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Icon of the Mother of God - Burning Bush


The burning bush is a wonderful plant, it is mentioned in the Bible and ancient manuscripts. It justifies its name, because in the summer heat, in the absence of wind, the plant is enveloped in a light haze that the lit match ignites, and the plant itself does not suffer at all. There is such an unusual phenomenon due to the evaporation of essential oils formed in all above-ground parts of the dome.

According to the official classification, this plant is called dictamnus. And in everyday life it is called the wild badyan and yasenets. The burning bush is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the ruta family. In diameter, it can reach 1 m at a height of 80 cm. Its roots are powerful, woody. Stems are straight, strong, branched in the upper part, sticky to the touch. The leaves are pinnate, similar in shape to the leaves of ash (hence one of the names).

The habitat of this plant is quite wide, from the Mediterranean down to the Far East. In the wild, yasenets grow among shrubs, on forest edges, stony rocks.

The bush is unburned - the plant is unpretentious, rather cold-resistant. It grows seamlessly in sunny places and in partial shade, both on poor soils and on cultivated soils. The aspen has a characteristic odor, somewhat reminiscent of aniseed almonds, which few people like.

This perennial blooms in early July and blooms throughout the month. A large, wide-open bell with long curved stamens, white or pink in color - such is its flower. The burning bush forms a racemes, friable inflorescences, which invite to smell them. But this should not be done, otherwise a headache, weakness and drowsiness will appear. If you touch the plant, shrouded in haze, you can get burns with the formation of blisters and a long-term non-healing wound, after which scars can remain. When the weather is cloudy, it is completely harmless.

Yasenets can be propagated by seeds, cuttings and division. Seeds ripen to the beginning of autumn, sow them better before winter, as they do not differ by good germination. In the spring or autumn (but not in the summer!) You can divide the "bush". The burning bush is the easiest to reproduce by non-lignified cuttings, which must be taken “with the heel”. Rooting them is desirable after treatment with a root formation stimulant and immediately at a fixed place, maintaining a distance of 40 cm, since transplant they suffer badly. A plant grown from seeds blooms, as a rule, in the fourth year, and from cuttings, it can please with flowering the very next.

Despite the fact that the bush is not burning, it is a poisonous plant, it is widely used in folk and traditional medicine. It helps treat depressions, allergies, respiratory infections, tropical malaria, scabies, epilepsy and expel worms. However, self-medicating is not worth it. Apply it in cooking. In Georgia, for example, condiments to meat and snacks are made from its flowers.

In landscape design the yasenets is used both in mixborders and in single landing. He gets along well with dry-loving plants, such as daylilies, monard, geyhera, etc. Given the peculiarity of the plant, it is not necessary to plant it near the tracks, especially those who have small children and pets. Perhaps, he does not need to be planted at all on his plot, but to admire from a distance.

Value icons

Speaking about the meaning of this icon, you should pay attention to its iconography. Here at the core is the church hymns, in which the Mother of God is compared with Kupina. This fireproof bush can be seen in the hand of the Virgin. It should be noted that not a single Old Testament image is used here, which is revealed in the plot of the icon.

Originally the Burning Bush was depicted as a burning bushin which was the image of the Mother of God. Here was shown the prophet Moses, who knelt before a bush. After a while, the image was becoming more and more complicated. Today, this amazing icon has a very complex storyline, personifying the history of origin.

History of origin

When the people of Israel were in captivity, at this time Moses was herding sheep. He decided to take his flock to the desert where Mount Sinai was located. It was here that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Here the prophet met with the Angel of the Lord, who emerged from the bush. This bush was burning, but it did not burn. Therefore Moses wanted to see this miracle. Here they heard the voice of God, who told him that he did not come close, and then ordered to take off his shoes, because the prophet had come to the holy land.

God spoke with Moses for a long time, he informed him about the mission of the prophet, which was that he needed to bring the poor Israeli people, thus freeing them from Egyptian slavery.

Up to this point, Moses was not a prophet. It was the Lord who rewarded him with this gift and the gift of miracles. However, Moses was deprived of oratorical abilities, and he could not proclaim the words of God, therefore the Lord appointed Aaron to be his assistant.

What pray before the icon?

Before this icon is to pray for escape from fire, lightning. In addition, a prayer in front of the icon of the Neopalimaya Kupina will help protect you from evil troubles or heal from ailments.

Before the Burning Bush, it is worth praying that the Mother of God protects from an enemy attack and heals the soul with the body. But at the same time, it should be understood that the icon can not "specialize" in a particular area. Therefore it is worthwhile to turn with faith in the power of God. You should always be honest with yourself and never hide your sins when you are in the temple.

What helps the burning bush?

Those who pray to this icon will be able to protect the house from fires, arson, as well as save them from lightning damage. However, the most important isthat this icon helps to protect yourself from a fiery hyena. It protects the human soul from it. Therefore, the Virgin Mary should be addressed in order to help burn the spiritual sins that were committed by man.

It is worth noting that during wars, people in front of this icon asked for protection in battle. Many argue that this icon can protect people whose work is connected with fire, for example, firefighters, military. The Mother of God, whose image is represented in this icon, protects believers from burns, various injuries, rash acts. But the Orthodox believe that this icon saves a person from his sins. Before this way, people can pray for deliverance from a dysfunctional mental state.

In the house, the image of the Protector should also be located if a person wants to protect their housing from various misfortunes. Reliable protection of this shrine will be for those who were born from 24.09 to 23.10.

Where is?

If we talk about the location of the amazing bush, it is located on the Sinai Peninsula. It is there that the monastery is located, which was founded in the 6th century. No one could destroy or destroy this temple, but at the same time the monastery was never closed. It is inhabited by Greek Orthodox monks. What is most surprising is that this incredible bush is still growing there. According to legend, this bush is called the Neopalimaya Kupina.

The features of the biological nature of this plant are also amazing. Botanists refer it to rutovy, but more often it is called fraxinella, which can be found in the Mediterranean and the Far East. It grows in the Crimea. On the leaves of this bush are glands, which evaporate the essential oil. The peculiarity of this plant is also in the fact that if during a clear and windless weather you bring a light to it, it will very strongly flare up and this fire will run over all the branches. At the same time the plant itself will not suffer. He is one of a kind, and it can not be transplanted to another place, because this bush will not take root there.

As far back as 324, Elena (the mother of Emperor Constantine) decided to build a chapel on the spot where the burning canopy is located. A plant was transplanted near this chapel. Here it grows today. There is no iconostasis in the chapel that would hide the altar from believers, therefore every pilgrim can see the place where the dome grew. Today it is indicated by a hole in a slab of marble. Above this place is covered with a shield, which depicts a burning bush, as well as other symbols and images that tell the story of origin.

Here no shoes allowedbecause the commandment says so. This chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and some of the icons that hang in the chapel are written specifically on this subject.

Today, the oldest image of the Virgin, which was written in the 17th century, is kept in the Kremlin. However, many lists of the Mother of God were lost under Soviet rule. At the present time, temples are being renovated, and new ones are being built.

Icon Description

The image on the icon consists of two rhombuses, they are concave inward, the edges of the figure form an eight-pointed star, which is also the basis. One of the diamonds depicts the Mother of God, who survived the fire, her face is shown on a green background. The second rhombus symbolizes fire, it is made in bright red colors.

In the center of the shrine is the very image of the Mother of God, which holds her child on one hand, and she grabbed a small ladder with the other hand. Carefully reviewing the image, it shows the sacred plant itself - the Burning Bush.

In this image, the ladder is a symbol of the descent of the Son of God on the sinful earth; nearby the ladder you can see the mountain, which was painted as a symbol of ascent.

This icon depicted a fairly large number of different angels, they symbolize:

  • wisdom,
  • talent
  • teaching,
  • giving
  • miracle work.

Three spirits are depicted in different parts of the icon, each of them has its own role. Spirit of the Lord - the artists depicted him with a big crown on his head and Jesus in his hands. Another spirit has a gate in its hands. The third spirit - has a knightly appearance, it is depicted with a sword in its hands, symbolizes protection and patronage.

Wonderworking icons

For all the time of its existence, the shrine has done a lot of miracles, there are so many different stories about them, each of them is impressive in its own way. Even a person who does not believe in miracles, begins to believe in them.

In Sinai, where the Catherine's Monastery was built and still stands today, this very thorn bush grew, which is depicted on the icon. Its structure is similar to the most common raspberry bush. There was a dried twig on it, at one moment it began to sprout, thus giving birth to a new plant, this does not exist anywhere else in the world. Anyone can come and pray to this miracle and take a sprig or a leaf from a bush.

Almost three hundred years ago, in the city of Slavyansk there were constant fires of residential buildings, local residents did not understand why this was happening, who was doing it, and how to deal with it. However, one of the many local residents suddenly appeared in his eyes the face of the Mother of God, and literally immediately the inhabitants of this city found a woman setting arson.

At the beginning of the twelfth century, in a small village, Yuzha-Nikolskoye, a man purchased a log from a specialized service to melt a furnace in his house. When the fire started to burn in the stove, the man saw the image of the Mother of God. At the same time, he and his wife dragged the log out of the furnace and extinguished it. Looking closely, they saw the imprint of the icon on a piece of wood and rubbed it with a rag. There was no limit to the surprise of the family when they saw a new icon with no signs of burning. The couple decided to give the icon to the monastery, which was located in a nearby settlement, where local craftsmen made it into a board of enormous size and worshiped it. Unfortunately, in 2001, the icon was stolen by unidentified persons, and to this day no one knows where it is located.

In 2010, terrible fires burned near the village of Mosta, after a while the fire could have engulfed the whole village. Almost the flames approached the church, one of the priests took this icon of Neopalimy with him and began to pray, its importance for the village was incredibly important, after just a few minutes the wind changed direction and the fire went to another side from the village.

In one village there was a strong fire, one of the people saw a woman standing alone with an icon. The fire was over, and only coal was left of most of the houses, but the house opposite to which this woman stood was strangely untouched.

Meaning and Image of the Holy

For a long time people went to the Heavenly Queen, they prayed and asked her for help, she helped in resolving various difficult life situations. Given the long history of the Neopalimaya Kupina icon, its significance is very great in the Orthodox world, it can be said with confidence that it helps in many different situations:

  • in ancient times, during the war, the chiefs often asked for help from this icon in order to protect their soldiers in battle,
  • The face of Our Lady protects firefighters, doctors, pilots, military. The icon protects believers from burns, rash acts, injuries and other things,
  • Orthodox Christians often believe that the Burning Bush can save them from their sins,
  • the image of the Mother of God is often used as a guardian of his home against all kinds of misfortunes,
  • this icon is often asked for help by people suffering from mental illness in order to get rid of them.

The value of this icon is fully embedded in its iconography. This image of the Mother of God sums up the idea of ​​the Mother of God Church Sofia.

History of the Burning Bush Icon

From the early centuries of Christianity, this image was already known. Initially, the icon of the Neopalimaya Kupina depicted a bush in which the face of the Mother of God was visible, and before the plant was the prophet Moses.

Much later, approximately in the XVI century, an image appeared that was familiar to every peasant to this day. Two diamonds, in the center of the oval medallion, and in it is the Mother of God with a child in her hand.

After some time, more often, a ladder began to appear on the breast of the Mother of God, which ran from earth to sky, as Patriarch Jacob saw it. In this case, the ladder means the Mother of God herself, let her lay from earth to heaven.

Where is the holy image

The oldest icon, which has been preserved to our time, was written at the end of the 17th century. She can be found in the Armory in the Kremlin.

In the small settlement of Suksun for many years there is an ancient cathedral, erected in honor of Peter and Paul, it houses a very ancient icon. The image is quite interesting fate.

In a nearby village, a man in a river quite accidentally saw the sacred image, he went to the temple, which was very close to the village of Tokhtarevo and gave them this image. In honor of this event, a beautiful cathedral was erected on the site of the temple. For quite a long time, the icon was located in this place, but at one point it moved and ended up in the cathedral, which was erected in the village of Suksun. In honor of this event, to this day, there are crusades with a divine face in the place where it was found many years ago.

In Sosnovy Bor there is a church of the same name, where there is also an icon to this day, to which a large number of Orthodox come to pray.

In Ulyanovsk was written, especially for the Holy Mother of God-Neopalimovsky Cathedral, the miraculous image of Our Lady. The cathedral was built in the twentieth century, during which time many different, incredible events took place. To date, a lot of records have accumulated about the miracle that created this image. An incredibly large number of people who requested healing from various diseases became healthy. This indicates another miraculous effect of the icon.

What pray before the icon of the Burning Bush

This icon best conveys the image of the Mother of God, it shows all of Her essence and life in this sinful earth, the immaculate conception, and then the birth of the Lord. It is important to note that the Virgin Mary herself remained innocent, she was strong, did not succumb to earthly temptations.

When a person prays in front of this icon, he can ask for divine protection and protection. The most frequently asked for help are people with dangerous professions (police, firefighters). If you need to ask the house to be protected from fire, you need to put the Burning Bush icon of the Mother of God in it, its value is very great for each dwelling.

Heart prayer protects the home of a person not only from a catastrophe, but also from unwanted guests who may be harmful to the owner of the room. Representatives of Christianity sincerely believe in the miraculousness of this icon. It can heal sick people and sensitize those who pray from all sorts of earthly temptations and bad thoughts.

Often, soldiers and their commanders who are in zones of military conflict pray in front of the icon. Prayers in front of the Mother of God can give the prayer peace of mind and a bright future.

Summarizing all the above, it can be noted that they pray before the icon:

  • people who have dangerous professions
  • people with serious illnesses
  • люди, желающие защитить свой дом от пожара и злых людей,
  • люди, находящиеся на войне.

Молитва иконе Неопалимая купина

“To the Queen of Heaven, Our Mistress, Lady of the Universe, Most Holy Theotokos, unholy, unclashing, imperishable, most pure, pure Holy Mother, Mary Bogonevesto, Mother of the Creator of the creature, Lord of Glory and the Lord of all kinds! By thee, King of kings and Lord of lords, come to earth and present us. You are the mercy of God incarnate. You are the Mother of Light and Belly, as you once wore His womb in Thy womb, and in Thy embrace, Thou hast had the Infant's Word, the Eternal, God, and always and Togo with Him. For the sake of us, according to Bose, we resort to You, as if to an indestructible wall and presence: look down on charity, all-beaten Mother of God, on our bitter bitterness and heal the souls and bodies of our diseases: wring out every enemy and adversary from us, get rid of our morale, from an ulcer, from the waters of many and the air of the wicked, and from death suddenly, and like three young men in the pavilions of the Babylonians, preserve and keep us, yes even as the people of God, will be all good to those who honor us, opposing us and all those who hate us and will be ashamed and they shall be ashamed, and shall comprehend all, as the Lord with thee, O Lords and God is with you with us. In the days of autumn we shall receive the grace of Thy grace in the darkness of the same night, illuminate with light from above, useful organizers to all: make our sorrow sweet and wipe our tears who have sinned and afflicted Your servant, fulfilling all requests for good, all you can, great Moschi Words and Belly. To you Father is crowning Daughter, Son of the Mother of the Virgin, Spirit of the Holy Bride, and reigning like a queen, coming to the right hand of the Holy Trinity, and sweetheart us like a hostess, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen".

“Oh, Most Holy and Most Blessed Mati Sladchayshago Our Lord Jesus Christ! We bow down and worship you before your holy and supreme icon, it marvels miraculously and gloriously miracles, you have saved from the fiery ignition and thunderbirds with lightning speed, illnesses and all our good appeals for the good of you. Humbly we pray to Thee, the all-powerful family of our Intercessor, befitting our feeble and sinful Mother of Your participation and welfare. Save and save, Lady, under the shelter of Thy mercy, the Holy Church, this abode, the whole country is Orthodox, and all of us are adherent to You with faith and love, and tenderly pleading with the tears of Your intercession. To her, Mrs. the All-Merciful, have mercy on us, overwhelmed by many sins and who do not have boldness to Christ the Lord, ask Him for pardon and forgiveness, but offer You to Him to plead with His mother in the flesh: You are the All-Compassion, spread God blessing to Him. and prosecute for us before His Goodness, asking us for forgiveness of our sins, pious peace of life, the blessings of a Christian demise, and a kindly answer in His terrible Judgment. At the hour of the terrible visit of God, always our houses will burn with fire, or with fierce thunder we will fear, show us merciful Your intercession and sovereign help: yes, we will escape the eternal bliss of God’s paradise with our prayers of God’s punishment and avoid us and the eternal bliss of heaven and we will reject us. with the saints let us praise the Honest and Magnificent Name, worshiped by the Trinity, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and Thy great mercy unto us, forever and ever. Amen".

Where to hang in the house the icon of the Burning Bush

As it has already become known, this icon saves from fire. In the house of Burning Cupin must be present. There are no exact rules on where to hang the icon of the Burning Bush, however, its importance is very important, it has long been customary to hang this image above the entrance to the living room. The face of Our Lady was considered the guardian of the family hearth and the well-being of the family.

Interesting Facts

When Napoleon’s army left Moscow that had been ransacked and burned, one of the soldiers visited the Novodevichy Convent and approached the priest before leaving it. This man was a Pole by nationality, he gave Alexiy Vvedensky (the priest of this monastery) a robe with the icon of the Burning Bush. The soldier said that when he took the icon, he was constantly tormented by conscience and unbearable longing. Having given it, the soldier received the desired peace and tranquility.

Image Burning Kupina found not only in the former CIS countries, but throughout Europe and North America. European Protestants during the Reformation chose the thorn bush as their symbol.

September 17, when the day of the Holy Face is celebrated, the day of the firefighter is celebrated in Ukraine, this once again proves the close connection of this image with the people of this profession.

In most other icons, rhombus means rays of glory, but this is not the situation. In the Burning Cupine, color plays a very important part of its significance:

  • green (sometimes blue) - symbolizes the color of the bush,
  • red - symbolizes the divine fire.

Between these diamonds are shown images of four Old Testament scenes.

Often temples are erected at the relics of the saints, but the case of the bush is unique. Over the roots of Kupina a chapel was built. This is the place where the bush grew, and is sacred. In the chapel, parishioners will not find an iconostasis, but there is a tile made of marble, in which there is a slot just above the place where the Burning Bush was once located.

  • Icon Trivetvuyuschaya
  • The icon "The quick-hearted sinful" - here
  • The icon of the Mother of God "Ostrobramskaya" -


Inoka Neopalimaya Kupina has very strong miraculous properties. It was repeatedly noted that appealing for help to this image produced amazing results. With strong fires at home can be saved, sick people incredibly healthy and much more.

By Burning Bush I mean a bush, which is on fire, but impossible to burn it. This is a very ancient and strong icon, which depicts the image of the Mother of God.

And why is she considered an icon of firefighters

Neopalimaya Kupina combines beauty and mystery.

Every year in Jerusalem, on holy ground, on the eve of the celebration of bright Easter, the Holy Fire descends on the ground to Orthodox Christians.

The bright Divine flame possesses the miraculous property of majestically burning and not harming those who earnestly believe in our Savior.

What does the icon help with and what do the "Burning Bush" pray for

The main meaning of the image of the Virgin on the icon "The Burning Bush" is the order to keep the soul clean from hell fire, and to burn out sinful passions and vices with the help of Divine fire.

The extensive significance of the symbols allows us to turn to the Mother of God for support and help in various everyday situations: The image is patronized by a firefighter.

  • On healing from various chronic bodily diseases, on the retreat of mental anguish and suffering.
  • On the protection of the house and the inhabitants living in it from the robbery and criminal plans of insidious people.
  • For the redemption of sins, dirty thoughts, and unholy thoughts.
  • On the granting of success in the career ladder to students and students learning.
  • About not taking a rash step and deliberate decision to eradicate the problem.

People of the noble profession, whose duty calls to save the victims and victims from natural disasters, the image of the Virgin Mary protects them and their wards from injury.

Rescuers, firefighters, Emergency Situations Ministry and police officers, military and civilian doctors receive assistance in contacting the Mother of God.

Defenders of the Fatherland, military men, pilots are especially protected by Her, as people are called to save human lives. In hot spots, servicemen pray for protection in battle or to protect them from captivity.

Since the image of the Virgin is inextricably linked with fire, Her invisible presence protects, first of all, from fires. There are cases when a religious procession with an icon around the city prevented the appearance of fire when a fire danger was declared. The Virgin also saves the worshiper during the rampant of the elements, in particular thunderstorms with lightning.

Where is the icon placed

The icon is better placed in front of the entrance.
There are no special strict rules for placing an icon in the Church Statutes. The image can be put next to the already present faces. in the House. But more often the holy icon is placed above the entrance door of the room, or opposite it.

Thus, each incoming person will be invisibly under the supervision of the Virgin, whose strict eyes will shame anyone who has plotted a bad feeling towards the owners of the dwelling.

It is believed that the icon placed near the entrance protects all rooms and, therefore, of all households, since the Mother of God serves as the custodian of the family hearth.

First Prayer

O Most Holy and Most Blessed Mati Sweet Our Lord Jesus Christ, we are at the same time, and we are at the same time, and at the same time, we are at the same time, and at the same time, we have been at your own holy icon, your marvelous and most glorious miracle, made from the fiery heat and lightning of the thunder of our rescue.

Humbly we pray to Thee, the all-powerful family of our Intercessor: to grant the weak and sinful of Your indispensable participation and welfare. Save and save, Mistress, under the shelter of Your mercy, the Holy Church, this abode, this city, our entire Orthodox country, and all of us descending to You with faith and love and tenderly begging with the tears of Your intercession.

To her, Mrs. the All-Merciful, have mercy on us, overwhelmed with sins by many and who do not have boldness to Christ the Lord, ask Him for mercy and forgiveness, but You are offered to Him to plead with You, His mother in flesh. You, All-Good, extend to Him the Divine Reception of Thy hand and prosecute us for His goodness, asking us forgiveness for our sins, for pious peaceful life, the goodness of the Christian demise and good response at His Last Judgment.

At the hour of the terrible visit of God, always our houses will burn with fire or with fierce thunder we will fear, show us merciful Your intercession and sovereign help, let us be saved by God’s omnipotent prayers to God, and we will avoid temporal bliss of God’s paradise and avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and inheritance, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid temporal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children, and we will avoid the eternal bliss of paradise and our children. let us praise the most precious and glorious name of the worshiped Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and Your mercy to us mercy forever and ever. Amen.

Second prayer

To the Queen of Heaven, Our Mistress, the Universe Mother of God, Most Holy Theotokos, unholy, unclashing, imperishable, Most Pure, Pure Priesthood, Mary Bogonevesto, Mother of the Creator of the creature, Lord of Glory and the Lord of all kinds!

By thee, King of kings and Lord of lords, come to earth and present us. You are God’s mercy incarnated, You are the Mother of Light and Belly, as you used to carry Him in Your womb, and in Your arms you had the Word of Eternal, God, and Tima and Imashi with You.

For the sake of us, according to Bose, we resort to You, as if to an inviolable wall and intercession: Look down on charity, All-Pete Mother of God, on our bitter bitterness, and heal the souls and bodies of our diseases, wring out every enemy and adversary from us, get rid of our morale, the plagues, from the waters of many and the air of the wicked, and from death are sudden, and like three young men in the Babylonian pies, preserve and keep us, yes, like the old God, all will be good to us who revere them, at once and all those who hate us will be ashamed And they shall be ashamed, and shall comprehend all that the Lord is with thee, O Lord Lady, Thee, God with us.

In the days of the autumn we shall be filled with the grace of Thy grace, in the darkness of the night, enlighten with light from above, the organizers will help all, make our sorrow sweet.

Rejoice, and tears that have repaired and afflicted your servant, who fulfill your request, all for the good: all you can, you are the best, Mothers of the Word and Belly. To you Father is crowning Daughter, Son of the Mother of the Virgin, Spirit of the Holy Bride, and reigning like the Queen, coming to the right hand of the Holy Trinity, and dear to us like a hostess, now and forever and forever and ever. Amen.

In times of danger it is not always possible to pray before the image, therefore, it is enough to imagine the bright face of the Virgin Mary in our thoughts and to turn to Her with a request. It is advisable to have a small icon with you that can be worn around your neck next to a cross or in a bag compartment.

Chemical composition

The burning bush contains about 0.5% of poisonous essential oil, as well as anethole and methylchavicol. Most of the nutrients found in the root and stem of the plant.

The root contains sitosterol and fatty acids, and the stem is rich in saponins, alkaloids, anthocyanins, dictamnactones, flavone glycosides.

Beneficial features

Due to its composition rich in microelements and beneficial substances, the white weasel has the following properties:

  • calms the nervous system
  • narrows blood vessels
  • applied at high temperature
  • eliminates swelling,
  • enhances the secretory function of the stomach,
  • regulates the female cycle
  • improves digestion
  • effective against germs
  • helps relieve cramps,
  • used in cosmetology.

Yasen Application

Lancet is white, or Caucasian, used to treat chronic cystitis, pyelitis, kidney stones, diarrhea, female diseases (for menstrual disorders), high fever, depressed condition and epilepsy, malaria, and hepatitis.

In folk medicine, decoction and seeds of the yasets are used as a diuretic and for the narrowing of blood vessels. It is also used to treat dermatosis, nettle fever, eczema.

Broth from the Yasenets root is used externally to strengthen the hair follicle, with varicose veins and athlete's foot. Infusion of seeds is used for cosmetic purposes. The burning bush is part of the means for treating fatigue, asthenia and insomnia.

  • Infusion of seeds (recommended for diarrhea):
For a glass of water, take 5 g of seeds, boil this mixture for 5 minutes. Insist the hour and strain. It is necessary to consume 1-2 tables. spoon three times a day, an hour after the meal.

  • Infusion for the treatment of impotence:
A few pieces of seeds pour 0.5 liters of vodka and leave for two weeks. Drink one tablespoon three times a day.

  • Tincture of the root (with hypertension):
Pour 8 g of dry ground roots with vodka (250 ml). Leave for two weeks in the dark, do not forget to shake sometimes. After that, squeeze and strain. Drink three times a day, 40-50 drops in 30 minutes. before eating food.

  • Broth from Yasenets roots (universal recipe):
Take one teaspoon of dried roots of Yasets and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Keep in a water bath for 30 minutes. Then cool and squeeze. Drink a third of a glass three times a day thirty minutes before meals with flatulence. Also used externally for the treatment of eczema and nettle fever.

  • Broth for the treatment of cystitis and jaundice:
Boil 6 g of the bark of the yasets roots with honeysuckle together with 3 g of licorice. Consume 2 p. per day, 10 g of broth.

  • Broth from seeds (for the treatment of amenorrhea, hysteria, is used as an antiseptic):
To a glass of boiling water take half a teaspoon of seeds, boil for 5-6 minutes. and let it stand for three hours. Strained broth to drink a tablespoon three times a day before meals.

Get rid of stuttering will help this recipe: 3 drops of juice from the leaves and flowers of the yasenets need to be mixed with 2 drops of juice of stinging nettle. Place on tongue, hold for several minutes and spit out.

Repeat every day with a two-hour interval between doses for 10 days. Juice of flowers used as an ointment for the treatment of skin cancer. Also, the juice from the stems and leaves of the plant is an effective remedy for warts.

  • Athlete's foot ointment:
Mix one part of dry yasets roots with twenty parts of vaseline. Use daily until symptoms disappear. Keep refrigerated.

  • Ointment for the treatment of dermatosis:
Mix five parts of powdered root with petroleum jelly. Apply twice a day. Store in a dark place, preferably in a glass jar.

  • Tea from the aboveground part of the plant:
For tea brew a glass of boiling water 1 tsp. spoon for a dried ash tree, let it brew for 30 minutes and then cool. Drink all the tea throughout the day. This tea is recommended to use at high body temperature, kidney stones, women's diseases and rheumatism.

  • Tea from the roots of the plant:
6 g of ground roots pour 200 ml of boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, insist. Drink throughout the day. It is used in depressive states.

Contraindications and harm

Since the burning bush is a poisonous plant, it is impossible to collect fruits without gloves. For the same reason, you need to be careful with the amount of raw materials used and do not exceed the recommended dose.

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • problems of the respiratory system,
  • diabetes,
  • diseases of the urinary system,
  • ORVI,
  • oncology,
  • liver disease,
  • deep skin damage
  • reduced immunity
  • disorders of the digestive system,
  • children under 12 years old
  • individual intolerance.

Billet medicinal plants

In the wild, a burning bush grows in many places: on forest edges, on grassy and stony slopes. Therefore, harvesting grass will not be difficult.

Yasenets grass is harvested during flowering, and the roots - in the autumn season after the fruits ripen. Some gardeners prefer to have this plant doctor in their garden.

Ashen, or burning bush - the plant is quite unpretentious, its cultivation does not require special skills of gardening. When collecting grass, you need clothes that completely cover the whole body, and rubber gloves to avoid skin damage.

The dried grass of a yasenets is stored in the room with the minimum humidity in well closed glass jars. Store one year. Неопалимая купина — очень интересное растение.

С одной стороны, оно представляет опасность, а с другой — помогает в лечении множества недугов. Но все-таки положительных сторон у него больше, поэтому запасайтесь перчатками, заготавливайте сырье и оздоравливайтесь.