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How at home to care for a rose in a pot


Tea rose - a delightful plant, a true work of art, serves not only as a decoration for your home, but also very beneficial for health. Many people love her for her delicate beauty, variety of colors and aromas, but they do not dare to bring the plant into the house, considering that it is a painstaking task to grow a tea rose at home. Knowing the subtleties of care, grow a tea rose at home is a snap. Just about the features of care for tea rose at home, as well as its beneficial properties and will be discussed in this article.

Why is tea tea, after all, where does such a name come from? In Europe, rose was brought from China in the XIX century, and China, as you know, is famous for its teas. The flower of the rose reminded with its smell the aroma of one of their sorts of tea, and by its appearance - the Chinese tea bowl, hence its name. You can also make fragrant tea from tea rose flowers, whereas it cannot be done from other types of roses.

Having purchased a tea rose, do not rush to immediately transplant it into a new pot, give the plant time to get used to the new environment. To help the plant adapt quickly, try to recreate the conditions as close as possible to those in which it grew earlier. To do this, check with the seller:

  • air temperature and humidity
  • features and frequency of irrigation,
  • location - the shadow or the sun.

The adaptation period is very important and does not last long, then just need to maintain optimal conditions for growth, but if you ignore it, the plant will be very difficult, and there is a high probability that the plant will die.

Follow the rules:

  • prevent drafts,
  • do not place the pot in direct sunlight to protect the plant from burns,
  • pour rain, purified or separated water,
  • spray leaves.

Tea roses. Planting and care

At home, the queen of flowers needs special care. Planted only exclusively in the soil for roses, they do not allow sudden changes in temperature, they are carried out to the air only after preliminary hardening, by ventilating the room for several hours starting from the earliest spring. Do not put the pot on the hot window sill - the plant will lose color and leaves. In the summer, place your pet on a loggia or balcony, where the temperature is not higher than 25 ° C, there she will be comfortable.

Watering should be: in the summer - twice a day, in the winter - as the soil dries up in a pot. Use distilled or purified water, as various impurities and additives contained in ordinary tap water can lead to disastrous results. Spraying the foliage with cool water is recommended, especially in summer. It is necessary to spray only the leaves, not falling on the flowers and buds - they need dryness.

The tea rose, as well as any other indoor flowers, needs top dressing. Soil should be constantly enrich with organic and mineral fertilizers, conduct foliar dressing. For this purpose, mullein and bird droppings, various complex fertilizers can be used. But here the main thing is not to overdo it - excessive feeding can lead to the death of the plant.

The care of a tea rose is different in every season.

With the arrival of autumn, as soon as the temperature falls below 15 ° C, the rose is brought from the loggia or balcony into the house, having a window facing the south side on the window sill. It is no longer necessary to feed the plant, watering should be reduced to once every few days, since during this period growth stops, the formation of new buds stops and preparation for winter begins. The temperature should be maintained at 15-17 ° C, the air should not be too dry. No need to put a flower near the heating devices, household appliances. She will be comfortable on a cool windowsill, where room heat is not enough.

Winter is a period of rest, the rose does not grow and does not bloom, the leaves fall. The plant needs moist air, should be watered once every few days, periodically sprayed.

When the first spring heat comes, the plant comes to life. With the advent of young shoots and leaves, watering increase and begin to actively feed, saturating the soil with useful substances, so that the plant develops strong and healthy. Mullein is well suited for this purpose. To prepare such dressing for a room beauty, you will need:

  • mullein - 1-3 parts,
  • water - 2-3 parts.

The resulting composition must be thoroughly mixed and left to ferment for five to ten days. Before watering it is diluted with water in the ratio of 1x15.

You can also use bird droppings:

  • litter - 1 part,
  • hot water - 20 parts.

Infused for two days, diluted with water 1x15 before use.

In summer, the tea rose is very much waiting for attention and care, which consists in abundant watering, frequent feeding and regular spraying. It is necessary to cut lifeless shoots, wilted leaves and buds to give room for new growth. A very important place is taken by the prevention of various diseases, you should regularly inspect the plant for problems. Rose should not overheat. If the plant becomes cramped in a pot - it must be transplanted into a new, larger size. It is recommended to carry out this procedure in accordance with the lunar calendar for transplanting indoor plants.

Top dressing tea rose

Growing a tea rose at home, it is necessary to provide her with good care, feeding in particular. It should be produced systematically. If the plant has problems, it languishes, fades, leaves of unhealthy color, sheds leaves - perhaps the wrong ingredients are selected for the food or the wrong dosage is calculated. However, if you follow the instructions for use - there will be no difficulty. It is enough to carry out dressing once a week after abundant watering.

In the spring, during the period when the plant begins to revive, it needs more heat, light and water. The pot is placed on a well-lit, warm window, when the soil dries out - carefully watered. It is necessary to wash the leaves, spray the entire bush. Tea rose should be actively looked after before the onset of winter.. With the arrival of warm days, a rose is brought out to soak up the sunshine, but you cannot immediately put a flower under direct sunlight, it is necessary that it passes the adaptation period in the shade for 15-20 days.

In the summer, the rose must often be turned to the sun, so that it blooms magnificently and the bush does not turn one-sided.

Propagation of tea roses

The most suitable period for the propagation of tea roses is summer. When the plant blooms - cuttings are cut. The top of the cutting must be cut exactly above the growing kidney, the bottom - at an oblique angle, there must be several buds on the handle.

The resulting stalk should be dipped in water and kept there for several days until the appearance of white roots, periodically pouring fresh water.

When the roots appear - the stalk is ready for planting. Plant better in the ground for roses, take care just as for an adult plant.