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Rose Black Magic: Characteristics of a Popular Variety


Since those times when people learned to cultivate and plant roses, they have not lost hope to bring out the queen of flowers of black color. Breeders around the world are struggling to solve this difficult task, but so far to no avail. Roses of black color do not exist yet, although works on their removal are being carried out today. The fact is that these beauties do not have pigment genes responsible for this color.

Popular varieties of black roses

Nevertheless, it should be recognized that today there are varieties of roses that are as close as possible to the cherished goal. These include:

Black baccarra - a magnificent plant, unblown buds of which are almost black.

Mildred Scheel - dark crimson hybrid tea rose.

Burgundy Ice - The flowers of this rose are painted in a thick color of Burgundy wine, and its velvety petals are black coated.

Black magic - hybrid tea with an unusual dark shade of petals, which changes during flowering.

There are several more varieties with very dark petals that claim to be the “black” rose, but today we would like to elaborate on the features of the Black Magic rose. It deserves special attention, and after reading the article, you will understand why.

The history of the variety and its features

This relatively young variety is the result of the hard work of German breeders. Rose Black Magic was bred in Germany (1997) in a breeding company. In translation, the name of the variety can be translated as “black magic”. And indeed, the flowers simply fascinate: dark maroon, like velvety petals, even at the beginning of flowering have a dark ebb, and in the last month their color becomes even darker and more saturated.

Rose Black Magic: photos, description

Bushes of this variety are about a meter high. They have excellent growth power, upright. Young growths are painted in a characteristic bronze color. Their decoration is not only magnificent flowers, but also beautiful leathery leaves with a glossy sheen, painted in bright green color.

This variety has taken a worthy place in the encyclopedia of roses. Rose Black Magic is represented in it as a hybrid tea variety. The plant blooms continuously and abundantly (from the first decade of July to September).

Rose Black Magic differs from many varieties in that it pleases not only with single flowers, but also with inflorescences consisting of four amazing buds. Flowers can not be called very large: their diameter does not exceed 12 cm, but they are very beautiful, thanks to iridescent petals with a velvety surface. The buds are elongated, having a goblet shape and such a dark burgundy color that in daylight they may appear almost black. The fully blooming Black Magic rose has a distinctive black and red color, with dark maroon petals in the center.

In 2000, this beauty was awarded the prize "Golden Rose". Ten years later (2010), its long flowering was noted at a competition of rose connoisseurs in the United States. And a year later she was awarded the title "Queen of the show." By the way, in a vase, these flowers, bred for cutting, are preserved in their original form for two weeks.

Despite the fact that the Black Magic rose was bred more than twenty years ago in the German nursery "Rosen Tantau", its description in reference books is quite rare and laconic.

Landing rules

Experienced flower growers and connoisseurs of beauty roses argue that these flowers can be planted in autumn and spring. However, it is worth mentioning that the autumn planting is recommended for regions with mild winters. With severe frosts, the sapling can freeze out, because by the onset of cold weather, it is poorly rooted.

If you plan to grow flowers for cutting, plant a bush in September, but not in open ground, but in a greenhouse or greenhouse. Planted in the autumn bushes will delight you with flowering next summer. In the open ground, the Black Magic rose is best planted in the spring, when the threat of recurrent frosts is completely over. Usually this period falls on the end of April - the middle of May.

Where to plant a rose?

Rose Black Magic, the photo of which we have posted in this article, needs a well-lit sunny place that must be protected from drafts. Try to avoid areas that fall under the shadow of trees or buildings.

Black Magic rose bushes are rather sprawling, so it is not recommended to plant other flowers next to them. Creating a group planting, leave the distance between the bushes at least one meter.

Soil requirements

For hybrid tea roses loose loose acid soil is most suitable. If it is heavy in your area, before planting, it is necessary to dig a hole 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep. In it, fill the mixture of leaf humus, compost, sand with a small amount of wood ash and mineral fertilizers for roses for a third.

Place the Black Magic rose seedling into it, smooth the roots well, and pour in the remaining soil mixture. After planting, the soil around the seedling is well rammed for fixation and watered abundantly. It is not necessary to water the bush during the first week, since the young roots are not yet able to actively absorb moisture, and this may cause them to rot.

Plant Care

Rose Black Magic is unpretentious. Care of it means thorough weeding and watering with warm and distilled water. After watering, the soil must be loosened so that a crust does not form. If during planting the well is well filled with fertilizers, then fertilizing in the first year is not required.

In order to form a powerful root system and crown, do not let the Black Magic rose bloom in the first year. To do this, remove all formed buds. From the second year the bush is fed during the whole vegetative period. In early spring, the plant is fed with a solution of chicken manure or mullein in the ratio of 1:20.

When the buds begin to form, fertilizing is carried out twice a month. In this case, suitable universal mixtures for flowering plants or fertilizer for roses. This variety of roses loves foliar dressing, which must be carried out before flowering. For spraying suitable solution "Humate" or "Superphosphate" according to the instructions. Such dressings are carried out in the evening hours, but not too late for the bush to dry by night.

Preparing for the winter

Rosa Black Magic is a frost-resistant culture, but despite this, she will not be able to spend the winter without shelters. Therefore, for the winter should be prepared carefully. Before the first frost, the bushes are cut and spud up to 40 cm in height. Lower leaflets are removed. In September, pinch shoots to stop their growth. Stop loosening the soil and watering, too, in September.

With the onset of stable cold weather prunyed shoots and the tops of all stems are pruned. After the temperature drops below zero, the rose must be covered. To do this, set the frame of the wire above the bush, which is fixed covering material. Shelter is designed to create an air gap. The lower edge of the film should be left slightly open on one side.

The rose is covered finally after the air temperature becomes steadily negative. In the spring to take shelter do not rush. Wait until the snow melts completely. With the onset of heat, open the bottom edge of the film and carefully remove the soil layer from the plant.

Using Black Magic in Landscape Design

We talked about the fact that this variety was bred as a crop for cutting. However, very soon the magnificent roses began to be used in landscape design, and they found application in almost any style. It is necessary to take into account some features of the garden decoration:

  • For the formation of a modern and elegant composition using hybrid tea roses, it is necessary to use various types of herbaceous plants, both perennials and annuals,
  • well looked placed in the background of the flower garden lilac, white and pale blue delphiniums or daylilies of pastel tones,
  • Beautiful additions to this variety are aquilegia, foxglove or dull monards,
  • Planting other ornamental shrubs such as hawthorn, steppe almond, broom, Japanese quince and well-groomed lawn from forbs will be an excellent background for these roses.

Professional designers believe that the best black roses look against the background of deciduous shrubs: chubushnika and cotoneaster, viburnum and honeysuckle. Shade bushes can be silvery moss.

Variety description

The attention of amateur flower growers draws a description of flower buds that are so dark maroon in color that they can appear almost black under daylight conditions. Fully blooming flowers in black and red, with dark crimson petals in the center. Roses of this variety are medium in size, have very gracefully bent down petals.

Formation tsvetovodinochnoe. Sometimes there is blooming inflorescences, including about four flowers. The rose bush of the Black Magic variety has a good growth power, it is upright, with sufficient foliage. Young growths may have a characteristic bronze color. Despite the fact that the variety was obtained by breeders of the German kennel "Rosen Tantau" more than twenty years ago, it is described very briefly in reference books.

Reason for popularity

The Black Magic hybrid tea variety stands out not only for maroon cup-shaped flowers consisting of fifty velvet petals, but also for a magnificent unobtrusive but bright aroma. The bud has a pronounced, attractive conical shape, and the dimensions are on average 6.0–6.5 cm. The leaves are also very expressive, bright green in color, with a shiny surface, covering single, not too long spikes. The high level of resistance to high temperature indicators made this variety a favorite in countries with hot and dry climates.

The awards received by this variety in various nominations only confirm its popularity and world fame:

  • Golden Rose Prize - 2000, Baden-Baden,
  • prize for long flowering - 2010, AARS,
  • prize in the nomination “Show Queen” - 2011, AARS.

Especially popular rose black magic has become in the Moscow region gardens, where it adapts perfectly to the soil and climatic conditions and is capable of long and abundant flowering.

Features agrotehnika

When growing hybrid tea varieties, it is recommended to pay attention to the following features of planting and care:

  • for planting Rose Black Magic, it is desirable to allocate the southern part of the site, protected from strong winds or drafts and well lit by the sun's rays,
  • planting pits for planting rose seedlings should be sufficiently deep and wide, and the soil in the holes should be heated in the sun and well hydrated,
  • it is best to plant hybrid tea varieties in the autumn period, from September to mid-October,
  • planting seedlings of such an ornamental culture, like roses, is needed with a distance of 30–35 cm from each other and an interval of 80–90 cm between the rows, which will provide the plant with an optimal area of ​​nutrition for full growth and development, and also greatly facilitate care,

  • in the early spring, emphasis should be placed on the introduction of nitrogen-containing fertilizers, and starting from the second half of the summer, it is necessary to give preference to phosphorus-potash fertilizing of bushes,
  • annual pruning of adult bushes of this variety should be carried out to stimulate the formation of strong basal shoots and to obtain a more ornamental, abundantly flowering bush,
  • as plants age, approximately two or three of the most deformed and weak shoots are completely removed from them annually,
  • in the spring, and, if necessary, in the summer, prophylactic treatment with insecticidal and fungicidal agents is carried out annually,
  • rose bushes of this variety overwinter well with careful shelter for the winter with preliminary removal of flowers and leaves,
  • as a cover, you can use the soil, on top of which the roofing felt or any other insulated material is placed.

Important to remember, that the higher the acidity of the soil in the area, the blacker the flow of petals on the rose is Black Magic.

Use in garden decor

Landscape design with the Black Magic roses can be made in almost any style, but you should consider some of the rules of garden design:

  • For the formation of an elegant and modern composition with hybrid tea roses, various types of herbaceous plants are used, both annual and perennial,
  • good result is provided by the placement in the background of a flower bed of purple, pale blue and white delphiniums or daylilies of pastel colors,
  • looks very attractive as an addition to Rose Black Magic aquilegia, foxglove or dull monards,
  • a well-groomed lawn of raznotravya can serve as an excellent background for rose bushes, as well as planting ornamental shrubs, hawthorn, steppe almond, broom, spirea or Japanese quince.

However, according to most landscape designers, black roses look best against the background of deciduous shrubs such as cotoneaster, chubushnik, privet, viburnum, and honeysuckle, and it is recommended to shade rose bushes with silver loss.

Description of the rose black magic

Despite the external fragility of the flower, it is not difficult to grow such a miracle of selection. Roses tolerate cold, heat, bloom in any weather, so are ideal for greenhouse cultivation or garden decoration.

Rose tea Black Magic was bred in Germany in 1997. The purpose of this selection was commercial cultivation, because in those years, "black" roses were still rare and enjoyed incredible success with consumers and collectors. However, the graceful flower turned out to be very unpretentious and persistent, which made it possible to grow it simply in the garden. Today, this variety can often be found not only in greenhouses, greenhouses, but also in cottages or personal plots.

Rose Magic is a hybrid tea variety. In natural conditions, the garden blooms profusely and for a long time, from the beginning of July to September. Bushes are low (about 1 m). Foliage leathery, bright, rich emerald color. Buds are single or in small inflorescences of 3-4 pieces. The shape of the flower is goblet, slightly elongated. The buds are large, in full bloom, sometimes reaching 10 cm in diameter. Petals iridescent, velvety structure, very dark burgundy.

The only black colors are the buds, which, as they open, become more red. Also, the dark ebb of a flower will be if it grows in the shade, in acidic soil, or is viewed from a certain angle. Black magic roses exude a subtle, subtle fragrance, and look amazing both on the bush and in the vase. Since the variety was originally intended for cutting, flowers can stand in water for up to 14 days.

Features of growing

As already noted, Black Magic roses are adapted to adverse conditions, normally tolerate heat, temporary drought, cold and rain, so they can be grown in any climatic zone. In temperate latitudes, it is better to plant bushes in open ground in spring (end of April - mid-May). Autumn planting is allowed only in the southern regions. In the greenhouse and greenhouse bushes better planted in September, so that by the beginning of the summer season they bloom.

For planting should pick up the most sunlit place, away from trees and buildings, creating a shadow.

Adult bushes are sprawling, so each must be allocated at least 1 m² of area. Soil Rose Magic loves loose, slightly acidic and sufficiently fertile. So that at the beginning of their growth, the saplings did not experience a lack of nutrients, when planting fertilizers fall asleep in a hole. This may be organic (compost), a mineral complex (superphosphate) or a special fertilizer for roses.

Flower care is watering, loosening the soil and harvesting weeds around the bush. Watered roses with cold settled water in the early morning or evening. Water should be poured under a bush, trying not to fall on the leaves - this will avoid the development of fungal diseases. After each watering the soil is loosened. To avoid this procedure, pristvolnuyu zone can be covered with decorative mulch.

Top dressing is made from the second year after planting. For a season, 2–3 supplements are sufficient: in early spring and before flowering (liquid mullein 1:20), and then in the fall (complex fertilizer without nitrogen). When growing roses to cut fertilizing made every 2 weeks. Also throughout the season you need to cut off the flowering buds - this procedure stimulates the formation of new flowers and gives a well-groomed look to the bush.

How to save a rose from the cold

Like all hybrid roses, Black Magic needs shelter for the winter. It is winter-hardy enough, but in the climate of the middle zone, not to mention the colder regions, the plants need to be warmed thoroughly. Чтобы куст успел подготовиться к зимовке, еще в сентябре его перестают поливать, и проводят прищипку молодых побегов, чтобы остановить их рост.

Shortly before the arrival of the first frosts (mid-end of October), the rose is cut to a height of 40 cm, and the roots are curled, erecting a hill 15–20 cm high.

Before doing this, remove all remaining leaves from the shoots and cut out young, underexposed shoots. If the bush is young and flexible, the branches can be bent down to the ground and fixed, after which you can use any type of cover: fir branches, dry leaves, non-woven insulation to protect plants.

For an adult volume bush construct a frame shelter over which the dense warming material stretches. The framework for the structure can be made of metal rods or wood. Non-woven insulation (spunbond, lutrasil) or thick film is usually used as a cover. The design should be of such size that the plant does not touch it, and have ventilation holes.

The temperature drops to 0 ° C, the rose tolerates normally, therefore, it is only closed thoroughly with the onset of the first real frosts. If there is no frost, and also in the case of warming, the edge of the film is left ajar so that air enters and no condensate forms. In the spring, shelter is removed only after all the snow has melted and sunny weather has set.

Description and characteristics

Among gardeners, the black magic variety is particularly popular, so caring for it needs a detailed description. The plant is a burgundy flower with a moderate number of thorns, consisting of 35-50 petals.

A distinctive feature of the Black Magic rose is that with the onset of autumnal cool weather, its petals darken noticeably, and the pleasant aroma becomes richer, which fully corresponds to the description of this variety.

If you live in an area with a stable warm climate, it is recommended to plant rose bushes in early autumn. Thus, with the arrival of summer, it will be possible to see the blooming buds of these flowers.

You should also protect the flower from drafts and wind. Before planting, it is advisable to dig a hole 50 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep. In conditions of weak soil acidity, the plant grows better, therefore, wood ash should be added to the flower well. In addition, you can add mineral fertilizers and fill the pit with sand, compost or hardwood humus.

When planting bushes, it is necessary to take into account the growth dynamics of the bushes; to do this, keep a distance between groups of planted flowers. It should be at least 90 cm. When the flower is already planted, you need to moisten the soil. After that, it must be mulched so that the moisture does not evaporate.


The characteristic of the black magic variety rose implies that the flower can multiply under natural conditions. During the first year of life of the bush should constantly cut the buds, preventing flowering. This will allow the plant to grow and develop resistance to weather conditions and diseases.

  • The division of the bush. Is carried out before the buds bloom in spring. After digging a bush, it must be divided into 2 or 3 parts so that each has at least 2 escapes, which must be shortened to three buds. Long roots must be pruned and powdered with wood ash. Putting on the roots of a mixture of manure and clay, you must put each seedling in the previously harvested hole.

  • Cuttings. This method of reproduction involves the presence of cuttings 10-12 cm long and 5 mm in diameter, cut at 45 degrees. Cuttings presoaked in “Heteroauxin” after 2 days should be placed on the garden bed. After that, cover the plant with a transparent plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect.

Shrubs need to be watered regularly, as well as loosen the soil and thoroughly remove weeds by weeding. An important component in the care of rose bushes is also feeding the soil and fertilizing it. With the arrival of cold weather, it is necessary to prepare the plant for the winter.

To do this, trim the flowers and remove the bottom leaves of the bush. Then it is necessary to pile up the beds to a height of 40 cm. When the air temperature drops below zero, the bushes should be covered with a transparent film, leaving the bottom edge slightly open. It can be closed after the onset of frost.

Roses must be watered with warm infused water, directing the stream of water to the root of the plant. At this time it is necessary to exclude the ingress of water on the leaves, so as not to provoke the development of fungal diseases in the plant. The most appropriate time of day for this is early morning or late evening. The frequency and intensity of irrigation is directly dependent on weather conditions.

Particular attention should be paid to the time of the top dressing of the rose. To do this, use liquid mineral fertilizer, namely - manure. It contains the right amount of chemical elements. The solution is prepared by laying manure in a container and pouring it with water. In this case, the water should be 3 times more than manure.

This mixture is left for two weeks, after which the mineral fertilizers are added. 10 g of solution accounts for 15 g of minerals. After stirring, leave the mixture for 2 weeks. Before feeding, do this: add 10 liters of water to one liter of the solution and, after mixing, pour 4 liters under each bush.

The purpose of cutting roses is to remove the dry part of the stem and unproductive shoots. Therefore, forming a bush, it is necessary to cut the internal growth. When cutting flowers of a rose it is necessary to remove flower stalks correctly.

Thus, the trunk should be cut, leaving a few buds at the bottom, the number of which depends on the thickness of the shoot. This should be about 3-5 kidneys. Well-rooted plants can do intensive pruning of flowers, leaving about 5 buds. In this case, the latter should be directed outward.

Diseases and pests

Description of common rose diseases:

  • Mealy dew. It is a white bloom on the leaves of the plant. Favorable conditions for the development of this disease is steady rainy weather. To prevent the disease, it is advisable to use the following drugs: "Fundazol", "Topaz", "Prognosis".
  • Rust. If brown volumetric points appear on the leaves of a shrub, then you should use such drugs as Oxychom and Chom. If the spots are black, then this disease is treated by cutting the affected leaves.

In addition to diseases, pests can start in the bushes of roses. A high probability of their occurrence occurs at the beginning of the vegetative period. Among them spider mite, pink aphid, click beetle, leafworm. Their appearance can be indicated by the violation of the integrity of the stem and leaves of the rose, as the caterpillars and beetles gnaw their way through the stems of the plant and damage the pollination organs of the flower.

To combat these insects, there are a number of different methods that are used depending on the type of insect. To protect against rosacea, it is necessary to spray a solution consisting of 2 g of kerosene and 10 liters of water onto the bush.

To protect the plant from spider mites, you should spray the bottom surface of the shrub with cold water. Additionally, you can use such drugs-acaricides as "Akreks" (with a concentration of 0.08%), "Isofen" (0.05%) or "Omite" (0.1%).

By spraying the bushes with pesticides, you can get rid of the moth caterpillar and the click beetle. You can also remove insects manually by simply collecting pests from the bush.

Application in landscape design

This variety of roses is very common when performing landscape design. It is appropriate to arrange flowers both in single execution, and in the form of several bushes of various flowers.

When combining Black Magic roses with an elongated foxglove, graceful aquilegia and lush monards, you can achieve an interesting color combination in landscape design. A lawn of forbs can serve as an excellent backdrop for roses, and planting decorative deciduous shrub chubushnika or viburnum will favorably emphasize the well-groomed garden.

Rose has always been of particular interest to gardeners. With proper care, she will delight her full-blown buds. To do this, it is necessary to choose the location of the plant, to provide him with watering, application of top-dressing and timely pruning.

The use of roses Black Magic in landscape design

The rose of this grade is often used by landscape designers for registration of personal plots. Her presence gives the landing a special beauty and charm.

The plant looks good as a single or group planting. Rosa Black Magic is planted in mixborders or used as a hedge.

What caused the popularity of Black Magic

The variety of roses Black magic is world famous and highly valued by experts and amateurs. Especially popular grade received when used in bouquets. Cut flowers are very long - about two weeks, and emit a subtle, unobtrusive fragrance. Velvet petals are able to decorate any composition.

However, this variety of roses is used not only when making bouquets, many owners of country houses and large beds grow Black Magic in their gardens. In 2000, the Golden Rose of Baden-Baden competition was held, in which the Black Magic variety won first place. It also influenced the conquest of love by professional gardeners and amateurs.

Planting and growing

Rose Black Magic is very resistant to growing in adverse conditions. Planting bushes should be made in spring or autumn. However, it is recommended to plant roses in the autumn only where the winter climate is relatively mild. What rules should be followed during planting?

  • For landing you need to choose a protected from drafts sunny place. On the bushes should not fall the shadow of trees and higher shrubs.
  • The soil should be loose and have a weak acid reaction. If in the area where the rose will be planted, the soil is rather heavy, you should dig a hole deeper, at least 50 cm in diameter and at least 30 cm deep.
  • First, the place chosen for the plant must be filled with leaf humus, sand and compost. After that, the roses are planted. Care must be taken not to deepen the neck of the root. It should only be lightly sprinkled with earth.

Black Magic rose bushes should be planted in spring or autumn

Care rules

  • Care for the bushes is simple: they need to be watered and weeded as needed.
  • Starting from the second year after planting, during the vegetative period, the bushes need to be fed with special fertilizers. When the buds are formed, fertilizing should be done every 14 days.
  • To prevent diseases of rose bushes, for example, powdery mildew, it is necessary to process the stems with the preparation Forecast. Also suitable Topaz, Fundazol. If the leaves become rusty, the treatment should be done with Oxyhom. In general, with proper care and planting bushes, diseases can be avoided.
  • From such pests as aphid or spider mite need to use drugs Spark and Fitoverm.

From such pests as aphid or spider mite need to use drugs Spark and Fitoverm

In order for the rose not to be affected by various diseases, the following tips should be observed:

  • follow the quality of soil compaction. The bush must hold tight in the ground
  • if you fertilize the rose with nitric solutions during flowering, the leaves will grow, but not the buds,
  • watering a rose is not necessary often, but plentifully, otherwise it will rot. Once in 5 days - the norm.

You can propagate a rose by cutting and dividing. However, for those who do not know how to divide and graft, the easiest way is to buy seedlings. In winter, the bushes need to cover and pile up, despite the fact that the rose tolerates frost.

Sort Black Magic is actively used in landscape design because it is very beautiful

Features of the use of varieties in landscape design

The presented variety is actively used in landscape design, as it is very beautiful. Whatever style of the site is chosen by its owners, a rose will always be appropriate. It gives the garden charm and beauty.

Apply "Black Magic" in landscape design can be both in single and in group planting. You can also find plants suitable for this variety of roses and plant them in mixborders.

Another good option is to build hedges from the rose bushes that will look extraordinarily beautiful. Whichever way is chosen, the Black Magic will always look advantageous and beautify any, even the seemingly simplest part.

What Black Gardeners Say About Black Magic

Responses of gardeners about the presented grade of a rose positive. Professionals say that the plant is great for cutting, but does not smell as bright as, for example, Queen Elizabeth.

Caring for a plant is simple. However, it is worth noting that the flower is very light-requiring. Also, the rose should always be watered and protected for the winter from frost.

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