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Petunias in the garden - planting and care, growing from seed


Tithonia is a guest from distant hot Mexico. But, despite its almost tropical origin, it has already firmly established itself in our gardens, decorating them, and giving an extraordinary decorativeness to the landscape. This plant cannot be called popular yet, however, everything goes to the fact that titonia will soon take a firm place in the hearts of gardeners, as well as on the top lines of the ranking among ornamental crops.

This plant is characterized by colorful large flowers, unpretentious, and can be grown as an annual in our country throughout its territory. In the article we will consider the features of growing titonia: we will find out what nuances are available when planting this flower, and when caring for it. In addition, we will get acquainted with the most popular varieties of plants.

Tithonia - a peculiar herb native to Mexico, belongs to the family of Compositae. It has very bright flowers, attracting its picturesque. It has the second name - the Mexican flower sunflower, which most accurately reflects the appearance of this flower. Titony is a perennial in usual habitats, however, in our harsh climatic latitudes, it can only be grown as an annual. Although gardeners who do not want to mess around every year with planting titonia in open ground, found a way out and grow it in flowerpots. But how the hanging vases look like and how they can be used will help to understand this video.

In this case, it is possible with the onset of cold weather to bring titony into the house to winter, and in the spring to move again to the street.

Under natural habitat, scientists have about 10 species of this plant, but only one of these species is used in cultural cultivation - the round-leaved titony. This plant leaves are oval-ovoid, on top they are smooth and glossy, and the lower part is pubescent, velvety.

On the video - growing flowers in your garden:


In the classification of plants allocated 7 groups:

  1. Grandiflora
  2. Grandiflora Superbissim,
  3. Grandflora fimbriat,
  4. Grandiflora captivity,
  5. Multiflora,
  6. Captivity multiflora,
  7. Nana compact.

Despite the "royal" petunia names are pretty unpretentious. Their height ranges from 40-60 cm, the diameter of the flower is from 7-12 cm. A variety of colors, flowers terry-velvety, wavy.

No wonder petunia has always been in demand gardeners. Without paying special attention to the plant gives the owners a long and lush flowering until the cold. Try on your site or balcony to plant in the spring is a miracle.

  • It is desirable to grow in the same container the same growth and development bushes,
  • Combining plants with different flowering period is not recommended,
  • In one pot plant the same type of bushes,
  • Do not replant the plant too often,
  • It is possible to combine four types of petunias,
  • It is necessary to plant flowers in a symmetrical manner in a symmetrical manner,
  • More seedlings placed in the middle of the pot, and at the edges of stunted species

For design execution, it is better to use pots or white pots, so the variety of plant colors will attract even more attention. Planting petunias in open ground and care is not a difficult task, which takes a little time.