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Hello, dear readers and visitors of our site! If you are on this page, then you are lucky enough to become the owner of a basket of rosy oil. And it is very cool, because of them you can cook delicious pickled mushrooms for the winter.

Without this snack it is difficult to imagine any Russian celebration. And in everyday life it is very tasty to eat pickled butter with potatoes and onions.

Some hostesses, especially beginners, do not dare to harvest mushrooms on their own, fearing harm to their health. This alarm certainly takes place. After all, if you do not correctly select and process the mushrooms, they can cause you serious harm.

But, this is not a reason to once and for all leave the idea of ​​salting oil. After all, if you know a few rules on how to properly prepare them for eating, you can provide a family with a favorite snack very simply.

How to prepare boletus for pickling

So that your snack could not hurt you, but only on the contrary, to please with its taste, you need to know a few rules and secrets. We will discuss them right now.

1. Once you have scored or bought mushrooms, they must be sorted out and examined. The oil can is a mushroom with an oily top of the cap. The underside has a spongy structure. If the mushrooms have signs of rotting or wormy, they should be eliminated.

2. Before cooking, the mushrooms, of course, need to be washed. This should be done in small portions. After all, oil quickly absorbs water and can soften. Carefully, with a kitchen sponge, wipe the cap and leg, cleaning off the ground, grass and pine needles.

3. Clean the wet mushrooms is very difficult. Therefore, it is better to slightly dry them in a sunny and ventilated place. Of course, you can not clean them at all. Then the marinade will be more mucous. Small specimens do not need cleaning.

To check the mushrooms for toxicity, boil them in salted water and add the onion. If after a few minutes of boiling it becomes dark, the whole amount should be eliminated immediately. This means that a poisonous guest was among the boarders.

4. Before marinating, they must be boiled in salt water for 15-20 minutes. Thus, you save them from harmful substances, dirt and bitterness. Then you need to drain the water, and boil the mushrooms already in the marinade.

Marinated boletus. A delicious recipe for the winter

Even a beginning hostess can realize this simple recipe. It is better for him to choose small mushrooms, because they look so beautiful in a jar. If you are in the arsenal of large oil, then they need to be cut.

Ingredients for one 450 gram jar:

  • a pound of fresh butter (in purified form, without legs),
  • 300 grams of water
  • one and a half tablespoons of granulated sugar,
  • tablespoon with a coarse salt slice,
  • 5 peas allspice,
  • 2 cloves,
  • 6-8 coriander peas,
  • garlic clove,
  • Lavrushka
  • Vinegar 70% - 1 tsp.

Stages of cooking:

1. Rinse the mushrooms thoroughly, lightly dry and clean the top layer of the caps. Legs are also better to remove, since they tend to accumulate toxins. In addition, by cutting off the leg, you can check the wormy. In case you notice a wormhole, the fungus needs to be thrown away. After cleaning, the oil must be rinsed again in cold water.

2. While you are processing and boiling mushrooms, put the jars and lids on sterilization. This is a very important point in the preparation, especially pickling mushrooms.

3. If you have large mushrooms, then it is better to cut them into several pieces. Small maslta can be left whole. Now they need to boil in salted water for 15 minutes. If after that the water remains dark and the mushrooms exuded a lot of foam, repeat the procedure again.

4. Pour water into a saucepan or a small saucepan. Stir there the sugar and salt. Add pepper, cloves and coriander. Wait for boiling and put mushrooms there. After repeated boiling, boil for 20 minutes.

5. In jars, on the bottom, chop the garlic in slices. Put a leaf of laurel. Put the butter, along with the marinade. Add vinegar and cork. Turn upside down and allow to cool.

Butter marinated with vegetables

Very tasty snack, which is not difficult to prepare. Such preparation for the winter will serve as a real magic wand when you want something tasty, and there is a catastrophic shortage of time for cooking. With this method of marinating, it is not necessary to clean the mushrooms, because transparency is not important here. Try it!


  • kilo oil
  • 1 squash,
  • 3 bulbs,
  • 3 tomatoes,
  • 3 cucumbers,
  • 3 medium carrots,
  • butter for roasting,
  • salt to taste.

Marinade to two liters of water:

  • 3 lavrushki,
  • 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar (can be replaced with honey)
  • full tablespoon of salt,
  • peppercorns taste
  • a little carnation
  • a mixture of herbs at your discretion and taste,
  • half a teaspoon of vinegar essence 70%.

Video - Marinated mushrooms for the winter

This video lasts a little less than a minute, but explains in a very accessible way how to pickle mushrooms for the winter. Frankly, in fact, I have not tried it yet, but I'm already sure that it will turn out delicious!

Today, recipes for harvesting mushrooms for the winter without sterilizing cans were reviewed, which significantly reduces the cooking time. The safety of the cans in the cellar proved life practice.