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What vitamins do ducklings need?


In ancient times, in order to try duck meat, people had to hunt these birds. Over time, the ducks were domesticated. As a result of cultivation today we have a large number of diverse breeds of agricultural waterfowl with different characteristics.

Breeding ducks is rapidly gaining popularity, because duck meat has excellent taste, while the level of egg production is higher than, for example, geese.

When purchasing duck youngsters, after a few months of fattening, you can serve an appetizing, fragrant, baked duck to the table, however, to achieve high performance, you must follow a number of rules related to feeding and keeping little ducks from the first days of life.

Bred ducks, based on the characteristics of a particular breed. Thus, in some breeds, the incubation instincts laid down by nature disappeared completely under the weight of breeding, as a result, breeding such birds is possible only by placing incubation eggs under another hen, or by laying eggs in an incubator, but certain temperature conditions must be observed .. However, after hatching, questions - how to care for newly hatched ducklings.

You can purchase already hatched chicks, both daily and older. It is better to buy young stock from a reliable seller, be it a small farm or a large poultry farm.

The first point to emphasize is the placement of the young. Ducks in general are well tolerated by cold and frost, but for babies in the first days of life, it is required to adhere to temperatures in the region of 27-31 degrees. Initially, the birdies can be placed in a special brooder, avoiding unnecessary crowding, and later grown up youngsters are transferred to the poultry house.

Since ducks are waterfowl, it is highly desirable to provide them with access to the reservoir. It is desirable that the birdies have a small walking. Despite the fact that a number of farmers believe that in order for ducks to gain weight by weight, they should limit the space as much as possible, others, on the contrary, believe that the availability of walking and access to a reservoir significantly improves the overall performance - the bird is healthier and more resistant.

Organization of feeding small ducklings

The second question that confronts a novice farmer after buying chicks is how to feed the little ducklings in the first days of life. The gastrointestinal tract of ducklings differs from adult individuals, respectively, the food suitable for adult ducks is not suitable for babies.

Ducklings have a higher degree of digestibility of food and a more intense metabolism in comparison, for example, with chickens.

It is necessary to carry out feeding of newborn ducklings 4-5 times a day. Food in the first 2-4 days should be as rich in protein as possible; it helps ducklings grow. For these purposes, mixes are prepared for babies from chopped boiled eggs, cottage cheese with the addition of milk and any fermented milk products such as kefir, yogurt, whey.

Food must be fresh, not eaten leftovers must be disposed of, avoiding damage to food.

Already in the first days after birth, greens are added to food in Ptakh. In the summer, it is better to use fresh, finely chopped. If the growing of ducks is to be in the winter, it is necessary to dry a sufficient amount of greens in advance for the summer season to add to the mash. For these purposes, nettle, clover, alfalfa and even dandelion are used.

It happens that the little ducks at first refuse to start eating, and as a result they may die. In such cases, the duckling is forcibly poured in with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate with a pipette, after which a chopped boiled egg is offered.

Proper diet will help avoid serious problems with the development and health of the bird.

The benefits of vitamins for ducklings

In the summer, with an abundance of green food and especially aquatic vegetation, the ducklings quite fruitfully saturate their bodies with the elements necessary for their growing organism.

However, the situation is much worse in early spring and in the autumn-winter period, when the amount of green mass decreases sharply, as does the number of hours of sunshine. But especially important is the intake of chicks in the body of vitamins at the very young age, regardless of the season. These substances contribute to:

  • to save livestock ducklings, reducing their death as much as possible,
  • protecting them from non-infectious diseases,
  • normalization of metabolic processes,
  • prevention of beriberi and seizures, as well as diseases of rickets, joint thickening and dystrophy,
  • improve feed digestibility.

Natural vitamins

For the chicks, the richest source of these substances is green fodder and full solar illumination, which promotes the synthesis of vitamins in the chicks. However, for more rapid growth of the young, strengthening their health and preventing diseases, additional feed is needed, which contains vitamins, of which there is not much green. This feed is a variety of natural products.

Fish flour

This product, which consists of more than half of high-quality proteins, also contains most of the elements from vitamin B, as well as vitamins A and D. In addition, fish meal is saturated with phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for the development of chicks.

In the diet of ducklings fish meal should occupy about 7% of the total amount of food. From it boil broths, which prepare the mash, or simply add to the rest of the food.

This vegetable is rich in carotene, which is able to transform in the body into very valuable vitamin A. Most of the common vitamins are present in carrots, and there are also relatively high concentrations of such vitamins as K and PP.

Carrots are fed to the ducklings fresh and dried, salted and silage. This product is so important that in ducklings starting from three days of age, it makes up from a quarter to a third of the total daily ration of chicks.

Also contains carotene, converted into high-value vitamin A, and takes pride of place in the diet of ducklings. Vitamin B2 is present in significant quantities in the pumpkin with other members of group B, as well as, among others, rare vitamins T and E.

Pumpkin is rich in minerals:

  • calcium,
  • phosphorus,
  • zinc
  • magnesium,
  • iron.
This vegetable is given to chicks when they reach five days of age, for which it is ground. In the menu of chicks, pumpkin takes up to 20% of the daily amount of dry feed.

Sugar beet

It is saturated with sucrose (up to 20%), fiber, nitrogenous substances, minerals in the form:

  • iodine
  • phosphorus,
  • gland,
  • potassium,
  • calcium.
Also, the vegetable contains vitamins:

  • Group B,
  • ascorbic acid
  • PP, E,
  • provitamin A,
  • folic acid.
Usually, sugar beets are given to ducklings starting from ten days of age in a boiled form as part of mash beans, using water from under the beets cooked in it. The amount of sugar beet fed to chicks can reach up to 20% of the daily amount of grain mixture.

This vegetable is especially rich in vitamins A, B9 and E. In addition, it contains many other elements from vitamin B, as well as vitamins PP, H and C. Along with the minerals in the form of iron, potassium, magnesium and sodium, calcium plays a special role in the successful growth of ducklings, which is quite abundant in swede.

The swede has a valuable property not to lose vitamins and other nutrients during heat treatment, so it is very convenient to add it to ducklings in feed as it is boiled. Swede can take up to 10% of the daily norm of grain mixture.

This extremely starch-rich carbohydrate food is perfect for the ducklings' digestive system. Vegetable contains most of the substances of group B, as well as vitamins E and A. In the presence of vitamin C, potatoes are on a par with citrus fruits.

Also in this product there are more than a dozen mineral elements with a predominance of potassium, phosphorus and chlorine. When ducklings reach ten days of age, they are given boiled potatoes, which can make up to 20% of the total daily amount of grain mixture.

On the fourth day of life, ducklings are given chalk in their diet. This mineral is an excellent source of calcium, without which a complete growth of the bone mass of chicks is impossible.

Chalk in the form of a hammer can be added to the mash, and in a finely divided state they are filled with special feeders.

Crushed shell

Ground shells are also an excellent source of calcium in the body of chicks. In addition, they, getting into the stomach of a duckling, help him process food.

Like chalk, crushed shell is added to the mash.

How to give vitamin supplements to ducklings

Extremely useful for the most effective feeding of young premix, that is, a mixture of bioactive components that enrich the combined feed. Vitamin-mineral supplements as premixes optimize the intake of these nutrients into the body of the chicks.

As part of this vitamin and mineral supplement a whole bunch of vitamins:

  • BUT,
  • IN 1,
  • AT 2,
  • IN 3,
  • AT 4,
  • AT 5,
  • Sun,
  • AT 12,
  • WITH,
  • D3,
  • E,
  • N.
Presented in the "Sunshine" as macro-and micronutrients in the form:

  • copper,
  • gland,
  • zinc
  • iodine
  • Selena,
  • cobalt
  • manganese
  • calcium.
Premix "Sun" is a fairly concentrated tool. For example, for 10 ducklings of a week-old, only 4 grams are required per day, and for 10 monthly chicks, 18 grams are enough every day.

Based on the daily use rates associated with the age of birds, which are indicated on the packaging of the product, a vitamin and mineral supplement is added to the feed for poultry.

As a result of the reception of the premiere "Sun" ducklings demonstrate:

  • increased survival rate
  • acceleration of growth and development
  • resistance to diseases
  • high-quality metabolism.

Video: feed "Sun"

This tool is a food intended for the young of all types of poultry from the very first hours of its life.

"ProKorm" consists of:

  • high quality grain
  • milk proteins
  • animal and vegetable fats,
  • amino acids lysine and methionine,
  • enzyme complex.
This feed is widely represented vitamins:

  • BUT,
  • almost all from group B,
  • WITH,
  • D3,
  • E,
  • N.
The set of mineral elements is also rich:

  • iodine
  • zinc
  • iron
  • calcium,
  • manganese
  • copper
  • cobalt
  • selenium,
In the first hours of chick life and up to three days of age, “ProCorm” is recommended to be given on a white sheet of paper and added after eating, changing the contaminated paper to a clean one. When the duckling reaches the three-day age, the feed is poured only in the feeders. The use of this tool as feed for ducklings allows you to:

  • bring the safety of young stock to 98-100%,
  • achieve accelerated and harmonious growth of chicks,
  • reduce the time of rearing
  • strengthen the immunity of ducklings,
  • prevent disease.

This vitamin-mineral complex is designed to add to the feed of young. In the premix are the same vitamins and micro-and macronutrients, as in the media, which were discussed above.

It especially emphasizes the lack of hormonal growth stimulants in the complex. Moreover, the composition of the premier “Bogaty” is arranged in such a way that it is able to effectively rid the body of chicks from harmful elements represented by toxins, radioactive substances, heavy metal salts and carcinogens. Premix is ​​designed for chicks from the first days of their lives. It is recommended to do this in the morning, adding a means to fresh food.

The addition of this vitamin-mineral complex in bird food gives the effect in the form of:

  • real reduction in case of chicks,
  • improve their metabolism
  • health promotion ducklings
  • increasing disease resistance
  • increase in digestibility of feed consumed by chicks, which leads to a noticeable cost savings.

"Siberian Compound"

This vitamin-mineral concentrate, intended for young poultry, contains all the most important macro-and micronutrients in the form of:

  • magnesium,
  • phosphorus,
  • calcium,
  • sodium,
  • manganese
  • potassium,
  • Selena,
  • cobalt
  • gland,
  • iodine
  • copper,
  • sulfur,
  • zinc.
Naturally, it is represented in the vitamin complex and almost all the elements of the vitamin B group, as well as the beneficial substances A, D3 and E.

Concentrate is used as an addition to the daily diet of young animals in the amount of 1% of the total mass of the feed.

As a result, the chicks, in addition to all the other benefits of using vitamins and minerals, are able to:

  • to optimize the development of the reproduction system,
  • to ensure the growth of future egg production,
  • accelerate the achievement of the necessary meat condition.

Vitamins, no matter how they reach the body of the chick, guarantee him good health, active growth and a comfortable life. In addition, there are many ways to saturate the diet of chicks with these substances.

Green food

Since the ducklings spend a lot of time on the street, they themselves are able to satisfy their need for green fodder. With great pleasure, they eat nettle, young alfalfa grass, peas, cabbage leaves, various tops, most often carrot or beetroot, and various garden herbs.

It will be very prudent to make green forage for the winter. It is best to do this at the end of June, since it is at this time that green fodder contains the maximum amount of necessary vitamins.

If there is a reservoir near the walking place, the ducklings with great joy will not only swim in it, but also eat. They simply adore duckweed, elodea, rogolniknik and rdest. In order not to deprive the birds of their favorite delicacies in winter, the duckweed can be collected, dried well to a flowability state and added to feed about 30 grams per duckling. Elodeyu can also be dried and given in the winter along with wet mash.

Vegetable juicy additives

In the diet of ducklings also need to add potatoes, carrots, sugar beets, turnips and pumpkin. These roots are a source of vitamins that small ducklings need for normal growth.

Carrots can be given in any form: fresh, boiled, salted, as well as in the ensiled. Ducklings salted carrots can begin to give from 10-15 days of life, it should be no more than 10% of the total diet. Fresh, you can safely add on the 5th day, about 25-30% of the daily diet. Carrots are very rich in vitamin A, which is especially needed in the winter season.

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and are very useful in feeding the young. It must be given exclusively boiled, mixed with grain feeds. Water in which potatoes are boiled is forbidden to use, as it contains harmful elements for ducklings, and they can provoke not only disorder, but even death.

Sugar beet ducklings with great pleasure to use both boiled and raw. The main thing - chop it well. The water in which the beets were boiled can be added to mash and dry food.

It is best to give cabbage only fresh, as it is in this case that it contains all the beneficial vitamins.

Pumpkin, as well as sugar beets, can be added to the diet of ducklings, either raw or boiled. It is very useful, as it contains 30-40 milligrams of carotene per 1 kg.

In winter, when there are not so many fresh vegetables, and the ducklings need even more vitamins, vegetables can be replaced with silage. It is prepared in the fall from a variety of garden waste, legumes and cereal grasses. If you decide to give a duck silage, do not forget to add to the diet also chalk at the rate of 1 gram per 10 gram of mass.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for any living organism to ensure normal functioning. Ducklings in this case is no exception. Lack of vitamins and minerals, especially at a young age, when the bird's body is just being formed, will negatively affect productivity, metabolism and general health.

Fish meal is very rich in vitamins. On it you can boil the broth, and based on it you can already prepare mash potatoes, you can just add it to the feed. Be careful, as fish meal contains 15% fat, it is not recommended to store it for a long time. Before the duckling is slaughtered, for 10-15 days, it must be excluded from the diet, if this is not done, the meat will have the smell of fish.

Also no less useful is meat and bone meal. You can begin to add it to the diet of ducklings for 5-6 days. Giving is not more than 6-8% of the total daily diet. This flour also deteriorates rapidly, and in stale form it can cause an upset gastrointestinal tract in small ducklings. If you have left after cooking waste meat, then you should not throw them away. Well crushed, they can be added to food.

Protein is simply indispensable for the normal development of a little duckling, and the best source of it is low-fat cottage cheese, milk, and whey. Milk is best given in the mix, like cottage cheese. Serum ducklings give a separate container.

Do not forget about the mineral dressing. You can give eggshells, shells, chalk, bone meal, salt, clams (snails), gravel and wood ash. Такую подкормку нежелательно смешивать с остальным кормом, поэтому лучше всего подавать в отдельных емкостях. Утята должны иметь постоянный доступ к ним.

Перед тем, как добавлять ракушки в мешанки, их необходимо хорошо измельчить. Давать около 2-2,5% от суточного рациона. Молотый мел добавляют в состав мешанок, а в виде крупки его нужно насыпать в отдельную посудину. Древесная зола добавляется в еду только после того, как она месяц полежит на воздухе. Моллюсков нужно заготовить летом, хорошо просушив их на солнце или в печи.

Костную муку разрешается добавлять в еду на 10-й день. Объем составляет 1,5-2% от всего дневного рациона. Соль дается также на 10-й день. Лучше всего давать ее в мешанках, предварительно размочив в воде.

Gravel improves the rubbing of food in the intestines, so it should always be in a separate trough. It is impossible to replace gravel with sand, as it causes irritation of the stomach in chicks.

Also never forget to give ducks clean and fresh water, it plays a huge role in the process of digestion, metabolism and maintaining body temperature.

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Cool shampoo, hair becomes really better - silky, shine appears so nice. I read that there are all natural ingredients. Lucky horses.
22 years old, student, Irpen

Feedback on "Cat Envir (10 tab. X 0.5 g)"
I bought my cat Envire. Tsei sosіb vіd worms yvomu dobre pіdіyshov, nіyakih secondary efektіv not boo. Vetlіkar porajdiv for the profilaktiki worms in the cats, shrozu zmіnyuvati preparati with various words, in order, the worm could not pristosuvatis before them. So yak mіy kіt postіyno gulєє u dvіі і і postіyna nebezpeka glistіv і blіh, then I obov’yazkovo listen to your friend to see you.
m. Berdichev, Zhytomyr region, homemade gift

Feedback on "Drontal for cats (1 tab.)"
I have a kitten 9 months. The kitten began to eat badly, but at the same time he had a decent tummy - signs of worms on his face. Friends advised a remedy for worms for cats Drontal. After taking the pill from worms, the kitten began to feel bad. On the advice of those same acquaintances, he was given the floor with tablets of activated carbon and his state of health improved. Obviously, worms began to come out. I believe that Drontal is a good preparation for forcing worms in cats.
Odessa, 34, the seller

Feedback on "Magic lap (1 piece)"
Worse, the Magic Stripe appeared. When bdzholi were taking honey, they were enchanted by nibi, they were quick to put on a breath, they crumbled, cuddled up by hiding. Medozbіr tsogo roku buv for mene lshim, nіzh zvichayno. Spravdi "charivny" lap.
Lvivska obl., 51 p. bjolyar

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
Before buying a kitten in front of us was the question: how to teach a kitten to the tray. They didn’t want to go to extremes: they had heard stories of their friends about teaching a kitten to a tray. Such methods did not suit us. We, on the advice of the pet store sellers, immediately purchased a spray to train the kitten to the tray. Therefore, the apartment is fine and we never lamented that the kitten stumbled))
Marina Leonidovna
Assistant Accountant, Cherkasy

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
In the veterinary clinic, we advised Advantiks, after Mula brought tick. Preparations for fleas and ticks are not new, so I read a lot of information about different preparations from fleas and ticks for cats, including Advantix reviews. All reviews were positive, I believed and reviews about Advantix, and veterinarian, and bought the drug. And it’s not for nothing that for many years Mulk has not carried ticks on itself =)
Polina Yuryevna
designer, 27 years old

Feedback on "BARS FORTE for cats (3 pip x 1 ml)"
I insert the Leopard Forte for cats in the spotlight wedge vіd blіh that key. The viscosity is narrow, and the price is dull democratic.
Irina Polischuk
vchitel, 33 roki, m. Zhytomyr

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs more than 25 kg (1 pip x 4 ml)"
Preparations against fleas and ticks are a thing in demand and quite expensive, therefore, fakes of various pet goods and veterinary preparations are very common. I always buy Advantiks. I like this drug - it has no equal in action against parasites. While Advantix is ​​probably expensive to forge, the manufacturer took care of this. At least, I haven’t met Advantix’s fakes on the pet market yet, or maybe it’s because I’m buying these drops from fleas and ticks in reliable stores that don’t trade and take care of their image, like , Jusna Super Bio. Therefore, my advice to everyone - if you want to buy quality flea and tick products for your dog - buy them only at proven pet stores and vetapteks.
Lawyer, Kiev

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
I had a lactation crisis with my first child at the age of three months, there was very little milk, the child cried, even had to buy mixes and feed them. Came to the pharmacy. They advised Laktogon to take. It took a couple of days and there was plenty of milk. Good remedy.
Kopina V.

Feedback on "Albendazole for dogs and cats (tablets)"
Остановила свой выбор на препарате Альбендазол, потому что раньше слышала это название. Моя тётя, у которой есть своё небольшое хозяйство (свиньи, коровы, куры, кролики) выгоняет паразитов у своих домашних животных с помощью Альбендазола порошка. Вот я и решила попробовать Альбендазол таблдетки для своих собак (борзые). Живут они у меня большую часть года на улице, много бегают, поэтому думаю могли и заразиться глистами. Когда дала Альбендазол, у одной собаки пропал аппетит, а другая пережила выгонку глистов хорошо. After some time, the appetite resumed and the dog began to feel good. Apparently yet one dog had worms. That is, the removal of worms was successful.
Lozovaya, Kharkiv region 41 years old, cashier

Feedback on "Dandruff Horse Shampoo (500ml)"
I have gorgeous hair, but my husband ... Sometimes it is shameful to be visiting or at a restaurant when he is in black ... One dandruff !! Than they didn’t wash, to whom they didn’t apply (((A friend advised this shampoo. Matter of course, the husband refused, even offended. Like, what am I a horse for you ?? Maybe soon you will bring oats instead of dinner ?? But I decided not to retreat (well true, but what if it helps?). In general, I poured the contents into a bottle from under a different shushunya, so that I wouldn’t notice anything. In short, after two weeks everything went away.
in the decree, Kiev

Feedback on "Prazitsid-suspension plus for kittens (1 5 ml)"
I breed British Blue cats. When I bring kittens for sale, I always de-worminate them. And of course, 2 weeks before their vaccination, too. Prazitsid-suspension is very well suited for the treatment of worms in kittens. And if the worms in kittens are missing, then still the prevention of worms, I think that it is necessary to carry out necessarily. My methods always work, so the kittens are healthy and well-groomed.
Kiev, cat breeder

Feedback on "Slimming coffee Cappuccino Leovit Lose Weight in a week fat burning complex (140 g)"
Very tasty, honestly. I now buy this cappuccino just for the fun of it, although it still helps to keep an eye on the figure)
Svetlana Grigoryevna

Feedback on "Alezan 2 in 1 gel cooling and heating action (100 ml)"
I have been using this gel for a long time. The first time, three years ago, after a week-long digging of potatoes, I had severe back pain. Both my parents and my wife’s parents live not far from each other, and therefore if you have to help one parents, then the other should definitely be helped. In general, as I grabbed my back, I couldn’t stand up or straighten up, but I can't do it on a flight with a sore back. My mom advised me for back pain and sciatica to try Alesan gel for horses cooling and warming. After a couple of days my back pain was gone. Indeed, Alesan is a good remedy for joint pain: it cools and heats, and, most importantly, it helps, and it does not burn like other warming ointments.
driver, 27 years old, Boryspil

Feedback on "Gel Jockey 3 in 1 (100 g)"
I have arthrosis of the shoulder joint. Previously, it was just pain, and I did not attach any importance to this, but when salt began to build up, I went to the doctor. The doctor told me about the disease. She gave directions for massages, painted the exercises and recommended the gel for the horses with a cooling and warming effect. At first I was surprised, aren't there any effective drugs for people ?? The doctor said that for the treatment and the deposition of salts in the joints, and arthrosis - this gel is the best of them all existing, and then as I decide. I rub the gel every day, there is already a little shift in sediment, but the pain has gone completely.
Vinnitsa, the seller

Feedback on "Lawyer for dogs up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
Flea drugs appeared in the apartment from the same moment they bought a puppy. We do not intend to hatch fleas, therefore we drip regularly from the early age by a lawyer. Therefore, we have never had an avid fight against fleas, we are dripping more for prevention. God saves man, who save himself.
Katerina Ivanovna
Hairdresser, Cherkasy city, 26 years

Feedback on "Polyvercan (sugar cubes), 8 cubes"
They took Polyverkan for their dog. They failed to carry out de-worming at the time, so they gave the dog a remedy for worms already during the pregnancy of the dog: I still wanted to protect puppies from worms. Moreover, the dog easily ate the cubes, since apparently they were normal in taste. Previously, they periodically gave Dironet for dogs. Both the one and the other drugs did not give side effects, and the prevention of worms was always successful. The pregnancy of the dog was normal. Now we have family replenishment -)
48 years old, Sevastopol

Feedback on "Horse shampoo with a relaxing effect (500 ml)"
I liked this shampoo first of all because of the smell :) I have never met this anywhere, it is so pleasant, so relaxing, it raises the mood! Moreover, he helped me with the problem of hair loss, my hair became more beautiful, shiny, or something, almost like a mane! ahaha :)) I'm surprised that horse shampoo does so well and they have the same hair shine effect in humans (and maybe better :)))) Well, why so ??
19 years old student

Feedback on "Horse Shampoo Conditioner for Mane and Tail (500 ml)"
I used this shampoo very much. The smell is natural, gorgeous. Shampoo makes hair a little heavier (interesting effect), after it hair doesn’t push, as usual. Now I want to try firming shampoo with tar from the same series.

Feedback on "Gel for horses of double action cooling and warming (250 ml)"
The neck is my weak point. A bit of a draft and I already feel every muscle of the neck ... In other words, neuralgia is my worst enemy and a frequent visitor. In the cold, the bus is waiting for a long time - neuralgia, a draft in the office - neuralgia, I will forget to close the window at home for the night - neuralgia. Who faced - knows that the treatment of neuralgia - this massage, wrapping, warming up the gels, as well as how long the process is. But, oddly enough, the double action gel for horses helped speed up this process for me. After all, before that, I used the drugs strictly for the intended purpose (although sometimes my thoughts slipped when I fed the cat Viskas :)))). For two or three days the pain goes away,)
Valeria Nikolavena
Marketer, 31, Kiev

Feedback on "Liarsin tablets 0.1 № 50"
I have never used homeopathic preparations for myself or for animals. To me, the veterinarian with whom I served was prescribed Liarsin, a homeopathic remedy. Give, I think, I'll try, the main thing is that there is no harm. Liarsin tablets were used to treat a cat for treating a skin disease along with Hexiderm Spray. The result came very quickly, much faster than I and the doctor expected. Here you have homeopathy for animals. It will be necessary next time and to experience some homeopathic remedy for yourself.
38 years old, Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region

Feedback on "Cream Meles with badger fat and glucosamine (150 ml)"
I have a terrible allergy to cosmetics. I make all the creams and masks by myself. That's just their shelf life is small and there is no possibility to take them to work. The fact is that due to the sensitivity, my skin dries very much on my hands even with a slight subzero temperature ((I read in the article that preparations for horses are hypoallergenic, because horses are very sensitive animals. Cream Meles is exactly what I was looking for - and does not cause allergies, and the skin is silky, and I can take a job!
Chernigov, sales consultant

Feedback on "Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet (200 ml)"
We were given a puppy spaniel. As it turned out, the puppy was not accustomed to the toilet. I learned that there is a cool tool - Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet. Acquired. Now my little one knows exactly where to go to quig. Thanks to the manufacturers that came up with such a good tool!
Katya Dolina
19 years old, Kiev, student

Feedback on "Counsel for cats up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
Fleas are a terrible contagion, because flea diseases are the most diverse, some even fatal. I use the Lawyer, because they have a specific dosage for the weight of the cat. Drugs for fleas for cats, there are different, but the fact that this drug is 100% working convinced of its repeated use.

Feedback on "Gel for horses of double action cooling and warming (500 ml)"
How nice that there is such a gel for horses. And although gel for the joints of horses, I myself, when experiencing pain in the joints, always use a double action gel for horses. I assure you that it is completely safe, since it consists of medicinal herbs and they can calmly treat their joints. I also tried Alezan for the treatment of joints, I also really liked it. Now I feel that in the future diseases of the joints are not terrible for me.
Zenikina Ekaterina Timofeevna
retired, 68 years old

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
Friends gave us a kitten. What breed of cat I do not know, but then, the kitten was not at all accustomed to the toilet, it is a fact. Smart people also advised me to buy Smart spray. And you know, I do not regret - I will not list the places that he was taking, but after using the spray, he really began to go to the tray, and not anywhere.
Kirovograd, 37 years

Feedback on "ASD 2 fraction (100 ml)"
Lichuyu thyroid medication vzhe mayzhe pivroku. Spospergayu, scho є because it is painted - the thyroid is better than the thyroid. I will support you, the ASD2 will change.
33 rocks, pіdpriєmets, m. Drohobych

Feedback on "Otospectin (15 ml)"
My dog ​​had otitis. After consulting a veterinarian, she was treated with Otospectrin. Recovery was quick. The rest is a drop from otitis given to her neighbor. So she cured her cat too. Probably drops further went to the neighbors :)
Krivoy Rog, 23, technologist

Feedback on "PhytoMins for cat fur"
Excellent vitamins! Cheap, but really effective. I gave them to my cat (Thai girl 5 years old), the result was already 4-5 days, the wool improved significantly (it became very silky and soft and even seemed to climb less), even the eyebrows grew (it always breaks off somewhere) . From the same manufacturer, vitamins for immunity helped the cat to recover (they took it from the nursery - it was very depleted and painful, good feeding and here are such phytomines and after a couple of months the cat did not recognize!)
Bardyk Victoria Sergeyevna

Feedback on "Alezan with ASD antiseptic cream-gel (100 ml)"
I have a cheerful and playful family, two little children: a boy and a boy)) You can’t get enough trouble with them, of course) Bicycles, rollers, fences, trees are their territory! Well, my - torn dirty clothes and beaten knees or elbows. And no, that would sit at home until he healed - no, looking for adventure! Therefore, Alezan is at a decent place in my home medicine chest.
Katerina Grigorievna
Zaporozhye, lawyer, 27 years

Feedback on "Drontal plus for dogs (1 tab.)"
Worms out dog drove Drontal plus. The drug is normal, the main thing is to comply with the dosage. I consider important advice, which is described in the instructions on the site: "de-worming should be carried out in conjunction with the treatment of the animal against fleas." I know that fleas can carry worms larvae. Therefore, in parallel with the prevention of worms from my dog, I definitely buy her the collar of Bolfo (I like it from fleas and ticks at the same time), and in general I like Bayer products - I have never failed.
Nikolay Bondarenko
Uzhgorod, 52, general practitioner

Feedback on "Stop itch suspension for cats 10 ml"
The drug is perfect for cats that lick the skin in the lower limbs. Two months passed to the veterinarian injected dexafort, helped while they were doing the shots. As soon as they stopped the problem repeated, the cat licked all the hair and itching appeared again .. Therefore, I recommend 100% as a safe drug for cats from itching. In addition, the wool stopped falling, in the house of any wool
didenko Sveta

Feedback on "Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet (200 ml)"
At one time, I also faced this problem, I would even say - a misfortune, it was so unpleasant. Having finished the cottage, we bought a dog. Of course, from mid-spring to early autumn we lived in a country house, and then we had to return to the city and leave the dog one for us is considered blasphemy. But, due to the work and busy schedule, we could not walk her three times a day, and she, when she makes a puddle, walks with her head down and her eyes are so sad ... My husband was advised in the pet store that spray, as the most effective means for schooling dogs to the tray. That same evening, he was used the next day, our little dog ran with shining eyes and proudly raised head, because it went in the right place.
Yulya Danko
businessman, 28 years old

Feedback on "Alezan 2 in 1 gel cooling and heating action (100 ml)"
I go in for sports. Sometimes in the hall, sometimes at home. These are power loads and stretch marks. At times, I have muscle aches. It was smeared with different means: both pharmacy and national, the pain passed, but not as fast as we would like. Once, somewhere, I read that Alezan gel helps in such cases. I tried the gel for horses and was pleased. A cool thing, now as soon as I feel pain in the joints or muscles, I will smear Alezan for the night and everything passes. As for the gel for horses, it is very good.
Maria Antonovna
Donetsk, assistant manager

Feedback on "Lawyer for dogs from 4 to 10 kg (1 pip.x 1 ml)"
My dog ​​is terribly sociable: everyone smells, with all the dogs, and with the closest ones, and do not mind playing. All anything, only I noticed that after these "dating" itching does not cease. Fleas in dogs are the headache of the owner ... Therefore, the preparations for fleas in the house are inalienable for me, for me as Citramon (once again the head does not hurt), and after the use of a dog there is not a single parasite, it acts quickly!
housewife, 24 years old

Feedback on "Cooling gel for horses with anti-traumatic action (500 ml)"
After active workouts in the gym, I use gel for horses with anti-traumatic effects. The gel is natural, without any chemicals. I am calm for my muscles and ligaments. I like that the price is lower than that of other pet stores. I will buy goods only from you.
32 Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, athlete

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (500 ml)"
My joint pain, good, never bothered me, even though I grew up in the village. But I haven’t lived there since I was 16, only sometimes I come to visit my parents. I arrived once, but grabbed my father's radiculitis and, in addition, his joint pains worsened, his arthritis had been torturing for a long time. In the village, all these arthritis and myositis is a frequent thing and no wonder at all: I rummaged in the garden, blew through a draft, and either twisted my neck or picked up sciatica. I'm not saying that muscle pain in a rural way of life is generally a common occurrence, like arthritis. Of course, if something is very serious, then I’m in favor of running to the hospital, but in such cases you don’t have time to see a doctor in the village, and the light is not close, so everyone in the village tries to get out, they get cured arthritis folk methods, so to speak, but how much they help ?? My friend has a horse and he advised me a cream for horses to treat arthritis, he is very good at these things. The father applied this gel and literally immediately became easier, and after a couple of days the back pain disappeared altogether.

Feedback on "Cat Bayun (3 10 ml), rr"
If you got the cat with your screams, then I advise this soothing drug Bayun Cat. I myself have read reviews about this drug and, as it turned out, it helps well in solving this problem and is glad that it is made from medicinal herbs.
Natalya Petrovna
52 years old Kramatorsk

Feedback on ""
Our terrier, not so long ago, after active walking, began to limp on his front paw. At the veterinary clinic, arthritis was diagnosed and Ainil was prescribed. After applying the dog a day later, the dog stopped limping. There were doubts that the dog’s arthritis could be cured so quickly. We went to another veterinarian, he said that the dog had a severe injury (sorry, we didn’t notice it and started it in time), so these are the symptoms. But we passed the course of Ainil (albeit with an adjustment). Joint treatment was successful. Vetpreparat Ainil in this pet store, we did not buy (vaccinated veterinarian). But an acquaintance told us that the veterinarian in which we are treated is a regular customer of this pet shop. I think next time (God forbid, of course) we will take Ainil ourselves, so much more profitable for the price.
Alexander Frolov
Manager, 32, Lugansk

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
Laktogon used during the crisis. Excellent tool and helps very quickly. And another big plus is that the price of a lactogon is not high;
Katerina Sverdlova

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
It seemed to me that how to teach a kitten to the toilet is not a science at all and I can easily cope with it ... How could I have been mistaken. Lord, what I just did not do: and in the toilet I closed the night (at the same time my heart was breaking when he meowed), and poked with a spout, and beat on the ass ... All the best, the crap, where I wanted, or where it was impatient, I didn’t understood his systems! I thought that the cat litter was wrong, without a smell inviting him, damn it, but no, we use catsan, a good filler. In general, I would have fought for a long time, until I would turn an apartment into a barn with inviting, for the rest of the cats, the smell of a common toilet. Fortunately, there is a smart spray. So far only the kitten listens to it and leaves all its waste products in the proper place.
coach, 24 years

Feedback on "Warming gel for horses (250 ml)"
I used to work as a loader when my health allowed: there was a lot of work, as always, the goods had to be unloaded quickly. Obviously, it didn’t go without consequences: the lumbosacral radiculitis made itself. Пробовал всё, массажи чуть ли не каждый день, но это получается очень дорого - ведь не могу же я на лекарства работать. Жена моет волосы шампунем для лошадей, хвалит, вот и я решил попробовать для лечения своего радикулита гель для лошадей. И я понял, что это весьма действенное средство для лечения радикулита, помогает и причем здорово. Если сочетать гель для лошадей с массажем, то я даже в сезон обострения могу спать спокойно.

Отзыв о "Адвантикс для собак 10 - 25 кг (1 пип.х 2,5 мл)"
Often I walk with my Chow Chow on the lawns near the forest, as a rule, I use Advantix. Applied for several years. While God was merciful - there were no problems. True, just in case, for guarantee, I don’t already remember where I read it, I always try to process it before the walk with Spray Bolfo. So far there have been no problems, although sometimes in the spring I take the tick off the dog.
Igor, Chernigov
25 years old, lawyer

Feedback on "Smart spray Schooling dogs to the toilet (200 ml)"
Probably, at units of people of a doggie go to a tray at home. But I am one of them. There is not always time to walk with a dog, although she really needs it, so pulling a puppy to a tray was for me task No. 1. At first I noticed all the shoals and angles, but when I accidentally stumbled across the Internet on the Smart Dog Spray (how surprised I was that there were such things), I realized at a subconscious level that the problem was solved. And, indeed, with the advent of spray, the dog left the corners alone and goes to the tray. Therefore, having bought another spray liquidator, I sighed calm.
Anna Alekseevna
journalist, 25 years old

Feedback on "Hexiderm Spray (35 ml)"
After sterilization, my cat started getting moist (wet) dermatitis. I didn’t know the exact reason, but I excluded any allergen from food, left it at the stern to improve skin and coat (due to its composition, vitamins). The doctors advised an aggressive treatment (to dry with alcohol, fucarcin) I refused this option. This is terrible. Dermatitis was very painful. The Hexiderm from dermatitis was found on the Internet and thanks to Hexiderm, in just a couple of hours the skin dried up, sochol swelling. Miracle means. Really advise. Still, just listen to the otpaivala brewed chamomile. All health.
Tatyana Pokrova

Feedback on "Apivarol (25 tab. X 0.7 g)"
If trochies, having launched their pasiku, having missed their bjols, require bucula sukati yakis dієві preparation for bjіl. Prydbav Apіvarol. Having turned one time, the keys became much less, ale in conjunction with this, just like a fucking situation, I will shave. Even better is the drug of the day. Even worse.
36 r. Lviv region, passport - pochatkіvets

Feedback on "Drontal Junior, suspension 50 ml"
Conducted prevention of worms in his puppy Drontal junior. First, when the puppy was a month old, then at 5 months. I asked the veterinarian in the veterinary clinic whether it was possible to carry out the prophylaxis of worms afterwards, when the dog becomes older than the same suspension from worms. Indeed, the instructions say that the maximum age of a dog for this veterinary preparation is 6 months. I was told that it is advisable to switch to the Drontal remedy for adult dogs. But many practice to continue the prevention of worms with the help of this suspension, because its dogs are easier to use - puppies with pleasure use it. The shelf life of a drug for worms is normal, so we have enough for another couple of years.
27 years old, Rivne

Feedback on "Profender (for cats from 2.5 to 5.0 kg), 1 pip x 0.7 ml"
My cat has recently developed obvious signs of worms: it has become a poor appetite, six cats have become like vitamin deficiency - less often and have somehow faded, the cat began to pay much attention to the anus, etc. In short, then I began to study the types of worms and by what means they are treated for worms. We started the treatment of worms with Profdender. I was afraid to give pills for worms to the cat, because we are trying to feed the cat with natural products. And I think so: if not with food, it is on the skin, and it will get to these parasites. Symptoms of worms are gone. Profender we liked.
Natalya Yurievna

Feedback on "Horse shampoo with a relaxing effect (500 ml)"
I wash my hair only in the evening (long, long dry). I have quite a hard work, I always looked for gels and shampoos with a relaxing smell. This shampoo has a takooy smell that I instantly relax and think only about sleep. For a busy day, it's even better than 100 grams))))
Katerina Stepanenko
Assistant Accountant, 27 years old, Donetsk

Feedback on "Alezan - cream for joints (500 ml)"
My wife and I use Alezan to treat the joints. Sometimes, as you dig in the garden, and start problems with your back and joints. Very good effect of Alezan and no harmful chemicals are there - all ingredients are natural. It cools and warms, but in the end the pain in the joints and back disappears. We have been using for a year and a half. We take a large package because it is profitable. Many thanks to our neighbor Tamara Ivanovna for the recommendation.
Tikhonov family
Kiev, pensioners

Feedback on "Varot (10 strips)"
I trust my bees Varotomu. Manufacturer - Serbia. Europe after all. This year, a good harvest of honey!
Pavel Gorsky
55 years old, Pervomaisk, Nikolaev region

Feedback on "Counsel for cats 4-8 kg (1 pip x 0.8 ml)"
A lawyer is an excellent preparation for fleas and ticks for cats! My neighbor uses another, so her cat cannot get rid of fleas in any way. And mine doesn’t know that there is such a trouble in the world. The main thing is to drip in the place inaccessible to her on the withers, because what kills fleas to death, then, probably, you can also poison a cat.
call center operator, Lugansk

Feedback on "Envier for dogs (tabl.x 0.65 g)"
I have two cats and one dog. A remedy for worms for prevention, which I usually use - Envire for cats and Envire for dogs. At first I was doubtful about giving this drug to my animals. I know that there are better preparations for worms, but I don’t collect enough on my flock of animals with any other preparations for worms, it’s very expensive. I doubted, but as it turned out in vain - Envier for cats and Envir for dogs are chicly effective drugs, and if you carefully read the instructions, then their composition is the same as that of well-advertised brands. You see, they will promote Envayra, then the price will also be healthy. I generally have the impression that all the drugs for worms are absolutely the same and come from China (at least the active substances), only the stickers are different, so that money can be selectively shopped from the buyer. I, unfortunately, have no extra money yet. In general, I am pleased with my choice - Envier the Best! I know that worms in dogs and cats bring them many problems, and then the treatment of worms can be difficult. Therefore, the prevention of worms I do periodically - once a quarter. I am very pleased with the envirs.
45 years old, Izmail, head of bank department

Feedback on "Depogestone (1 fl x 5 ml)"
Very good drug. I buy for my cats. Once every 4 months I prick it subcutaneously, and it is not necessary to stuff the animal with pills. If the cat does not have too much sexual activity, then it is enough to inject the first 2 quarters. Pleasantly pleased with the price when compared with other analogues.
Sofel Alla G.

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
I only take a few days Lakogon, from the second day already lactation has increased markedly. Now even about the supply of milk a little freeze.
Korneeva Dasha

Feedback on "Lawyer for dogs 10-25 kg (1 pip x 2.5 ml)"
I remember how as a child, parents washed the dog with a soap soap (a traditional remedy for fleas), it helped, but how much trouble and stink was it! Now, high-quality flea drugs for dogs are far from a wonder. I am using a lawyer for fleas and ticks. The drug by default can not be bad. All the same, the famous German manufacturer - Bayer quality is always guaranteed. Expensive enough, but I'm willing to pay for the quality a little more and not worry about my dog ​​getting sick. I think my Tark is also pleased, we go out into the forest without fear that we will catch a tick.
Igor Stepanovich
manager, 27 years old

Feedback on "Drontal for cats (1 tab.)"
I know, scho є baghato хznykh ailments of cats, ale naybligche meni bringing to know by gelmintozom. So yak at two men, then felt duzhe, the stench did not catch the worms. Kupuvala Drontal for a kyshok to that which the vetkar said, that the most effective drug of the worms. Worms in a cat vivela, I’m going to spend the day staging a professional worm, you will not be turbulent about the health of your children.
m. Netishin, Khmelnitsky region. 32 r.

Feedback on "Agita 400 g"
I worked at the pig complex (now on maternity leave), we used the agitation there to destroy the flies, believe me, probably there is no better means of flies. After two minutes after the pigs were treated, the flies were thrown in just thousands, and this was despite the fact that only the pipes were processed passage between machines with piglets. I'm not exaggerating. don't believe take and check
Volkov Yana
wetfather, 33 years

Feedback on "Shampoo for horses restoring (500 ml)"
I do not know why, but my hair fell out terribly, right in shreds !! Whether because of a poor lifestyle, or because of a lack of vitamins. Personally, my work does not allow me to run on dermatologists. Therefore, I struggled on my own: masks, expensive shampoos. All the best of things ((But the employee advised this shampoo. For the fifth time after washing I saw the result and was glad that I would still have thick thick hair !!
Natalya Alekseevna
economist, 32 years

Feedback on "Lawyer for dogs up to 4 kg (1 pip x 0.4 ml)"
When buying a puppy, we were advised to use the lawyer prep. Using these drops we do prevention of fleas and worms. Very comfortably. And most importantly there is no stress in the procedure for the animal.
Asanova Alyona Viktorovna
, Belgorod-Dniester

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
And I never had a problem with a cat. From the very beginning of his residence in the apartment, he knew where to go "on business." Therefore, I did not persuade him for a long time. The thing is that my husband knows how to teach a cat to the tray with a minimum of money and effort. As it turned out, everything is very simple - just buy a Smart Spray and apply it according to the instructions. For three years, the cat never wrote on my bed or under the closet, as often happens with people who are still looking for a better way out. But, so far only at the level of snuff receptors the cat comes to.
Irina Vasilyeva
Kiev, the seller

Feedback on "Rimadyl 5% in. (20 ml)"
I apply Rimadyl as an analgesic in the treatment of joints of dogs, as well as to reduce swelling in dogs after surgery. My colleagues also use it in combination with other drugs for anesthesia for dogs, which allows to reduce the dose of anesthesia during the operation of the dog. Rimadyl is used to treat arthritis in dogs. And although the destruction of the tissues of the joints in arthritis is irreversible, but I believe that with the help of Rimadil, one can slow down the development of the disease. In addition to the protective properties of the joint, the active ingredient of the drug, carprofen, is quite unique in that it stimulates the production of substances that are usually found in the composition of the articular cartilage. In no case can not use the drug for liver diseases, as well as for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, because this application can provoke ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, the consequences of its effect on the sick liver of a dog can be lethal to it. Without these diseases, dogs Rimadyl tolerate well.
Nadezhda Pronskaya
28 years old, veterinarian, Kiev

Feedback on "Horse Shampoo Conditioner for Mane and Tail (500 ml)"
I read on the Internet that horse shampoos are great for people too. I decided to try. My hair very quickly grows fat at the roots, just zadolbalsya wash them every day + shine began to disappear! And with this shampoo, I wash them every three days and shine like in advertisements (probably because of the lanolin composition). For me, this is really salvation.
34 g, secretary, Kiev

Feedback on "Beaphar BIFAR Vitamins-delicacy for dogs Doggys Mix (180 tab.)"
Son begged a dog. And although we try not to indulge our son, we still had to buy a dog. Now for the son “a dog is a friend of a man”, and my wife and I think how to make the dog healthy. Now we read books about dogs in the Institute, we study the diseases of dogs, and we are already preparing in case we have to treat the dog. In particular, we select vet clinics and vetapteks. Vetapteku or pet store we have already found. Our choice is Yusna Super Bio. Here we purchased vitamins for the dog. They took vitamins for dogs with liver and a complex of vitamins for dogs. Conveniently, vitamins in tablets, add to dog food. First started with Doggys Mix. The dog eats them with pleasure.
Victor Vasilyevich
38 years old, Nikolaev, entrepreneur

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
We were given a kitten in housewarming. I remember how we rejoiced and were upset that very day when Kitsya went to the kitchen ... (In the new apartment, with a new renovation. We already thought that a little joy would have time to get the whole apartment until we find an effective method, but as it turned out training to the tray is not such a long process, if you use the Smart Spray. On the same day, the cat realized that. It's good that everything was done only with the kitchen =)
cook, 22 years old

Feedback on "Extrazol M"
Over the summer, many different parasites have accumulated in the house. Extrazol helped to destroy all crawling and flying insects in the house. Easy to use. Very pleased.
Vasilkov, 47 years old, businessman

Feedback on "Prazitsid-suspension plus for dogs (1 10 ml)"
Our dachshund is very difficult to feed everything except your favorite dog food, and even more so some worms pills. Therefore, we usually take a sweet suspension. This remedy for worms helps unnoticeably for the dog to carry out the worms running.
Uman, economist

Feedback on "Advantage 80 for cats and cats from 4 kg (1 pip x 0.8 ml)"
Recently I looked at pictures of parasites that can fatally infect cats. So, cat fleas and ticks - the most disgusting of them and, alas, often met ((Advantagege never let me down, sometimes I find dead fleas - the effect of the drug is immediately visible. I am very pleased with this remedy against fleas, and most importantly - Lucy is healthy and nothing bites her!
23 years old, Donetsk

Feedback on "BARS collar for dogs of medium breeds (50 cm)"
I have a long haired dog - a collie. And who faced the problem of parasites, knows how difficult it is to pull a tick. Sometimes we got a few hours. And the little dog itself was bitten so well, it’s good that there were no illnesses ... In general, now we don’t have a collar on the street — not a foot, although we live among concrete. This season my dog ​​was wearing a leopard collar. Before that, they also bought a ticking collar from Bolfo and a tick collar from Bifar — they are also good collars - I never had any problems with ticks. I see that almost all the means for fleas and ticks are good - the main thing is to buy the goods in normal stores, and not for years in the sun.
Alina Sergeevna
doctor, Sumy city

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
On the question of how to teach the cat to the toilet, I can say with confidence - Smart spray to help you. No remedy helps that way. My cat did to it a chic toilet ... in my bathroom ... on a rug .. For the first time I couldn’t even understand where this stench came from. Yes, that would be the whole apartment and so sharp! And then I somehow found ... stepping after a shower on a rug. I later washed my legs for a long time ... I already thought that it would be forever, because the cat is adult (perekknulo, probably due to hormonal disruptions), it is unlikely to teach. But now I know that it’s not a problem to teach an adult cat to a tray!
Lyudmila Evgenievna
Office Manager, Kiev

Feedback on "Agita 400 g"
We treated this café with this flies remedy. The fight against flies was a success. Visitors are satisfied. All summer the flies did not bother us. thank
Oksana Vitalyevna
Mariupol, 38 years old, self-employed

Feedback on "Lactogon to increase lactation in women (20 tab. X 0.55 g)"
Due to the small weight gain of her son, the pediatrician began to insist on a supplementary formula. Milk was clearly not enough, because the baby was very restless after eating, he did not get enough. Then I decided to try Laktogon. During the first days of the intake, I immediately noticed that the milk tides became more noticeable, the time between feedings increased from 1 hour to 3, the baby began to sleep better. Very pleased, did not cause allergies and coped with its task.
Karina Nosova

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs 4-10 kg (1 pip x 0.1 ml)"
I have been using Advantix for a long time, in my opinion, these are the best drops from fleas and ticks. This preparation completely suits me. I trust for 100%, there is no reason to change it for any other reason. If you know something better - advise, I will say only thanks. Effective remedies for fleas and ticks for dogs never hurt me. I know what it is to treat a dog for piroplasmosis. I had one such case. What a poor dog was just not doing: and a bunch of drugs were injected intravenously, and azidine was used. The dog's treatment lasted for days, the money was spent on the sea, but alas, the outcome of the dog was lethal, and what kind of dog was it. Intelligent, kind, affectionate, more intelligent than any person, but alas ... Therefore, I will definitely say, it is better to prevent piroplasmosis in dogs than to treat it later.
Merchandiser, 37 years

Feedback on "Drontal Junior, suspension 50 ml"
For a long time they chose a safe and reliable drug for worms for their puppy. Stopped your attention on Drontal Junior. They wanted to start driving worms already from 2 weeks of age, but a familiar veterinarian said that if there is no suspicion of worms in a dog, and urgent treatment of worms is not necessary, then you can wait until the puppy gets stronger, and after a couple of months to prevent worms. So did. Suspension from worms you can even say like a puppy.
Ekaterina Nikolaevna
52, Donetsk, head of personnel department

Feedback on "Gel Jockey 3 in 1 (500 ml)"
With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee is quite difficult to live. Ведь боль начинается уже когда встаешь с постели. Мне казалось, что походив на массажи и втирая мази, заболевание вскоре пройдет, но это не так, лечиться приходиться постоянно. Гель использую только в период обострения. Лечебным эфектом охлаждающе разогревающего геля для лечения суставов у лошадей очень доволен
Аркадий Иванович
товаровед, 33 года

Отзыв о "Гексидерм спрей (35 мл)"
Hooray! Микроспорию то мы своему коту вылечили. Спасибо Гексидерму.
18 лет, студент, г. Донецк

Отзыв о "Lawyer for dogs from 25 to 40 kg (1 pip.x 4 ml)"
When a flock of fleas appeared on Erik, everyone was horrified, including the dog. At that moment we were interested in flea control products and where you can get closer and get them quickly. Especially did not penetrate, but on the forums advised precisely the lawyer. We have been using it for two years now, neither fleas nor ticks on a dog have been seen since.

Feedback on "Clever spray Primary schooling for cats (200 g)"
Having seen a lot of things on the Internet and on TV, I had a crazy idea - to teach a cat to use the toilet. There was a question how to teach a kitten to the toilet. It is clear that one demonstration has not done. I sprayed the toilet spray directly, and then put the cat in there. And you know, he came! Now everyone is bragging about what a young cat I have and that I don’t need to spend money on trays and fillers, and the smell is surely less!
IT specialist, 28 years old

Feedback on "Biokan DHPPi, 1 fl. (1 dose) + solvent 1 fl."
For two years now I have been using the Biokan vaccine and I am very pleased - there have never been any problems. They say that this is an analogue of Nobivaku, but so this vaccine is much cheaper. Usually, doctors use this vaccination scheme: 6-8 weeks - Biokan DHPPi 8-10 weeks - "Biokan DHPPi + L" 15-17 weeks - "Biokan DHPPi + LR" Annual revaccination - "Biokan DHPPi + LR"
25 years old, Kiev, Labrador breeder

Feedback on "Cooling gel for horses with anti-traumatic action (500 ml)"
For me, gel for horses with anti-traumatic cooling is the best medicine for joints. The fact is that two years ago I had a very strong sprain of the joints, which even got to the hospital. After a sufficiently long rehabilitation period, I began to return to normal life. I was advised to treat the joints with this gel by my acquaintance about the ward. Now, every morning before and after jogging I rub gel and feel even better than before.
Auditor, Kirovograd

Feedback on "Warming gel for horses (250 ml)"
I use this gel to treat my neck and shoulder radiculitis. Every day I rub it myself and give it to the therapist during the procedures. No words, good remedy for the treatment of sciatica!
system administrator, Poltava

Feedback on "Advantix for dogs 4-10 kg (1 pip x 0.1 ml)"
Dog ticks are terrible. And just need to protect dogs from ticks. But of all the drugs for ticks, I personally prefer Leopard.
25 years. Kherson

Feedback on "Mixoren, 1 fl.х10 ml (10 doses) + solvent 1 fl."
Own rabbits Kolya Mixorenom and Pestorinom Mormix. I give the little rabbits miksenore, and through the village Pestorin Mormix. There are no problems for the health of people who may be ill.
Oleg Vasilyovich Sinets
Kolomyia, 58 r. to the scrolling rabbit Tel. (3433) 47 - ** - **

Feedback on "Alezan 2in1 gel cooling and warming (500 ml)"
I live in a sports family: husband and son go to judo training. Bruises and stretching of the muscles are very common! They bought Alezan's gel, first a small package to try, but when they saw how quickly all these symptoms disappear, now I’m filling in large packages! Good gel for horses! And why only this gel is officially recommended only for horses? He helps people very well.
Svetlana Ivanovna
housewife, Lugansk

Feedback on "Travmatin-gel 75 ml"
I love homeopathy because I try to buy herbal preparations for myself and my dog. Recently, my Earl, hurt his paw while walking a dog. They did not want to take the dog to the clinic. He is with us the Boyaguz and I then went to a vetptek revision in search of a healing agent. What was offered was often in doubt. I chose Yusna Super Bio, the range is good, the prices are low. Just when I was there, I got to the presentation of Helvet veterinary products. In short, I bought Trauma-gel, the bruise from the dog quickly passed. And sometimes I use gel for myself. Really like.
Timofeeva Anna Fedorovna
Kiev, master of ceremonies

Feedback on "Shampoo conditioner for foals (500 ml)"
My hair is thick and tight in structure. And to wash the shampoo out of the hair is a very complicated and long process for me. I used to use regular shampoos, but after them the hairs at the roots get greasy and I had to wash every day, which didn’t save my situation. And on the forum, this shampoo was so much touted that I did decide, even if I was not a foal =) A week later, I realized that my prejudices prevented me from making my life easier earlier: twice a week, the shampoo washes off very easily, and my hair acquired brilliance, which was not there before. I am delighted! =)
Elena Marchenko
27 years old, tutor of foreign languages, Kharkov

Feedback on "Verakol tablets 0.1 № 50"
The cat had worms. Traditionally, Drontal gave, but for some reason this time there were problems - the cat survived how it was difficult to dispel worms - it was vomiting several times and refused to eat. The veterinarian said that this was due to the fact that when dying, the worms emit a large amount of toxins, which caused just such a reaction. Appointed to restore the functions of the stomach and intestines to take these pills - Verakol. The cat's condition quickly returned to normal, even improved - it became much more active than usual.
Elena Alexandrovna
Krivoy Rog, 45, accountant

Feedback on "Prazitsid-suspension plus for cats (1 7 ml)"
Very convenient remedy for worms. The worms suspension is sweet and you don’t have to figure out how to cram a pill into a cat. I came up with an interesting way of feeding this remedy for worms to my cat. From worms for a cat, I mix her suspension with cat food. She is very fond of rolls with gravy and especially gravy, where I add this remedy for worms to her. Moreover, I divide the portion into three and give it in three sessions. I also like Prazitsid-suspension, because I have enough of it in dosage for 2 prophylactic worms in my cat.
Elizaveta Nikolaevna
48 years old, Nikolaev, ophthalmologist

Feedback on "Cat Envir (10 tab. X 0.5 g)"
For several years now I have been using Envier for forcing worms from my cat. There have never been any side effects. I used it before and Drontal and Pratel, the picture was all the same - I did not observe any side effects. I read the instructions for the preparations and see that they are almost like twins in composition - they all have the same composition. I think, understandably, I am not paying for efficiency, but I am overpaying for the drug brand. I don’t have any extra money, so I thought, why should I overpay if all the drugs for worms have the same efficacy and prices differ several times. Three years have passed, I see that I was not mistaken in choosing a drug for worms for my cat.
Petrenko Olga Nikolaevna
Kharkiv, 57 years old, retired, formerly teacher of chemistry and biology

Feedback on "Dironet for dogs tablets (6 tablets.)"
This year we decided to switch to Dironet. Our Chrome constantly runs on the street in the yard. As we live near the forest, we worry that mosquitoes can infect it with dirofilariasis. And this drug is just what you need. We do the prevention of worms regularly. Therefore, we are calm and Chrome is satisfied. Good drug.
Lidiya Maksimovna
54 g, medic

Feedback on "BIFAR S.O.S collar for flea cats (35cm)"
Ranishe bought her own posts after a drop of bills. Virsila sprobuvat Oshnynik v_d blikh, recommended to Serii SOS. Spravedy dobryannyi, singly I will buy post_yyno yogo, tim more, scoi ygo zmіnyuvati pribrino lishi 1 time for 5 months.
m. Kremenchug, nurse

Feedback on "BIFAR collar for cats against fleas and ticks (red) (35 cm)"
I bought my collar Beafar for my cat. Carries it at the 3rd month. Fleas are not visible. I hope he protects him from ticks. The cat periodically walks in the garden and feels great.
Ekaterina Dmitrievna
Slavutych, 37 years old, entrepreneur

Feedback on "Pestorin Mormix, 1 ml x 10 ml + solvent 1 ml (10 doses)"
His giant rabbits vaccinated Pestorin. But back in March and February, apart from myxomatosis, I prick Miksoren to be sure that no vermin to my eared one would bring ailments.
48 l. Zaporozhye region

Vitamins for ducklings: tips poultry breeder

Breeding ducks has always been a priority not only for private farmsteads, but also for large farms. For the maintenance and cultivation of ducks do not require large premises and high-tech equipment. They perfectly adjust to different conditions.

Ducks are viable and unpretentious. Their nutritious diet does not require huge costs, mainly greens, bran, various feed, potatoes, peas and many other cereals.

If the birds are kept in enclosures, they need to create a reservoir, most often it is a tank buried in the ground. Since the ducklings consume water three times more than food, they should have a sufficient amount of drinkers, in which there should always be clean water.

Feeding the little ducklings - is the most troublesome occupation in breeding ducks. When feeding them, not only their usual diet is required, but also vitamins for ducklings, which are used mainly for the prevention of various diseases and later on for high productivity. As a rule, these are well-known to all organic substances that ducklings get together with food - shells, chalk, eggshell, bone meal.

Quite often farmers have a question: how can you feed ducklings? For the first five days, the poultry farmers feed the birds with boiled eggs, mixing them with nettles, and small corn or barley, oatmeal or millet soaked in boiling water can be added to them. Upon request, you can pour curd. By the way, I must say that greens should be prepared immediately before feeding, otherwise it will lose the necessary amount of vitamins. From about a week of age, ducklings can be fed with finely grated or chopped root vegetables, as well as boiled potatoes. On the twelfth day, you can safely add dry food.

In the third week, ducklings can be released into the pond. Almost from this age begins and their fattening. At this age, ducklings are fed, as a rule, several times a day, in the morning and in the evening, when it is not hot. The second time you can feed when the ducklings go to bed. If the weather is very hot outside, ducklings usually eat very little.

In areas where there are lakes, small ponds or creeks of rivers with rich vegetation, ducklings are more profitable and easier to grow, because a hectare of water surface can provide food from 150 to 200 ducks. In addition to vegetation, ponds are abundantly supplied with mosquito larvae, various crustaceans, snails, tadpoles, all of which serve as additional food for ducks.

Walking in ducklings should always be clean and dry; it should not be allowed to have dirt in places of walking. These places must be filled with gravel or sawdust.

Breeding ducks is a fairly profitable and interesting activity. After 60 days, the duckling increases in weight 50 times. With full feeding, after two months, the weight of the drake reaches 2.5 - 3 kg, and the ducks are about 300 - 500 grams less.