of the best in difficult terrain due to the large difference in diameter between the front and rear wheels, which are 15 and 20 cm. This facilitates the direction and turns of the self-propelled device.

To collect the grass there is a soft bag with a hard top, which fits 55 liters. The button from the hand pump for pumping gasoline into the carburetor is on the front and is easily accessible.


  • folding handle, where you can set the height of the operator's height,
  • the cost is 19,000 rubles,
  • power 3.4 hp and a volume of 139 cm3 is sufficient for fast operation over a long time,
  • the engine is braked separately,
  • convenient brackets for opening the throttle and locking the brake,
  • mowing width in one pass 41 cm,
  • cutting height is set from 25 to 75 mm with a side switch,
  • self-propelled system with rear driving wheels,
  • no rattling while driving through the grass,
  • knife protection when hitting a stone
  • starts up quickly after a long idle
  • mowing speed of 10 acres per hour.


  • weight 30 kg
  • fuel tank just 1 liter
  • brief instructions, where there is a lot of important information on the operation,
  • the handle casing is weak and may burst,
  • there is no mulching
  • when working on wet grass, the entrance to the bunker is clogged and does not allow the grass collector to be filled,
  • no electric starter.

Champion LM4627 - side discharge

This is a stylish black and yellow gasoline lawn mower with the possibility of throwing grass both back, into the bag, and to the side, without touching the operator, which allows mowing without stopping to empty the grass collector in areas where you can leave a beveled layer.

This helps to fertilize the soil, but is only suitable for a slowly growing lawn, otherwise the coating will quickly become clogged. The fuel pump button is located in front, and it is enough to press it 3 times for the first start.


  • low price from 16,000 rubles,
  • cable for the engine factory through the starter is attached to the handle,
  • convenient mouth for fuel filling,
  • the fastening of the handle is completely detached, which makes it easier to fold and transport in the trunk of the car,
  • the deck is widespread on one level with the side line of the wheels, which gives a good grip and leaves no gaps,
  • self-propelled function due to rear-wheel drive from the power unit,
  • 46 cm cutting width for high performance over a large area
  • grass collection capacity 60 l,
  • You can customize the mulch with an additional nozzle,
  • setting the cutting height of grass from 25 to 75 mm,
  • central adjustment in 5 positions,
  • engine power 3.5 HP
  • steel deck protects against cracks in a collision with a curb,
  • easy to start,
  • separate pouring oil and gasoline.


  • no auto start,
  • the soft grass catcher can be crumpled and not fully filled,
  • tank with a capacity of 1 l of gasoline,
  • turns and changes in direction need to be performed with the drive off,
  • weight 35 kg.

The best gasoline mowers for the territory of over 1000 m2

This garden equipment is used on vast squares in spacious parks, golf courses, caring for city squares and a curb inside the village.

The power of the power unit is about 4 to 6 hp. allows you to cut rough grass and cope with branches caught under the knives. They are purchased by both private individuals and utilities.

Daewoo Power Products DLM 45SP - for care of the territory of enterprises

This lawn mower is the best for processing large areas and sports fields, because it has maneuverable wheels of different diameters and a powerful engine with a spindle speed of 3600 per minute.

The mulching nozzle provides a screening of a small layer of mowed grass on the soil to prevent drying and additional fertilizer. The remaining mass enters a roomy bag with a capacity of 50 liters.


  • the device can not only cut the grass, but also transmits torque to the wheels, which facilitates the use of technology,
  • immediately mowed at a width of 45 cm,
  • cutting height adjustment varies from 25 to 75 mm,
  • power unit with four-stroke stable operation,
  • engine braking to quickly stop the knives,
  • power 4.5 hp and a volume of 142 cm3 allows you to work with grass of different hardness and to have high performance on large areas,
  • steel case
  • the handle can be twisted to reduce the size or turn upside down for the convenience of the user,
  • rear wheels with a diameter of 19 cm
  • 5 adjustment options
  • cost from 15,000 rubles.


  • when there is no need to clean the grass from the field, then without the collecting tank it will only fly back, under the operator’s feet (there is no side removal),
  • fuel tank only 1 liter,
  • for mulching, you need to purchase an additional nozzle, which is not included,
  • does not drive well uphill on its own (needs to be pushed),
  • may not start the first time (gas cable adjustment is required),
  • weight 28 kg is heavy to transport.

Patriot PT52LS - for a huge park

This is the best petrol lawn mower to care for the park area due to the self-propelled and mowing 51 cm width at a time.

The capacity of the grass catcher is 60 liters, and the discharge of grass is adjusted both back and sideways, for which a nozzle is provided with the flow pressed down. Knives are cleaned with a clutch in the deck so as not to get clogged with long grass.


  • quick change of height of handles,
  • automatic stop of the engine when releasing the locking brackets,
  • self-propelled movement
  • the optimal price for this quality is 22,000 rubles,
  • the possibility of connecting the mulch nozzle,
  • cutting height from 30 to 75 mm,
  • engine power 6.5 hp with a volume of 200 cm3 gives cut very high grass and thin stiffness,
  • hard grass catcher with handle
  • the speed of the power unit 3000 / min,
  • steel case
  • large wheels make it easier to travel on uneven ground.


  • the mulch head is not included,
  • 98 dB loud work
  • weight 41 kg

Key features of a gasoline powered lawnmower

First of all, you should decide which design will be the most suitable: manual wheel or self-propelled. The first is much cheaper, but it will be more difficult to move it around the site. Self-propelled move along the ground, a person can only ask her the right direction. Such models are ideal for areas with a large number of fruit trees, shrubs, for lawns of a large area.

Be sure to take into account the level of noise pollution, it is especially important to take into account this factor if the work will be carried out near the residential buildings of neighbors. Additional features and price also play a significant role. The size of the blade is selected depending on how dense and often the lawn grass grows to each other.

The cutting system is also very important - there are models with one type or combined. Side discharge will be most suitable for a lawn on which grow thick and coarse grass. Grinding and mulching are intended for frequent cutting, especially as finely chopped grass will become an excellent fertilizer, and also keep the lawn in its original form when dry days will stand.

Rotary engines in lawn mowers are most common - mowing here is based on the principle of a scythe, the function of which is performed by blades rotating at high speed. These models are quite heavy, but very powerful. Such devices are best suited for large areas and overgrown lawns. Rotating blades, if necessary, can be removed and sharpened or completely replaced.

Cylindrical designs usually move on wheels, grass is cut off like scissors. With these lawn mowers, a very high cutting quality is ensured. These models should be used regularly, as they do not cope very well with overgrown lawns.

In compiling our ranking of the best gasoline lawn mowers in 2018, we took into account all these factors, also considered the price-quality ratio of each model and user reviews. We hope that after reading the review you will be able to choose for yourself the optimal lawn mower.

4. Hammer KMT145SB

Our rating is opened by a self-propelled model, which belongs to the semi-professional line, well suited for continuous operation. It works on the basis of a four-stroke engine, whose power is 3.5 hp, and the volume - 145 cu. see Valves are located on top, due to which good air cooling is ensured. In addition, this design feature significantly reduces fuel consumption and prevents the formation of a large number of environmentally harmful emissions. The air filter here is double - made of foam rubber and paper. The cylinder liner is made of cast iron, cast iron crankshaft. The design provides a silencer that reduces noise pollution.

The device is able to work in one of three modes - side ejection, collecting mowed grass in the collection box and mulching. The width of the slice is 46 cm. The height of the slice is regulated by a seven-position lever in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The volume of the grass collector is 60 l. It is woven, fixed on a metal frame. Plastic wheels, 200 mm front diameter, rear - 255 mm. This reduces the turning radius and increases the maneuverability of the device. The handle can be adjusted in height, besides it is foldable, which provides ease of storage and transportation. On the handle there is a pad of neoprene, it will reduce vibration and allows for the most tight grip.

  • Pretty strong and comfortable design, without any complaints,
  • Enough bulk collector,
  • Easily passes through uneven areas - no extra effort is required.

  • It is undesirable to mow wet grass - the blades quickly become clogged.

3. Champion LM4630

Another self-propelled model, differing in quite reasonable cost. It is designed to care for a lawn of medium size - no more than 16 acres. The design is quite reliable, durable and easy to use. The model is equipped with a four-stroke engine with high environmental performance, engine power is 4.1 hp The width of the slice is 46 cm - this parameter is ideally matched for the power of the motor, due to which you can cut the grass at high speed. The central system for adjusting the level of the cutting height is represented by one lever - the range is in the range from 25 to 75 mm. The knife is made from high strength material. For a long time he does not get blunt and does not wear out. Accordingly, it does not have to change often. The blade consists of two blades of a special shape, which will also inject air, creating a good suction force. Thanks to this constructive solution, not only cut grass will be sent to the collection box, but also leaves and even small twigs.

The volume of the grass catcher is 60 liters, it is made from high-quality fabric-type materials, the upper part is plastic, equipped with a very comfortable handle. The maximum speed of the lawn mower is 3.5 km / h, which is quite a good indicator for an engine of 173 cubic meters. see. The gas tank is designed for one liter of gasoline. The design is rather heavy - with an empty gas tank and an emptied grass collector it will weigh about 34 kg.

  • Decent power
  • Long service life,
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Self-propelled.

  • Significant vibration
  • The handle is trimmed with foamed polyurethane, which wears out pretty quickly.

1. AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A

This model is considered to be the best in its price segment. She perfectly copes even with high and wet grass thanks to the latest technologies that were used in its development and production. The model operates in three modes - cutting grass, mulching and collecting grass in a container. The lawn mower has self-propelled wheeled chassis, rear-wheel drive. They have a fairly large size, they use reliable bearings with delayed wear. Thanks to them, the ride is smooth, good grip. In addition, rear-wheel drive makes it easy to cope with minor uneven ground. In the course of work, the device does not violate the integrity of the collection box.

The collection box itself has a rigid structure, it has a filling indicator, which will prompt the user to clean the container. Of course, the cutting height can be adjusted. The handle can also change its height depending on the height of the user. The discharge channel has a significant diameter, so it will never clog. The blades are reliable, well hardened, do not dull for a long time, they will not need to be replaced during the entire period of operation of the model. The product removes hard and high grow well. If necessary, the handle can be folded.

  • Easy to use
  • Low fuel consumption,
  • The blades resist wear well,
  • Excellent maneuverability of the model,
  • Long period of operation
  • High speed and performance.

  • One of the smallest engine powers among all the models already reviewed is only 2.7 hp. with a volume of 123 cubic motor. cm.